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  1. My forge has been charcoal all along. I get a huge amount of heat from making coals from scrap pine lumber. I made it from 35-40 soft fire bricks and a cinder block foundation. Forced air comes up thru the bottom.
  2. It is coming along nicely! Glad to see the progress. I remember when you started this project. Trace
  3. There is something really cool about the wrapped one. I decided to try scrolling when the forge gets lit again after seeing your pics in another thread.
  4. That is a nice, rustic style, kick-ass bowie! Good work.
  5. Those are cool, Victor. I like the rings, too. ..gotta try one.
  6. Very nice! The handle looks comfortable.
  7. A very nice knife. The pine was a good choice.
  8. A nice e-nep, Ray. It was cool to see the re-bar stock in your pic. I have found some good pieces too. Spark testing can weed out the soft stuff. I made a couple of integrals that sold before they were finished.
  9. I have a few small pieces of Mesquite that look very similar. Rosewood smells bad when you cut it. I vote mesquite.
  10. I really like this one. Cool Design. Nice work, Murat. Tracy
  11. Good Deal. May is good. My forge is now a pile of bricks. I finally got to building a roof for my smithy and I disassembled the forge to move it. I hope to be back to bangin' by next week. It felt wierd and sad to take my forge apart. Anybody noticed things like that?
  12. Very nice. The sheath compliments it well. A good package!
  13. Looks like another fun day at the forge, BobO. You've been busy lately. Whatever happened to the D-guard project? Happy Hammerin'
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