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  1. Chris Brown

    Makers marks

  2. Chris Brown

    Sea Robin Anvil

    I am looking for a sea robin but I will definitely check out the black robin. Thank you.
  3. Chris Brown

    Sea Robin Anvil

    If anyone has a Sea Robin Anvil they want to sell, I’m looking for one. Please contact me at brown689@centurytel.net.
  4. Chris Brown

    Zorro's sword

    Wow! That is fantastic.
  5. Amazing work. The fit of the butt cap is perfection.
  6. Chris Brown

    My new shop...

    What are the dimensions?
  7. Chris Brown

    The Making of "Bowie No. 1" (WIP)

    Very Nice! Thanks for sharing. Seems like I remember seeing the blueprints for Bowie No.1 at Riverside Machine for sale several years ago. Does anyone know if the blueprints are still available ?
  8. Chris Brown

    Hollow grinds sans power tools (razors)

    Do you have any updated pictures since swithcing to the bench grinder? Chris
  9. Chris Brown


    Has any one purchased this video lately. Was wondering if this address was still good. Thanks, Chris
  10. Chris Brown

    Japanese Vs. Sheffield?

    Would like to know everyones opinions on these two hammers. Bill Fiorini's Japanese hammer Ric Furrer's cutlery hammer
  11. Chris Brown

    Clay coating and quenching

    Thanks for the response. That seems to make sense. Thanks, Chris
  12. Chris Brown

    Clay coating and quenching

    Why doesn't a knife with the spine clay coated bend up while hardening, like a sword does? Thanks, Chris
  13. Chris Brown

    Sorel iron

    Thanks again Mr. Obach for the time and information. To answer your question on the hurdle. I guess the biggest hurdle for me is the thousands of questions that wait at every step of a new adventure, ie . equipment design and size, materials to use and not to use, temps, times, weights of raw materials. The tutorial and the paper that you wrote has gone a long way to answering most of the questions. I'm trying to decide on a furnace now, looking at Mr. Gingery's. Thanks again, Chris P.S. If you ever decide to write a book on wootz, in the spirt of the complete bladesmith, I'd like to buy the first copy.
  14. Chris Brown

    Sorel iron

    I noticed the crap steel in both posts but wasn't sure. Thank you Mr. Obach for sharing your knowledge. After reading your tutorial, its starting to make a little more sense. Do you have any more tutorials posted elsewhere? Also, You mentioned in the tutorial you were writing a paper on your furnace, I was wondering if it was posted anywhere? Thanks again, :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Chris
  15. Chris Brown

    Sorel iron

    Thanks for the information. I found this link on this site. It has a lot of information to digest. I wish had paid more attention in Chemistry class. Wootz formula Thanks again, Chris