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  1. When its darkest, when I am alone, the midnight hour, I do not forget my friends that are gone from this life, I do not cry, I do not scream, I do not moan, they settle into myself, for me to live in this world as a better man, until I am with them. Bryan Bondurant
  2. Brian D. Lord no man, Loving America is what bonds us all together. I know its an embarrassment to Don Fogg, but he is the real deal American Hero before he ever thought about making a knife. I get all the thank you for your service at stores when I pull out my DD Form 2 Retired Army E2 Id card for my 10% discount which I actually need, makes me feel stupid, not proud,. Then I remember Jeff, I love him you know, lots of men and and the few women from our flight class do, Jeff was the best of us, the very best, maybe thats why he got to Jesus first, the purest heart of everyone of us. When I have a bad moment, a bad day, remembering I am nothing, a sinner, a failure, not worthy, Jeff is the cattle prod on my backside that gets me out of the ditch and keeps me fighting the good fight. Everyone needs a hero, I have a few, but Jeff Winget, he sits on the right hand of God next to Jesus, whispered something in his ear that gave me a thousand more chances to make things right. I never deserved anything, I dropped out of bible school, rejected God. I was called to be a preacher many years ago, I chose to reject my calling, to blame it on others, to judge other men, to reject Jesus because I was wrong in my heart. I have had it all, trophy wives, fast motorcycles, fast cars, big sailboats, worshipped by the lost, a pretty fancy life, none of it is anything without Jesus. Im not preaching here, just telling my story as a American that made the wrong choices. The men I envy, stayed at home, never joined the military, were simple men that took the time to raise up good Jesus loving kids to be great Americans. Its hotter than heck out here at the gates of Death Valley, I work cow dogs from the shadow of the sun till close to midnight, then back up at light and working my cow dogs again till its sweat thirty or so. I send my dogs on 300 hundred yard runs till they puke, they would die for me if I asked them to run harder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone that ever reads any of this, how far, how fast, would you run for Jesus? what are you willing to do? Its between you and him, I was so wrong even though a few that really know me, call me brother, view me as a hero, I was wrong. Get right with God, this life is short if you live to be a hundred.
  3. Zeb and Cliff,,,,,,, I had some good times,,,, never thought to much about anything, and no regrets for joining the Army as a helicopter mechanic crew chief at 18. That said, Jeff Winget was everybody's best friend, a real modern day Will Rogers, never met a man he didn't like kind of guy. I have always had a heck of a case of survivors guilt and questioned why he is gone, why I am still here? None of us has a real way to think him. I try to live better, but get pretty taken aback when people disrespect the National Anthem and American Flag. Lately I have been attempting to stop cursing,,,,,, God Bless and take care,
  4. Yea, long story on the Arkancide stuff. The good news on that is murder does not have a statute of limitations. This maybe a little to political for here but its my life, I lived it, survived some nonsense on the the Saline Pulaski county line, some real walking tall type stuff. Without going into to much since this is a knife forum but remembering my grandfather WJ Wylie killed men in WW2 after joining the Navy at 17 in Little Rock, then reenlisting at 37 in 1941 to go. He taught me to stand up to tyrants,,,,, I recently asked that the Clinton Library be moved to New York.
  5. Gerhard,,,, thanks, I'm really a leather guy but I live close to death valley, mostly its zero humidity and hotter than heck in summer, so leather dries up quick. I have a pretty nice custom saddle that I had to pull apart after a couple years here. That and mostly here people are into molly so kydex straps up better. What kind of glue are you using to glue the leather to kydex? Can I come hunting and fishing with you????? Thanks
  6. Out of the dozen of us boys, our own little gang of little rascals that grew up barefoot hunting and fishing together, there are only a couple besides me left. We all raced motorcycles, had muscle cars, Lived life in the fast lane, a couple have evaporated, hope they are preachers or something, living the good life, somewhere. Most are in heaven or the other place. I lost my best friend Stackhouse a couple years ago, he died three times in one night and lived severely handicapped another twenty years after bad people tried to end his life, a hit and run in Little Rock, he was a witness the night Kevin Ives and Don Henry were murdered, I was away in the Army that night, so only heard stories of what happened when I was home on leave. Life is to short whether you live good or bad,,,, love your family and Jesus, America,,,,,,,,,,,,, your hunting and cow dogs,,,, hammer hot steel when you can,,,, , the best life in this world is that of a simple man. I may be misunderstood, whatever, for anyone that ever served in the military, all we can do is live the best we can for those that are no longer with us. My friend and hero gave his life on the Red Baron training with Night Vision Goggles 1986, that helicopter crash would later save soldiers lives on every Blackhawk deployment since. Few have heard of him, rare is the day I do not remember him. Rest In Peace PFC Jeff Winget, I was never worthy to polish your boots, you are still my hero, the best man I ever knew in this life, a simple man from Oklahoma. When I have a bad day, I hammer on through it, Jeff taught me and bunch of us, keep moving forward no matter what is coming at you,,,,,,,,, GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  7. Anyone that ever reads this,,,,,,,,, You can always depend on Alan Longmire to have some kind of legitimate answer. Thanks Alan,, I pretty much have it figured out now. Will eventually have something to show.
  8. Nobody using Kydex anymore? I found some that seems plenty cheap enough but would rather hear from members where they are getting theirs?
  9. I got my first piece of Kydex in 1997, OKC. Was fascinated with the stuff for a long time then went back to leather. Now I need some scabbards and holsters for a zero humidity environment which is literally hell on leather so looking again at Kydex. Having been out of the loop on it, whats the latest information, new brand names, and good sources? We had a guy, years ago that was selling an alternative to Kydex, very similar, was designed for the interior on aircraft. I cannot remember the name of it but it seems there would be more knock off or even improved versions by now. Thanks for any input into this,,,,,
  10. Did you finish the knife? A couple things,,, Sometimes the leather spacers just get dried out,,, Fieblings of some sort, whatever you can get might stabilize some handles, that one is probably to old to just moisturize to expand it back. Lately I have been using Fieblings with silicone in it just called "Saddle Oil" but no idea on longevity of that. For sure since its apart, consider replacing the leather spacers as the old leather rots. The knife as it is, most likely will not be going back "into the woods" and will be more of a trophy. Some may disagree but maybe consider some kind of tinkers dam fill onto a smaller nut to give it a smoother fancy finish when its done.
  11. What Geoff said,,,,,,, pretty much a Pakistani tourist knife. The good news is your at the right place now to look at 20 years of history and thousands of pictures of knives from the best makers in America and the World,,,,, Have Fun!
  12. Thats a nice looking anvil,,,,,,, Alan, do you think its good idea to paint or black the bulk of the anvil, not the face or just leave it be? The reason I ask is when I found old anchors, in salt water, we would leave them in fresh water a few days, old ones needed to be in fresh water for years, then coat them to deprive oxygen to keep them together. I was just wondering if would make a difference in a hundred years?
  13. Zeb, the good news is you do not have to rely on making knives to eat, therefore do what you like to do. Do not get caught up in other peoples stuff if its not fun. If you have a bunch of people bugging you to learn, set up one day a month or every three months when you can have people over. The Arkansas Knifemakers used to meet once a month at Jerrys shop and sometimes at Uncle Als, awesome guys who I miss hanging out with. You could find or even start a knife makers club that meets once a month so you could get outside experts and not be in charge of teaching every single thing. That would cover teaching and social, it could even give you some more time with friends from church on a Saturday morning. If your pretty busy at church, guessing you are reaching out to people as a Christian, this could give you a chance to meet other people and set an example as who you are without being preachy. I have trained dogs since I was a kid, people are always asking me this or that. Recently we decided to just start going to local place on Sundays to teach a free obedience dog class, it helps me keep from wasting my time as most people that ask bug me then never show up anyway but the couple people that do get involved its fun, not to serious, and its a great little social thing. Im getting four new bird dog puppies for Christmas this year, building a new kennel out back now. Best advice I ever got, keep knife making fun! Thats the just of about a one hour speech Jerry Fisk gave me one day about making knives while I was home in Arkansas. If you ever get a chance, that Arkansas Knife Show is awesome, same with the schools and seminars down in Texarkana,,,, Washington Arkansas.
  14. Heck Yea! Loved your story there, reminds me of when I tried to reinvent the wheel in Thailand based on stuff I remembered as a kid. This forum got me started, and Im sure some people had some good laughs at my expense. When I read your post I could not ever remember seeing a drill press without pulleys or speed adjustments, glad it worked out and looking forward to seeing your finish. Just out of curiosity, did you punch the spot you planned to drill or just mark it with a mark or scratch?
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