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  1. yes thanks for the tutorial, very interesting, i have always wondered how cable knives like that were made, thank you very much Ron Smith
  2. Bob, i searched and that didnt come up, but then again i always have trouble when searching for things. That is exactly what im after, a bit smaller to be worn around the neck, no sharp edges. Very nice by the way, i do remember looking at that, what less than a month ago, and Matthew, that book is on my list of books i want, i have Jim's first book, and the rest are on my list of books im gonna get sometime very soon thanks again Ron Smith
  3. i have a small piece of pattern welded steel that i would like to make a necklace out of. what i would like is a Kris dagger type, has the wavey snake like curves in it, my question is, if anyone can tell me, how are the curves put in, are they bent, or ground/filed in to make the shape? i imagine either way would work, but im not sure if the pattern will turn out the way i have in my mind. the billet is just a few layers welded together then folded a few times to give 30 layers. any ideas would greatly be appreciated, thanks Ron Smith
  4. so i just got me some ferric chloride to finish the etch on this knife, hafta say im very happy with it for being my first, although i think i need to play with the etching time Ron Smith
  5. I'm located in Cincy Ohio thanks for the link Ron Smith
  6. i know most of you use ferric chloride to etch your pattern welded knives with. all the Radio Shacks near me have been out of it for a long time. i was going to buy some over the internet, so i looked at a few websites and found all kinds of different types of stuff under ferric chloride. like -- Ferric Chloride Oxidizing Solution & Ferric Chloride, 100% (w/v) Solution & Acid–Ferric Chloride TS. and thats just a few. what is what, what exactly do i need. does anyone know a good online place to buy the stuff? i need all the help i can get, i have a f
  7. here is my burner, not small but im building a new one a little smaller, its based on the T-Rex hybrid burner here, it uses a 2" pipe for the air intake and a 1" burner pipe, the jet/orfice is a .046 mig welding tip http://www.hybridburners.com/ and here is mine, made for under $25.00 all parts are from the hardware store except the mig welding tip HTH Ron Smith
  8. Forging D2 was a little tricky, the temp has to be just right, to hot or to cold it wants to crumble, almost like cast iron does. And yes, i wish i knew exactly what type of steel these blades are, i have about 20 of them. I have read that L6 rust real easy, and these sat in my shop for only a few days, the top one started to rust bad, this was in the dry season. Ron Smith and thanks for the kind words, this pattern welding is very addicting
  9. Blade is 4 inches long, OAL is 8-1/2 inches I'm not exactly sure if it is D2, could be L6, the material is from an old saw blade (circular) I got the saw blades from an old wood working company. I have several of these blades 12" to 16" diameter. I have a known piece of D2 that i have forge welded into a small billet with some old hacksaw blades, and this piece acts just like the D2, sparks and heat treats the same. I dont have any (or ever used) L6 to compare it to. Ron Smith
  10. This is my first pattern welded knife, 2 layer 5160, and 1 not sure if its D2 or L6, folded 3 times and twisted. Ron Smith
  11. That is a beautiful knife. I realy like the pattern with the O1 core Ron Smith
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