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  1. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    The bloom is high carbon...quite rare for a bloom made in this furnace ../I often have to change my initial description when I get into the bloom ...this one is definitely high carbon. Above the bloom still in the furnace air inlet at the top. We are looking at the top of the bloom now cleaned from 25 lbs to 15.5 ..it should end at about 14.5 lbs of very clean bloom.
  2. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Today I made some iron from Pit Charcoal and iron ore. After 3 cast iron runs I thought I would move away from cast to high carbon iron. The furnace is cooling and I will open it mañana to see if it was a good run. I did stop at 2 hrs as my furnace is a two hour furnace. Here are some pics of the process and the charcoal. The charcoal requires no cutting , no sifting and is ready to use as is.
  3. Jan Ysselstein

    Shear Steel; The Experiment Begins

    What is "double sheared diamond steel" and where was it made? I have an old heavy rasp ( hard to lift and almost impossible to use with one hand ) labeled "diamond" steel but no reference to double shearing.
  4. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Joshua, Thanks , I love that hammer. I do what you are saying with a sealed crucible in a charcoal furnace , but not while smelting. That furnace could be my smelting furnace if cannot find my melting furnace. I have an open thread called 'Konasamudram' Process and will close it by going that way, charcoal furnace, sealed crucible . That bloomy thing is cast iron ...about 3.5% Carbon...I love that stuff....today I will try to make some high carbon iron or cast iron ( before a rain arrives).
  5. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    The April smelting frenzy is almost over..in a couple of weeks no open fires will be allowed..so I have to make charcoal and iron asap. I am running off some charcoal to empty storage containers for charcoal. Today I did run a cast iron run for two hours and should have some good results.... I am looking at yields and think I am operating at 80% + if yield is defined as Ratio of iron recovered/total iron put into the furnace. This definition ignores other losses such as charcoal which I ran at about 2.5:1 .I will post some pics if the results are photogenic. Jan
  6. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Here is a photo of both smelt results..at the top is Saturday's 10 lbs of cast iron , at the bottom is the 17.5 lbs. of cast iron. Had I stopped at 2 hrs my yield would have been close to 90 %..using pine charcoal would also have pushed to a higher yield. I am content with the results and will make some pine charcoal for the next run ( about 3 weeks out ).
  7. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Well , I finally got around to doing a smelt today , using the above charcoal. The run lasted 1.5 hrs and targeted cast iron as the product..I will pull the bloom tomorrow and if all looks good I will do another run as well. I stopped because I ran out of prepared ore for the run. I will post some pictures in a day or so. I am looking at efficiency descriptions.., we use percent of iron recovered of total iron added during the smelting process.. I think all work and materials could be converted to $ dollars and various processes could be compared that way. I have a pretty efficient process but could never sell my bloom material for what I see it going for.....where are my costs ?. Here is a picture of the furnace in my forge area ( inside) during today's run. The cone collar is in place only to keep the charcoal from spilling. Today (Sunday ) I repeated the run..yesterday's run produced 10 lbs of clean cast iron and no soft iron, lots of slag. Tomorrow I will pull today's bloom and some pics. Ten pounds for 1.5 hrs is not bad but I expected more. Today I ran for 3 hrs. and suddenly the flame showed a sodium flare so I stopped.
  8. Jan Ysselstein

    'Konasamudram' Process

    We are up and running again...I have made some charcoal ( Pit Charcoal Thread) and plan to smelt tomorrow ( inside the shop). I am in the process of making an improvised propane fired tempering furnace ( should be able to hold 21"long material ) controlled by a digital controller. This furnace is 10" in diameter while my forge is 6" in diameter. I bought a point and shoot and will be able to better document the details. The crucibles have been fired and are ready to go....most of the work now will concentrate on duplicating some of the results from ingots 8 through 10 above with less forging trouble.
  9. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Here is a pic of the charcoal made today ( just prior to covering it), about 5 hrs of work ( 300 gallons). I was hoping to do a smelt tonight but I am a bit tired and do not want to screw it up.....so it looks like Tuesday night or Wednesday night.
  10. Jan Ysselstein

    Pit Charcoal

    Lots of cold and rain ( cold by some standards only ) . I have brought the shaft furnace into my shop and will make a few batches of high carbon iron there. The three types of iron possibilities are "cast" , "mixed,"( but mostly low carbon iron) and "very high carbon iron", my equivalent of tamahagane. I am not sure that what I am targeting is what will come from the furnace but I have a plan which should push the process in that direction. The runs will be 2hrs max. and I will use 20 to 30 lbs of ore per run. Today I will be burning some old waste wood and if any charcoal remains I will capture it. I only have a camera on my phone so pictures will be so so. Jan
  11. Jan Ysselstein

    3D Scanning an Artifact

    Wow Niels...that is interesting ..I feel a bit intimidated by the gap in my digital knowledge. Thanks for sharing it with us. Jan
  12. Jan Ysselstein

    Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    Sorry Joshua , I was responding to the difficulty in setting a ceramic core for a hardy hole due to it being difficult to remove.
  13. Jan Ysselstein

    Mini-Anvils, Possibly For Sale

    Would you be able to use a bit of solid graphite?
  14. Jan Ysselstein

    What did you do in your shop today?

    JJ those are beautiful..I am curious about the range of widths and thicknesses (of stock) these tongs will hold? Is it 1 tong does it all, or do you need to know what material to make them for. In my shop, I am looking at buying ( or making ) a small heat treating furnace, and new camera. I have finished the last set of crucibles ( 6) for another post I am hoping to finish in a few weeks. I will fire them at a higher temperature so they can be preshrunk and get really strong. If time permits, I will finish the new crucible furnace(s). I have created a sequence for making a wootz blade which requires me to successfully be able to weld the wootz material ( which I cannot do yet with confidence ) oh oh.
  15. Jan Ysselstein

    'Konasamudram' Process

    The twisted bar sections are very thin and I do not think I can take them through the whole heat treating process. I did run into a piece of bar #2 from very early on in this thread..I am posting pictures of a relatively small area of number 2. These edges were heated the most both during the quench and during the thermal cycling....it looks like the TC is working. Most of #2 still has a lot of large cementite which I will try to displace.