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  1. Bryan Bondurant

    Sea Robin Anvil & Johnny Forge

  2. Bryan Bondurant

    W1 Round for sale

    Im suprised the guys at the post office dont have a picture of you up over there will all the steel you sent out.
  3. Bryan Bondurant

    Shipping knives to shows

    I got the anvil cases off fleabay, a good price is 50, sometimes they go up to a hundred, more if they are not blue or black, orange is a rare color.
  4. Bryan Bondurant

    Shipping knives to shows

    I have used the pelican cases, and now have some old anvil rock and roll manager briefcases from the 70s. They still look like pistol cases. The one thing that pisses me off is tsa cutting my lock off then putting my case back on a plane unsecured. My advice, get some guys, an rv, a keg, and road trip, lol.
  5. Bryan Bondurant

    Clan Crest Sgian Dubh

    Somebody will still be proud to have that in a thousand years, to the eye its a fine piece, i bet its even better in the hand,
  6. Sounds like a heck of a sell,
  7. Bryan Bondurant

    What to do with a couple of days in Tokyo

    Take plenty of iodine,
  8. Bryan Bondurant

    Sea Robin Anvil & Johnny Forge

  9. Bryan Bondurant

    No! Im not dead, lol

    Dave, send me a private message,
  10. Bryan Bondurant

    Hand Surgery for the Old Man (GRAPHIC and Groady)

    Glad you got the A OK to head back to the studio, health is about the only thing that matters, Family too, but if your health is gone, you can't take care of them.
  11. Bryan Bondurant

    Steel of choice for dive knife

    You could go for some kind of carbon blade with a stainless laminate sandwiitched on the outside. Depending on your diving, most of the wreck and tech divers I know carry multiple tools, not just one big dive knife like back in the 70s. One or two cutters for cutting fishing lnes, maybe some stainless scissors, a folding blade, a small fixed blade and some kind of 12 inch or so pry bar. The prybar rusting a bit is no big deal, its the the knife edge to be concerned about if its sharp and rusty, not good. The big deal is making sure you use good handle material and seal it up real good with epoxy so you do not get any salt where you cant see it. I used to just throw my knife in a big tub with my regulator and gear when I was flushing it with fresh water after a dive in salt, dry, then hit it with WD40, worked great.
  12. Bryan Bondurant

    2013: The Year of the Sword Smith

    The United Nations may seem like a good idea but in practice it is a horror show when it comes to human rights. Then you get into the money and sovernigty issues, its nothing more than suit/pant suit wearing desk jockies who hire accountants lawyers, and mercenaries, to steal, murder, and destroy. No problem if people dont see it that way. However, these are the people who had representatives of the Khemer Rouge sitting in as U.N. Reps after they were thrown out of Cambodia. At the same time K.R. were holding Cambodians as prisoners and human shields ito protect their command structure inside the border of Thailand, These were U.N. camps with K.R. guards, rape and murder was the entertainment. Its all public information but few have the time or interest to get educated on such matters. There is also the issue of United States funds being diverted to this organization then they have the attitude they can take our money and go around to our National Parks to make up rules and put up thier signs, basically claiming some kind of "World Ownership" nonsense. Im trying to say horrible things here in a somewhat polite way to keep within the spiret of the forum. IMHO, we are weeks, maybe only days away, from big problems with the U.N. & friends. As a proud American, I will not take any money from them or support any project they dream up.
  13. Bryan Bondurant

    Living In Gun World

    Im sure if I left the door open they would have stold the anvil and sold it for scrap. never mind the fact it is a tool, they would have melted it, then smoked it. Just in case anything was lost in hillbilly translation, I moved away from running websites about knives and run websites about guns, thats why i have not been around much. Its been over a year since I fired up a forge, hopefully soon that will change..