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  1. Dear friends! While I have already posted pictures of my kitchen knives here, I got so beautiful pictures recently I feel the need to share. And the knife is a very special one too Photos by Toomas Huik
  2. tonn


    Dear colleagues, I have not posted for a while. Partly, because I have no camera and skills to take pictures ( and, indeed, I'm not intended to learn ) Partly, because I have not made much thing worth to post. But... while bored of usual stuff, I started to dream about making a folding knife. It took a long time from dream to actually making one. Thank's to my friend Jukka Hankala, who so kindly accepted me as an apprentice in his shop and as a guest in his home! So, here is my very first folding knife. You can see a hole for a thumb stud but nothing attached. I didn't want to make any cuts in the handle, so I decided to leave it as it is and make an other, with better way to open. RWL34 blade, micarta handle with titanium liners. Thanks.
  3. That's a beauty! A truly inspirational! Looked at your website and true it is - better fused than previous attempts Perhaps both, the blade as well as handle have a scent of japanese style in. So overall, it's not like you fused two entirely different parts. Thanks for showing! Tõnu
  4. That's what an art knife is It's a knife ant it's an art. Seen very few in the same level Thank you!
  5. tonn

    Slicing knife

    You surprised me with that handle. It is really well designed. I would say I specially like lower line but it would be wrong. Important is how well they come together! Still, lower line is very good.
  6. tonn


    Hello, Have not posted for a while. Partly because I do not have a camera. Also, I don't think all I do is so damn interesting But here is one of my latest. I wanted to do a knife with stones in the guard, facing towards the tip of the blade. Had this "dream" for a long but had not any excuse to make it real Then I had an exhibition of my works and there it was, a good reason for make it. Did not had complete design, just an obscure idea about stones. But time was running out and I started from what I had. Not a good way to work though. It's still unfinished (undesigned). I hope I finish it soon. Otherwise it will ceases to be interesting. Thanks Tõnu
  7. Wielandish, indeed! What a beauty! Tõnu
  8. tonn


    Hi James, I make my damascus from tool steels K460 and K600 made by Böhler. http://www.bohler-edelstahl.com/english/3382_ENG_HTML.php
  9. tonn


    Hi, I haven't posted for a while. Because I haven't made a lot for a while. Here is a knife I made for a Belgian knife show in Gembloux. Blade is damascus, other stuff is tombak, bronze and desert ironwood. Thanks Tõnu
  10. Not that I need it, but..... Would be cool to own something like that
  11. tonn

    A fighter.

    Hi folks! I didn't want to sound like an arrogant bitch but apparently managed to do so. Sorry! I know it's a good , well designed and well made knife. And I understand... well, some other aspects too. But I have very little to say about this knife and nothing different from previous posts. Annoyng, isn't it? And nobody want's it However, thanks for kind words! Tõnu
  12. tonn

    A fighter.

    Hi, A knife as usual - damascus blade, silver and iron fittings and (a bit unusual for me) a handle of desert ironwood. I don't know the lenght of the blade, I doubt I ever measured but I guess its 20 cm and perhaps more. Didn't like to work with desert ironwood. Hard to make precise lines and all the beauty comes out only after polishing/buffing, witch will kill the forms and shapes I guess, it's not good for intricate shapes, have to work out how to use it.
  13. What can I say.... Gerhard, I wish I had made this
  14. tonn

    A knife

    Heh:) Why would somebody do it in such a complicated way? How about spacers? Like in the bolt or something While it looks like I have abandoned forum, the real reason for not posting - I have no camera. Photos in my recent posts are made by pro. I tried to shoot some of my knives. Borrowed a Canon D1 and a bunch of lens. Yet pro made better pix with soapbox. So, what a hell, my knives are good enough, I don't have to learn another trade
  15. tonn

    A knife

    Forged and hardened it as a test blade. After a year or so finished it. Never had any drawings, just started to make it and here it is. Blade is Böhler K510 Handle made of tombak, steel; ebony Perhaps you want to look closer? Here it comes, very close It's hard to decide wich wiew is the best. Here is another: Thanks for looking Tõnu
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