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  1. Yep, Dr. Seusse, the trees made me think of it.
  2. I am the lorax, and I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.
  3. does this mean that this is the reply 101? woohoo! whatabout blackadder? anyone seen it? Blackadder: Baldrick, what are you doing out there? Baldrick: I'm carving something on this bullet sir. Blackadder: What are you carving? Baldrick: I'm carving "Baldrick", sir. Blackadder: Why? Baldrick: It's a cunning plan actually. Blackadder: Of course it is. Baldrick: You see, you know they say that somewhere there's a bullet with your name on it? Blackadder: Yes? Baldrick: Well, I thought if I ow
  4. Hello. I have a fair amount of scrap steel at my disposal. Trouble is, none of it is big enough to be an anvil. If I Were to pile it all into a container, and pour aluminum around it, to make it into one piece (having one plate serve as the striking face) would all of the mass be used? Just thinking of what to do with my chunks of steel that are not nails and such (which are getting used in an art piece). Thanks, Archie
  5. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!!!!!
  6. Dee, forging in the snow is easy with wood or other big open flamed fuels. It heats up the immediate area, and can heat up a small area pretty nicely. I sometimes forge with snow out in only a light sweatshirt because the forge is so hot.
  7. Hello. I have just taken all of the steel trimmings and bent nails and dulled screws and end clippings of steel stapping etc. amassed over about 2 years, and crammed it into a six inch length of four inch diameter mild steel pipe, for a 3-D design project. Now, I was thinking about whatever the kind of smelt it is where you take all of the bits of steel and run them through a cupola, and I am wondering whether, if I just heat this whole thing up and keep it hot, if I could get it to fuse into a semi-solid mass, because, after I had photographed it, I could then maybe use it as an anvil, it's
  8. it's getting geting cold, shall we eat sir robin's minstrels?
  9. I did foil for a while, then since I was the only foiler in the class, and everyone else was epee, I switched.
  10. Hello. I was just thinking, and wondering and pensing and pondering, and musing, and I remembered what my favorite glassblower says about his work, he says, "My art is about glassblowing." Is your work about smithing or about the end result? or both? For me the end result and making it are completely different. For wheelthrowing it's about the throwing on the wheel and circular motion and the growth of the vessel on the wheel. For glassblowing it's about the blowing and sculpting and thinking "gee, how on earth am I going to make this?" and then completely cannibalizing the approved of
  11. If you live in the U.S. LEARN SPANISH!!!! or even if you don't live in the U.S. it's an amazingly useful language.
  12. Hello. So today I felt like crap physically but went to school today anyhow because I had to be there to start teaching an art class. So it was two hours with some extremely talented 11 year old draftsmen (and women), after the first hour I lost my voice, so jumped up onto a table and spoke from there, which made them pay attention (they like that sort of theatrical thing) and then took them on a field trip to the science building to look at the skeleton model they have up there. By the time I was done, and had given them their homework (which included a medium of choice art assignment, some
  13. Hello. How useful is an assistant in the shop? I know that in a glass shop, an assistant is almost impossible to live without if you want to do nice work. What kinds of things would you have them do (besides cleaning? ) Thanks, Archie
  14. My family had thanksgiving together for the first time in three years! (my brother was in france, then the next5 year I was, and then we went to visit the family in england) but this year was wonderful! Wednesday we cooked and served more than 60 people in the nearby homeless shelter, and then cooked our own Thanksgiving dinner today, it took so long that we didn't eat all day until 5:30. Roast goose and cranberry-grapefruit sauce with homemade stuffing with chestnuts and roast beets and apple crumble and roasted vegetables and roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat and thyme. It tasted very good
  15. Hello. I am wondering: what would be a good flux for bike chain damascus? I've got a chain all chopped and wired and stacked up, but there are many many many gaps in the links etc. is there a good flux which could get into the holes? Would glass work? (Isn't it used sometimes as a casting flux?) Thanks, Archie
  16. Recently I've been listening to Matisyahu while cutting fuel, Krishna Das while doing coldwork and Deep Forest (Canadian Techno and African Pigmies= really good music) and...Enya of all things, while a' forgin'. Enya is actually really good stuff for listening to, especially her album 'Watermark' although it might be that I went through little-one-hood on that particular album and Salsa Romantica.
  17. Hello. Last weekend, I moved about two hundred or so pounds of scrap wood into my basement, to keep it dry throughout the winter. I've also moved my vice back inside, and well as all my hammers. How do you lot generally deal with/prepare for the winter? Do any of you still forge outside? How do you deal with snow (if you get any where you live) Thanks, Archie
  18. You could just take a wooden box, fill it with dirt, dig a hole in it, and stick a pipe through the ox side to the bottom of the hole. Fill the hole with a charcoal/wood/corn/nut husks/pasta/whatever fire, and push air through the pipe. Works pretty well, but it ain't pretty lookin'.
  19. Hello. Odds Bodkin. Ever heard of/heard/seen him perform? In my classical studies class, we got him to come in and perform book 1 of the Iliad. Then I listened to his performance on tape of the Odyssey. It's very theatrically inspiring, good stuff. Real barding with celtic harp and a twelve string. Amazing stuff. Just thought I'd share, (I have no connection to him at all except that I have heard/seen him perform) Archie
  20. I agree with everyone here, you did the right thing.
  21. wow...just...wow... that is a beautiful knife!
  22. Hello. I am working on making my school pottery studio to be more sustainable/ user friendly. One of the things I want to do is build a few simple pedal driven pottery wheels. How do some of you turn your footpedal grinding wheels? And how would you suggest turning this vertical rolling motion into a flat wheel turning? Simple drawings would be much appreciated. Thanks! Archie
  23. I am more of an artist who uses craft to create his art (glassblowing and blacksmithing) I can't really describe myself as much of a craftsman because I'm not especially good at craft-ing but I try. Actually, upon thinking about it for 2 seconds. I'm a functional artist. I make art with a use via craft (raised steel kantharos wine goblets for drinking and some 15th century scottish lowland armour for a play are what I'm working on right now when I get the time as in maybe an hour every 2 weeks )
  24. lookin' good! What d'you plan on making?
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