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  1. I talked to a great young roper today, he has never heard of Doc Bar,,,,,,, I guess my kids are right, Im a old man now remembering and talking about stuff young people do not know exists,,,,,,,, very strange. The same moron that is worried out my knife thinks nothing of the gas in my truck exploding,,,, lol. Maybe we should concentrate on a law that makes people keep[ a fire extinguisher in their truck????? Update on cowboy knives after the weekend.....
  2. Thanks, Im back in Texas and spent the last couple days rebuilding my old saddle. Still interested in what everyone is doing with kydex and have a coulple projects.
  3. Anyone working with bone should be wearing a respirator. Do not get that dust around the house and especially around where your kids breath, bad stuff.
  4. Happy to announce Im back in West Texas. We went to a great rodeo this weekend. As expected most of the kids had a knife plainly visible in a pocket or on a belt. A knife is an essential tool when you deal with horses and especially ropes. Thirty years ago, the Rodeo Coach up in Cheyenne Wyoming got himself between a horse and a 700 to 800 pound steer at full speed, he was about a half a second from getting turned into a ginsu waygu chinese slice and diced infomercial when our College Rodeo Clown flipped open a knife faster than New York City switchblade and saved his life. It was a horrible situation and happened so fast, one second he was on the horse, throwing a loop, and yanking the steer, steer tripping, the next somehow he was in the very middle of the rodeo with a running animal on both sides heading in the opposite directions, he was the flag in a tug of war gone wrong, a very bad place indeed, but a clown with a knife saved the day. Whereas thirty years ago, having a plastic handled serrated sheepsfoot Spyderco in your back pocket was a status symbol and important tool. Every rodeo kid and cowboy kept one handy for cutting rope, now I see three basic types of knives. The Stockman, or some call rancher, three folding blades mostly associated with the spey, for removing the bull parts from the bull, leaving the muchless dangerous and more interested in eating/gaining weight steer. The Horseman aka Equestrian, which is one blade and a hoof pick. Then strangely, at least strange to me, I have seen all manor of small fixed blades in sheaths, from the pointy Old Timers to Sheepsfoot, anything and everything in between and to the extreme. I guess Im just going to have start asking people why they have the knives, what particular purpose they have chosen that blade to carry. Another point, pun intended, having rules about the carry of and possession of a knife for cowboys and rodeo kids is just plain stupid. I get it, if you live in New York City and you do not feel comfortable with a grown man or teenager having a pocket knife, I think your a silly person but go ahead and make up silly rules for silly people. All that said, having any rule about the carry and possession of cowboy knives in areas where there are actual cows, cowboys, calves, and most importantly ropes is 100 percent complete stupidity. Its time to stand up and just say we do not need stupid rules about knives, especially since laws and rules only work when people respect and obey them. If anyone can show me where a rodeo kid or college rodeo team member used a knife as a weapon to harm a human, not complete a chore, not save a life, the story described above happened on a school campus, I would like to hear it. Same with farm kids, I do not know of any stories of 4H kids stabbing anyone, why would we deny our kids to carry an important tool, to take it out of their pocket to forget it, to leave it somewhere, or penalize them for forgetting to take it out of their pocket if having a sharp knife is actually a good thing? Getting to the cutting part of the story,,,,,, Its time to start contacting government types and end the criminalization of simple tools used everyday for chores and when needed, to save a life.
  5. JHP, Thanks, a knife in the pocket or on the belt is a must have on any farm. There is just an endless about of things one can do, including cutting off the rest of a ripped fingernail without having to go to the house and find a cutter.
  6. My nogo on that is based on the simple idea (not deep scientific research and testing) that when you stabilize, you simply removing the air from an already hard object. Micarta, the concept is taking a soft material and hardening it. The question one would need to ask is, what would make it better? I experimented with using silk, I had access to it, and it was a cool project, but in the end, cotton is better because it is more porous, so the hardening, the glue, one could say, can penetrate and bond to more surface area, therefore making it stronger. In the end, cool is cool, everybody needs to have distractions and explore their curiosity on making interesting projects, so yea, cool is cool but better is best. I don't see any industry changes coming from cactus and thought the whole bamboo bicycle frame thing was cool, but no way is it going to replace carbon fiber. Good luck and interested to see how it goes. If you have any problems getting resins, you can look around at West Marine, and if you want I could find some links to boat repair places I used to get stuff from when I was hard headed enough to grind the bottoms off sailboats and repair them, glad I got over that, now if I could just learn to get away from horses, dogs, and kids,,,,,, lol.
  7. No need to get into events in El Paso and Midland, that said any LEO man or woman that stands up to terrorist attempting to hurt Americans with any weapon or any reason deserves respect and a Thank You. Anyone making a good knife that wants to do something, I suggest getting it to one the men and women who stood up for Texas and America today, defending Americas most important asset, The American Family!, Thank You, God Bless Texas, God Bless America, If you believe in anything, say an extra word for those effected by todays events.
  8. Its just a panic for city folk right now, hard core Floridians are not even sweating yet,,,,,
  9. I don't think that will work. Stabilizing wood is one thing, (removing oxygen) hardening is another. Im sure there is some weird stuff you can do with cactus and if you want some, the real stuff, we are always trying to get rid of it, lol. You need to contact boat supply places to get the boat stuff to make micarta type stuff, I was using silk I got in Cambodia and boat stuff with awesome results. Then started experimenting with making bullet proof lavers of silk and stuff, now what I was messing around with is the standard in the bullet proof industry, lots of people saw the possibilities around the same time, I was just messing around. The reason cotton works so good for home brew is the cellular structure, the ability to absorb, and the hardness of the glue, and removed of oxygen from the material when batched, via vacuum or force, pressed. I do not think any form of cactus will have a hardening ability.
  10. At the end of a tuff day,,,,,, you better have a reason to get up early the next morning,,,,, get it right, stay right, live right,,,,,,,,,,, thats all I got to say about that,,, Bubba aka BB.
  11. How many cowboys, guys that can start a colt, have started a colt, can cut a cow out of a heard, pull a calf, doctor up moma, get er done on a ranch, real cowboys do we have on the forum? If that is you, tell us about your working cowboy ranch knifes? Just came in from working cow dogs till late we are on a heat wave in Death Valley and Vegas for a few days so its up late, till a shower and midnight bunk then back up for coffee at 4 Am, hot weather sucks but its just weather. Horses and Cows do not regulate heat off hot, but they have to drink lots of water like a swamp cooler to keep alive,,,,,,, God Bless any Cowboy/Cowgirl in Arizona and Vegas this week, not the worst I have seen with heat but anything thats been down,,,,, its gonna be a tuff last week of summer to keep it alive.
  12. Im sure everybody trusts Alans wife, and the only thing I would not trust Alan with is an anvil, he tends to get a little to enthusiastic about them,,,,, :),,,, However, if she doesn't want to do it and nobody steps up to draw names, I could write them on rocks and have my kid pick them blind out of a five gallon bucket, I have plenty of rocks, lol. Anyway,,,,, knives are looking awesome this year,,,, just curious but how many forum members are actually making and selling folders now days?
  13. I started hating on computers some time ago, so went old school and started buying actual books again. The best place I found and guessing many already know if it, https://www.abebooks.com It is database of thousands of small bookstores,,, you can search by title for a known book, subject, number, and the best part, if there are 20 copies or whatever, you can buy the cheapest. Goodwill and other charities list a million books or so for under five bucks. Some manuals that are still selling new for 50 bucks I got for 5 including shipping. I like old books, old manuals, even when I know the new modern way of doing something, I like to go back and try to see how it was originally done. I got my prized copy of "Paper Talk" Charlie Russell's American West off there for like 10 bucks in great condition. Good luck and if anyone knows any other place to dig for books, please share.
  14. Depending on where you are, you can sometimes find hammers at flea markets, then use an angle grinder to clean them up, then put a new handle on it. The best steel to start with is a know steel, something that you for sure know what it is so you can get the specifics, numbers, science, no guess work. If you have access to a welder, you can just weld a piece of steel to the end of a piece of rebar, some people like to work like that. You can get about anything from Uncle Al's aka Riverside Machine, Arkansas,,,, Great People! https://www.riversidemachine.net/ecommerce/ https://www.riversidemachine.net/ecommerce/knifemaking-supplies.html Good luck on your adventure,,,,,,,
  15. You must be a farrier or something,,,,,,, fit and finish is so nice and clean.,,,, You are way ahead of the game.
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