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  1. just did a quick search and found this: http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?69525-Hydraulic-Press-using-a-Regeneration-CIrcuit same press but with more info, hope this helps
  2. the anvils on the jap power hammers seem to be quite small for the size of the ram, does anyone know what ratio they are?
  3. Bryan, is chucks video on anvilmaking available on DVD? if so where do you get it? Cheers.
  4. G'day John, is there any reason to use Bronze bearings rather than roller bearings (self centering pillow block type)?
  5. Chuck, can you tell me how you hardened your anvil faces?
  6. G'day, you can buy plans from clay spencer for the tyre hammer, i bought mine from him a few months ago. Try contacting him on the following: clay@tirehammer.com or call him on 256 498 1498 Cheers, Keetha
  7. Thunder, about the 50 ton jack , i got one here in Australia (NOT 50 BUT A 30 TON OMEGA AIR OVER HYDRAULIC) and it moves waaay to slow also needs a heck of a lot of back pressure to retract the ram because it has no return springs.The jack itself weighs about 60Lbs and is about 5.5" in diameter. My compressor is a 50L 8CFM 3.5HP model that puts out up to 150psi and using my jack drained it in no time (like pushing the ram out 1" ), i have now ordered a HF jack like yours and put my 30Ton aside for a different project. Maybe if you had a big industrial duty compressor the bigger jacks would b
  8. Excellent machine thunder, i think i'll give it a go making one. Can you tell me what stroke your jack has? cheers mate! By the way i work construction and mining jobs, pipefitting etc. what sort of boilermaking do you do?
  9. any good for welding damascus billets brother?
  10. Compressed oxygen and oils etc. can cause detonation
  11. excellent! i like seeing the solutions people come up with to various problems.
  12. excellent stephan! i'm also in the process of building a kmg style grinder using wheels from tracy (good bloke eh!)
  13. There was a company a few years ago (big blu?) that was making these machines comercially. they, by memory where using a bottle jack instead of the strut and star nut arrangement for adjusting the bottom roller. this might be something else worth considering?
  14. g'day all, how well do gas ht ovens with the sacraficial pipe hold set temp? do you need a gas solenoid linked to a thermocouple to really hold set temp well or can you achieve this just by adjusting the burners? thanks.
  15. G'day Geoff, have you seen this design? http://www.riversidemachine.net/productCat4985.ctlg sorry,dontknow how to make the link active. i like this design because all the hydraulics are underneath and guarded, rather than at head height should something go wrong i started a similar thread myself a while back, i cant remember if it was on this forum or bladeforums.com, there are more pics of the same design on that thread. i'll see if i can find it for you. have a good new year mate and post some pics of your progress The thread is on this forum, but i cant seem to link to it. if yo
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