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  1. Wow prachtig, beautifull work. I don't know if you rember Richard but i would send some photo's when i finished my knives. The reason i have not send you one is becuase i messed up big time with hardening the blades. I did several at once but made it to hot and the edges melted away. By the time i got them out the damge was done. So back to square one. I was pretty bummed by it. Need to finish the ones i am making now. Love this fighter. awesome blade
  2. wow awesome. When Oxidised it looks much more intense.
  3. Wow.. nice blade and nice video. great work
  4. The knife is absolutely stunning. Great job.
  5. Nice knife! What a wonderfull reflection. Completly mirror like
  6. sinic


    What a nice tsuba! the idea and the work itself are just awesome. That's time well spend.
  7. Me too. I really missed the forum when it was offline. Great to see it back. I think it's one of the greatest forums right here. Thank you for your hard work.
  8. Stunning! One nice knife! Loving it! I really love that style.
  9. sinic


    Fit for a king! That is one elegant looking sword. Nice work indeed
  10. sinic

    Island Dao

    Nice hamon. Really comes out! looks very neat.
  11. Awesome that small. Why did you choose to make small ones? It's a good thing you have put your hand in the picture because there isn't anything else that tells how big they are. You can't see from the axe that it is that small.
  12. Wonderfull sword. The steel is hypnotizing :35: nice too see all those pictures of the progress! Great
  13. I really like the antler knive. I don't see any reason to be embarrased. And the antler piece just looks very nice!
  14. Awesome!!! That's great. Thanks. I knew something was wrong. Thank you for your fast reply! now i can read in style :notworthy: :ylsuper:
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