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  1. I have the propellor shaft to a liberty ship ( now cut into smaller lengths ) ..I was told by the old timer who sold it to me it was ( 8620 ). I took it to the welding shop next door for cutting and was told it ruined a couple of blades..that cutting job cost more than I expected. I have used these 7" diameter pieces as anvils .
  2. Heated the furnace to a good yellow heat to firm up the chalky nature of the old castable refractory shell. I tossed in a few low carbon pieces of bloom iron and created melt #3 an 800 gram ingot with a lobe of low carbon steel attached to one side. That lobe was removed and the remaining weight of high carbon steel is about 500 grams. Today I processed Oroshigane bloom #4 staying mostly within the guidelines suggested by Emiliano. Just short of 2000 grams ( low carbon bloom ) was put into the furnace and about 1650 grams of high carbon steel was produced. Not included in this weig
  3. The intent is not to reprocess many pounds of already consolidated bloom iron ..I am more interested in cleaning up bloom bits and what is found in the furnace after a smelt. A few more flattened bloom runs and I will go to bits. The above two runs were done in a 6" diameter crucible furnace using discarded charcoal...I was shooting myself in the foot. A new furnace is in the making having an 8" diameter inside..about 12 inches high. The shell is made of a castable hand me down refractory at least 20 years old ( open ). This creates a very weak material which has to be broug
  4. Emiliano, Beautiful blade , some fancy welding as well. I thought it was a hamon at first. Took down that offer of the little bloom , as it seemed awkward at its new location but it is still there. The rick assembly is looking better as I have just ruined a furnace due to a leak I should have plugged.
  5. Looking at the first trial of Oroshigane ( see picture below ), the carbon content is higher than first thought somewhere between 1% carbon and 2 % carbon. Todays run yielded 4 lbs of very high carbon steel at a yield of 80% as 5 lbs of flattened bloom iron were processed. No attempt was made to sort the input of the process by carbon content. Fragments were wire brushed, cut to no larger than 2.5 inches in any direction and no thicker than 5/16 inches.,See picture below. The bloom was attached to the furnace wall which was damaged during extracting. I will be running
  6. This post is a record of my attempt at getting some rework done ..either to another form and/or to another carbon content. Emiliano's post on refining steel in a hearth furnace inspired me to start the process . Thank you Emiliano. Maybe my expectations of the oroshigane process are too big..as I have some materials that will be difficult to work with...I may have to adjust the furnace rather than just the bottom. I have to do some reading about the role of Phosphorous in steel of varying carbon concentrations. Mark Green showed a white etch on low carbon steel ( iron ) ...in my mind I
  7. I am about to do a series of these, my furnace is like the Aristotle furnace without that extra primary little chamber. I do not enter at an angle but will be adjusting the bottom as needed. There is a lot of material around I hope to process ..I will post as I go along. I have photos of the little bloom I just made but for some reason they will not drag into the post. I think I just figured it out.
  8. I found this thread a few months ago and tried it with some low carbon bloomers iron. The yield was about 1kg a solid little bloom but quite a mix of carbon content ....it may average at about .8% C. I was looking for a higher carbon content and a more homogeneous ingot ( so I can estimate carbon content ). Trying to create a solid ingot of iron which I can use in a crucible ( after breaking it up with a hammer ) and adjusting the final carbon content with some bloomers cast iron. I will try it again using a mix of bloomers iron pieces having different C concentrations. Hoping to get a fully
  9. I made crucibles for the next push. Trying to make a more reliable crucible.....done hoping.things work out . I am looking at a crucible I have never seen (nor remnants of it). I keep hearing it existed ,I think it did .
  10. The pit is sill full of charcoal, rain is coming our way...I would like to exit the iron making process by using up all remnants of ore and charcoal. If the rain is robust. I may give steel making a shot. Making steel is a bit trickier than cast iron as steel making requires slag management. This run is not to be due to other priorities.
  11. Yesterday, I tried and experiment in cast iron smelting by running for about two hrs. with an air inlet about 6" from the bottom of my furnace, then at a scheduled time changed the air supply to a higher inlet by about 8"..this combination allowed me to run for 6.5 hrs straight. The yield came in two main blooms and lots of bits as I had to get a little rough extracting the fragile blooms. The clean bottom bloom is 13 lbs the top bloom is 17 lbs the clean bits are 7 lbs. 78 lbs of ore was added to the furnace giving a yield of 66 % . I have posted some pictures below. The ore was magnetite the
  12. The bigger furnace ran for 6.5 hrs. and used 78 lbs of ore as well as lots of charcoal today and I am tired. Charcoal is sorted and brought to the site during smelting....that can be a real challenge for an old guy. I will have a look in the morning to see how it looks. I can predict a best case outcome based on previous yields...A 33-35 lbs. clean cast iron bloom would be a very good result .. I will be happy with what I get. Making really pretty blooms is a mixd blessing..how am I going to smash up a beautiful bloom/.
  13. I am not exited about running the recycled ore...it seem fresh ore does just as well...the yield of clean cast is about 40%.... Here are some pictures of the cast iron that little cupcake like thing was sitting on top of the cast iron until I broke it off. Yield is about 11-12 pounds of clean cast iron. So Saturday I will be running the large furnace and the small furnace to clean up all the charcoal prior to things getting really dry ..by the way this charcoal at zero volatiles produces no spark when burning in the furnace. The big furnace is somewhat based on an article (
  14. Lots of time constraints today...did not run the bigger furnace. Ran for about 3hrs and used 33pounds of ore (mixed magnetite and recycled unconsolidated ore ). Had to slow way down as the recycled ore wanted to fly out of the furnace. Next shot is on Saturday butI will post a picture of today’s run when it has cooled manana.
  15. I am hoping to do a large cast iron run in the next two-three days....larger furnace, more room for the cast iron down below. ( there will literally be a fire in the belly of that furnace ).fingers crossed ...first time I have tried that. Longest run to date is 3.5 hrs at a 16 lbs yield...hoping for more this time. The ore is mixed with some material that has made a pass through the furnace but did not consolidate due to getting to a low temperature area ..I pick it out with a magnet and use it as a mix.This will be it from as far as blooming is concerned I have a guy coming over to partic
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