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  1. Hard to believe how long this forum has been going, glad to see you are back. I have always read and looked, but not making any steel objects lately so not posting about that, but still reading and digging around old threads. I rebuilt my old saddle last year, making some leather for dogs and headstalls for horses.
  2. The accident happened on a clear day in decent wether, the flight was described as a maintenance flight. Most likely a repair was made to the aircraft and the accident actually happened during a test flight to prove the repair. It may be months before a full investigation is complete. Around the world we have American Heroes that are missing family and Military families missing Heroes as the loneliest day of the year for soldiers and military families comes again, December 25. May God Bless America and our Military Community this Christmas.
  3. https://www.twincities.com/2019/12/10/funeral-arrangements-announced-for-3-killed-in-national-guard-helicopter-crash/
  4. http://www.armyaircrews.com/blackhawk.html This link is to the definitive Blackhawk pilots, crew, and pax lost since the first prototype was lost in 1978.
  5. WE LOST BROTHERS THIS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAND UP FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My dogs rarely complain about drops,,,,, and they are good at keeping secrets too,,,,,, Would tend to say it didn't happen. Last year my kid knocked over my habachi after I spent hours salivating, marinating, grilling, Jamaican jerked chicken,,,,, after I finished cursing, i quietly took the meat in the house, washed the sand and most of the flavor off, ate quietly. and went to bed. Im still pissed off about it,,,,,,,, lol.
  7. Leather splitters are a good thing if your making belts and horse bridles, dog collars, stuff like that. I can get by without one but have been using a friends when I cut stuff up. I have a place Im setting up now so looking for a old osbourne, but may settle on the sale one, thinking about it anyway. I got a line on a 450 pound anvil yesterday,,,,, and got a few older horse bits so had good day. Springfield Leather has some nice stuff on sale,,,,,, https://www.springfieldleather.com/black-friday-2019
  8. I lived on the border of Thailand and Laos in the last days of wild west wood transfers from the forrest of Laos. Like Allen said, Knife makers are almost zero impact just like knife makers are almost zero impact on elephant tusks. Its the people that use huge pieces in furniture and maybe guitars to a certain point. Mostly what you would use in a knife handle is considered a cut off or scrap piece. With elephant tusks, its the people making sculptures and demanding large pieces and quantity. Chinese culture does not give a damm about environment, go check out what they are doing
  9. Tandy,,,,,, They have a leather splitter on sale for a couple hundred,,,,,
  10. Anyone know any good deals for Black Friday? I always try to make it Home Depot and pick up something Milwaukee and a new 18 volt battery. http://www.blacksmithsupply.com/Black-Friday-Week-Sale_c_84.html 10 percent off at https://www.centaurforge.com Coolest name,,,,,,, Blacksmith Friday Sale! https://www.blacksmithsdepot.com
  11. Its always something,,,,,, just keep your head clear and think when you work. As far as I know the worst accident in forum history was Daniel hooking up power to a manual hammer, using it a good bit, till it grenaded and almost killed him,,,,,,, Just keep thinking, if i do this, whats gonna happen?
  12. If you haven't chopped it yet, you might as well finish it. Sometimes you have to literally grind through your road blocks and get things done. After living in Asia, I became a big fan of Chinese Clevers. I used them allot, although we always had one, I went to real butchers as a kid where they were used, I rarely picked one up and used it, always used a chefs knife, preferably a 12 inch blade made in France or Germany. All that said, a clever camp knife is a heck of a handy tool to have in the woods. You can take any nice piece of meat and stump or chopped piece of w
  13. Thanks Joshua,,,,,, I guess its true that everything changes if you live long enough.
  14. Happy Turkey Day for all who read the forum,,,,,,,,, Unlike the White House, nobody around here gets a pardon when it comes to meat. Started the day with cranberry pancakes and fresh coffee. We got a good little dust up of snow, enough to cover the ground, so everything looked nice and clean till my pack of dogs made it into mud. Had some good thoughts about the time I was all alone at my old duck hunting club in Arkansas, the good people there never stopped knocking on the door dropping off food that day, country people are the best when it comes to good neighbors and good food. Even the game
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