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  1. Frogfish

    Sunray Contact Wheels

    I'll second that Sunray is an excellent supplier and will make wheels to your exact specs.
  2. Frogfish

    Is my website working

    Works in Comifornia
  3. It's called a MAP arm I got it from a fellow on the net who was making them not sure if he is still around but they show up for sale once in a while.
  4. Ok here are some pictures of my direct drive setup,
  5. Yes I went to direct drive with a larger drive wheel and a coupler it works great but takes some tweaking to get it aligned and of course you need the room off to the side I'll take some pictures to post.
  6. Frogfish

    Anyone in California?

    I'm in Los Gatos really bummed about loosing the hammer-in in Tulare.
  7. Frogfish

    West Coast ABS school?

    ABS puts on a hammer-in every fall in central California where you can get some hands on experience check the web site for details.
  8. Frogfish

    Big Sur California

    Some shots from a photo workshop I was on this last Sunday 1-6-13
  9. Frogfish

    Dan Pfanenstiel and his first demo

    It was somthing to see in person if your on the west coast and make sure to put the ABS Visalia hammer in on your schedule for next year.
  10. Sam Look under sharpening Garrrett Wade
  11. Frogfish

    California Hammer-in

    If I remember correctly it was a high silica quartz from Mt Hood Or
  12. Frogfish

    California Hammer-in

    I'll be there it's always a good time.
  13. Frogfish

    Forged integral

    Dave, Wow excellent work and the engraving is over the top are you planing to go to the ABS hammer-in in Visalia? Tim
  14. Frogfish

    California Bladesmithing Exposition

    Scott, I'll be there Tim
  15. Frogfish

    Good Deal on Surface Grinder

    Wow great catch Dave.