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  1. nice razor...and thats a pretty gnarly looking shell looks kinda like the copstoppers my dad has...-apologies to any cops out there-
  2. quick question in the begining when you stick it in the vice and said twist like heck your twisting the cable right...that part confused me a bit...
  3. how does one make homemade micarta???
  4. ok so im 16 and realy into learning how to bladesmith and i was wondering where i could find a list of everything i need to make my first complete blade i already have a forge, an anvil hammers,and tongs.
  5. i just want to know where you will be getting the elephant on which you would be placing youre daggers if you made them?
  6. you know ive always wondered how they get the sheathes and handles on japanese blades to be so shiny
  7. i was just wondering what kind of material i could make a smelting pot out of for relativly cheap???any advice is helpful
  8. hey idaho kicks ass that pirate kid is retarded
  9. very nice i like them both i was wondering though how you made the curves in the blade "chaos" michael
  10. i agree thats an awesome looking blade.
  11. :ylsuper: mmmmmmmmm bacon nice blade
  12. it seems most dont like much of what i listen to but here goes in no specific order...runs to check cd case...cant remember names -slipknot -system of a down -children of bodom -disturbed,especialy the sickness -rage against the machine -metallica -evanesence -rammstein -beastie boys -kid rock -the gorillaz -led zeppilin -hendrix -nirvana -three days grace -linkin park -the bravery -slayer -marilyn manson etc....im a rock freak what can i say,oh and i absolutely despise rap
  13. nice hawk and i like the design of the knife (the fly is just decorative )keep up with the good work :ylsuper:
  14. when i was in 5th grade i think seven some kid hit me in the head with a metal baseball bat... ...that was fun now i have a big ol scar there but its covered by my hair
  15. i love the pattern nice work
  16. you just might get enough heat from pumping those
  17. very informative thanks guys.
  18. i agree with kristopher the first book i read was wayne goddards $50 knife shop and shortly after that i read the complete bladesmith... michael
  19. thats awesome looking and you might be able to call it a BFK
  20. i realy like this knife especialy since i was told by a freind that rebar wont make a good knife so its great to see this
  21. you could try coal ive gotten 50 lb bags for $15.00 i personaly enjoy using coal...
  22. ill do that jason it might be fun to see if you can give me any advice or anything
  23. my dad thinks its a pair of rear differential locking plates ... hope that helps mv
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