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  1. For those of you who don't know Zoe he is an excellent full time Bladesmith. Zoe was severely injured on the job. This could happen to any of us. Please see Van Barnett's Facebook post for more information on how to help. Van Barnett11:57am Jun 27 Anyone wanting to share the information on the auction page for Zoe Crist, can get the information here https://www.facebook.com/groups/455340081229352There will be an auction next weekend, donated knives will be on display here and on a few forums, feel free to share this page anywhere you can, this is after all a benefit for a severely injured knife maker, and all proceeds go directly to him and his family. All help is greatly appreciated......
  2. Scott I disagree with that statement. I melted the bricks where the air was but also on the side walls. I don't believe the back walls melted but there was also a crucible between it. The side walls however did melt closest to the blast but we're not in direct contact with it.
  3. Mark, I actually expected to melt the brick. It was only rated to 2400 ferenheight
  4. Yes the bottom of the furnace was firebrick. I was afraid I would melt the black top with out it. However the reason the cake is lopsided is because I melted the fire brick. And the crucible sunk into it at an angle.
  5. Mark, we used 60 lbs of charcoal. Took about 30 mi to get up to temp and let it cook another hour after that. I also let it cool down for another hour by taking the blower off. it sparked about .85. not sre of the crucible size but the button is 3.5 lbs
  6. Sorry I've been gone so long. Here is one of the projects I've been working on when life has not been in the way. I built the furnace out of soft fire brick. Loaded the crucible with bloomery iron charcoal and glass. Fired it with charcoal and blown air. Brought it up to about 3000 degrees fahrenheit. Pulled the ingot out of the crucible. Broke off the cooled glass polished it and etched it. 6-15-13. attachment=47778:20130618_175250.jpg] [
  7. Macabee Knives 6th Annual Hammer-in and BBQ.June 14-16, 20133010 Mink St NW Johnstown, OH 43031Hi everyone,Things are really taking off for this year's hammer-in.Our demonstrators this year include: · Matt Berkhouse Sheath Making · Joel Worley Damascus · Nathan Robertson - Hammers and Tomahawks. · Mike Alexander Just For Fun Cutting Competition · Aldo Bruno, Lon Humphrey and a cast of ½ dozens - Iron smelt · Dana Holdren Tandy Leather Factory · Bill Pollock & Adlai Stein Wootz smelt? · Burton Haruff Handles and guards · Royal Arts Fencing Academy - Long sword combat demo · Blade Sports International Cutting Competition Training · David Chew Fire Sculpture · Mark Eyer Famous Barbeque. · More to be announced. And more to be announced.We will have an open forge area.Please bring something to donate to the Iron in the Hat auction. Tool and knife making supply sales are welcomeOn site camping is permitted.Please forward to anyone who may be interested.If you are planning on attending please notify so we know how much food toprovide. Admission is: · $30.00 for the weekend including barbeque dinner. · $10.00 for Friday or Sunday · $20 for Saturday including barbeque dinner. Email me at macabee@wowway.comor call me at 614-370-6228 for questions orinformation.Adlai Steinhttp://www.macabeeknives.com
  8. Sounds great Ted. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Macabee Knives 5thAnnual Hammer-in and BBQ. June 15-17, 2012 3010Mink St NW Johnstown, OH 43031 <br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"><br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"> Hieveryone, Thingsare really taking off for this year’s hammer-in. Ourdemonstrators this year include: AndyDavis Will be making Mokume Gane, non-ferrous Damascus for blade fittings. JohnLogan will be forging a Tomahawks. ScottLawski and his crew will be putting on a Knife Fighting demonstration. MikeAlexander – Cutting Competition MikeRoberts - JohnKing - Decorative blacksmithing EricNelson – discussion on fitting swords,cutting blades, and for a shinjutsu demonstration. FredRowe – Bubble grinder jig demo AldoBruno & Lon Humphrey : Iron smelt BeaumontMetal Works – KMG Grinders ScottCurtis – Tandy Leather Factory Andmore to be announced. Wehave a lot of fun and special events going on. Saturdayevening’s entertainment will be a fire sculpture put on by David and CarrieChew. Ironsmelt Cuttingcompetition MarkEyer will be making his Famous BBQ Saturday night. Openforge area. $25.00for the weekend. Pleasebring something to donate to the Iron in the Hat auction. Tooland knife making supply sales are welcome Onsite camping is permitted. Pleaseforward to anyone who may be interested. Ifyou are planning on attending please notify so we know how much food toprovide. Emailme at macabee@wowway.com or call me at 614-370-6228 for questions orinformation. Adlai Stein http://www.macabeeknives.com
  10. Thansk to everyone who came out. It was an awesome time. We freakin made STEEL. Not to shabby for a first attempt. Check out the pictures over here. http://s460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Macabee613/Macabee%20Knives%20Hammer-In%202011/ Thanks.
  11. Agreat time was had by all despite a little weather. Thanks to everyone who cameout. It was a blast and we succeeded with our first smelt. You can see thepictures here. http://s460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Macabee613/Macabee%20Knives%20Hammer-In%202011/
  12. Ted not a problem with the anvil. My Trenton has the right size hardy. Very cool abouy your buddy definatly a welcome addition.
  13. I talked to Aldo Bruno last night. He's bringing lots of stel to the hammer in. If you need something special let him know and he'll deliver it and save you shipping costs.
  14. 2 weeks left I'm getting really excited. I just got 100 lbs of iron ore for the smelt.
  15. Thanks guys. Alan, It good to be back. Hopefuly I'll be able to stick around a bit more.
  16. This small seax is forged from 2 bars of 5 layer oposite twisted 1095 and 1018. The overal length is 10-1/4" long with a blade length of 4-3/4". The handle is dyed bone, brass and red fiber spacers. Let me know what you think.
  17. Ted, I'll bring the gas forge. Let me know what else you need... With in reason
  18. Macabee Knives 4th Annual Hammer-in and BBQ. June 17-19, 2011 3010 Mink St NW Johnstown, OH 43031 Hi everyone things are really taking off for this year’s hammer in. $25.00 for the weekend or $10.00 a day. Our demonstrators this year include: Lon Humphrey – Brute deForge knives Bruce Godlesky – Maple handles Jerimiah Young – Andrew Takach - Mike Alexander - Mike Roberts - Ted Banning – Armoring demo & forging a kris John King - Decorative blacksmithing Eric Nelson – Japanese swords and cutting demo and class Fred Rowe – Bubble grinder demo. Scott Curtis from Tandy Leather Factory - Sheath making class and demo. Aldo Bruno: The New Jersey Steel Baron - Steel Sales Beaumont Metal Works – KMG Grinders We have a lot of fun and special events going on. Including an iron smelt and hopefully a wootz smelt as well. Cutting competition BBQ Saturday night. Open forge area. And more to be announced. Please bring something to donate to the iron in the hat. Tool and knife making supply sales are welcome On site camping is permitted. Please forward to anyone who may be interested. If you are planning on attending please notify so we know how much food to provide. Email me at macabee@wowway.com or call me at 614-370-6228 for questions or information.
  19. I'm planning on being there too.
  20. I'm going to be there this year year. Can't wait.
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