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  1. just wondering what yall think the best metal is for a beginner is to make a knife by stock removal ??????? thanks alot, thecowboy
  2. thanks ill try to call james tomarrow, or maybe wait till monday. thanks alot
  3. any body know were to get in georgia? around atlanta? thanks alot Brandon
  4. just wandering if 0-1 steel is a good steel to make his first knife with? and if so what is a good price for it? like a peice of flat ground stock 3/16" x 1- 1/4" x 18" thanks alot Brandon
  5. the bath fan is areally good idea i might just use that instead for the crank.........
  6. ok so im trying to build the charcoal forge but where can i get the air pump? any help would be good. thanks alot Brandon
  7. thanks there is a walmart evencloser to me than the ace.
  8. so ace hardware would have this???
  9. thanks alot !!!!! GREAT web site. im going to the store to get these things tomarrow. thanks alot Brandon
  10. thanks thats what i thought Brandon
  11. sorry not sure why there is two of these. ?????????
  12. ok i know its a bad question but when i hear a charcoal forge does it mean like put in the gril kind of carcoal????? thanks, Brandon
  13. ok dumb question but by charcoal forge you like put in the gril kind of charcoal??? i know its a bad question but thanks anyway. Brandon.
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