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    It may suprise you but I'm into Bladesmithing.
    Likes: camping, hiking, fishing, Scotch, good wine, good beer, good people, good music. Didgeridoo.
    Dislikes: Crying babies, rude or dishonest people.

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  1. Getting a shop set up at home. So much easier. Mostly 1095. Cleaver is 5160 Mostly Zebrawood. Pack sword is Lacewood.
  2. Cleaver for Carne Asada..... Walnut, 5160, mosaic pins, smithed out a little hanging tail.
  3. Nice work Charlie! Hope all is well. I'm back to smithing again
  4. Thanks V. They both have a bit of a hollow grind to them. That peened out guard is easy to make.
  5. After a couple years off, I'm back making a few things. 1095 Tiger maple 1095 Madagascar Ebony
  6. Not really a hamon. Temperline.....hold the clay.
  7. Thanks all. Ray, I'm moving back to Orange County Ca. (ugh). Bringing my pack rat bride. I love her but jeez she has some crap!
  8. Sorry I've been a bit absent. I have looked at a lot of knives when I've had a chance but had no time to respond. I've been packing and have to move. SUCKS! This is the las knife I got to finish in my Tiki-esque forge area. It's 1095 10 inch blade and about 16" OAL. Etched out a bit of the temper line, handle is bubinga. This stroped out very sharp. Great job to those whom have posted in the past couple months.....sorry I couldn't reply it's crunch time here..
  9. Nice clean little knife. I like it!
  10. Nice little knife. That's some great file work!
  11. Awesome small knife. Very nice design and file work.
  12. That is awesome....such a cool looking finish!
  13. Nice blade Ray. Catchy title....I agree.
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