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  1. Thanks guys. Art: I didn't do anything so there won't be any stories They didn't send any parts with us for us to fix weapons so I sat around in the tent most of the time. I'll try to have pictures up soon.
  2. I made it home safely! Pictures to come after all the dusty, dirty laundry is done and I'm finished cleaning up after myself
  3. I will Alan, as long as the surrounding countries don't rise up and invade SA. We'd be SOL since we've got all these weapons and no ammo... Actually, I turned my weapon in the second day we were here. I'm going to "Culture Day" today and I'll get some pictures of camels and whatnot. I'll post the pictures when I can.
  4. Hey everyone, I made it here safely and I was allowed to bring my camera, but I can't upload any pictures until I get back. Bryan, I'm definitely losing weight. The food has been alternating between decent and absolute junk and no hot meal during the day (which haven't been too hot lately, just windy) so I just have some Lay's Salt flavored chips and a lot of water. There used to be about 200 baboons on one of the mountains, but I think they all got scared away by the training. Needless to say that if the surrounding countries start acting up too much, we might have an extended stay.
  5. Thanks. I just wanted to stop by one more time before I leave tomorrow. I'll be taking my camera and will try to get lots of pictures while I'm there, and post them in March when I get back, whenever that is.
  6. Bryan, I'm limited to 400 pounds, including my body weight, so I'm already down more than half!
  7. Thanks! Bob - I agree! Greg - The best part is I'll be getting paid to do it! Last weekend I got paid to shoot off about 600 rounds of 5.56 mm ball ammo. It's a good thing I shot the second gun because it needed to be fixed.
  8. I'll be heading to Saudi Arabia next week for some fun in the sun. From what I've been told, I'll be teaching people how to get their .50 cal machine guns working after they put the barrel on and assisting them if they muck it up. I'm sure I'll get some live fire in there too. I only get to be there for a grand total of 15 days before we come home. I'll get pictures if I can take my camera.
  9. Awesome sword Alan. From what I remember of that behemoth you made a few years back, you should make more! Spend a year making swords, you'll turn out some great stuff
  10. Well, she finally got the knife and has had a chance to test it out at work. A few things she would change though. She said that the edge is too straight, and the blade could be thicker and the handle a little bigger. But aside from those things, it cuts well and can slice a tomato, which she told me is the real test of a good knife. All things to keep in mind for next time. Over all, I'm pretty happy with the criticism, since it works well even if it's not the optimum shape, it still does what it was meant to do
  11. Now I'm curious what the design is. I'll post some pics of the railing I'm working on later today after I get all the pickets installed. Then it's just two more posts, 16 scrolls and a cap rail.
  12. Looking good Wade. Do you have a second job as an alligator hunter?
  13. Looks good Matt. Kinda makes me want to chop something. The only thing that strikes me odd is the clam shell coming off the side of the guard. It just looks like it was stuck on there as an after thought. I think it might look better if it was a little larger/wider. I'm just rambling, feel free to ignore me if you want
  14. FOR SHAME! Railings are fun! If you're worried about tenons, just drill a 1/4" hole in the end of your pickets then drill a 1/8" hole in the side and use a 10d nail to rivet a 1/4" tenon in These are trade secrets, so don't tell anyone! For the railing I'm doing, I only did a 1/10 scale drawing of the entire railing and a full size drawing of the ornaments, so it's not even necessary to have a full sized drawing.
  15. Very nice work. I'm a big fan of axes
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