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  1. For quite some time I have been selling 70 pound boxes of 1 inch square 5160. This was all made in 1984 and has spent a great deal of its life outdoors, so it is mostly a bit rusty. After a little forging that is all gone anyway.At one time I had 2400 feet of this.After a decade I am down to about 30 orders left. When this stuff is gone - it's gone. I know of no other 5160 in this dimension. It was a special mill run at the time it was made.Over the next couple weeks I will have two more boxes cut up to sell. It is cut into 1 foot long pieces and shipped USPS Priority Mail to keep costs down
  2. Travis - I can do that. Sorry about the delay, I just saw this message today. Read the Paypal instructions I gave to John up above.
  3. Thank you, gentlemen. Kind words indeed.
  4. You got it. Both are now sold. You can send the $225.00 either through Paypal at my email address, or you can send me a money order. Karl@andersenforge.com. Of course, if you send Paypal, just send "friends and family" without saying anything about a purchase. I'm really busy getting ready for the knife show in Little ROck and may not get it out until I return. Thanks
  5. I have been selling this 5160, little by little, for years.I have a dwindling supply. But I still have some to sell.I will have 2-3 boxes available somewhere around the 19th or 20th in two weeks.First ones to say, "I'll take it!" get the box.The $225.00 is total $$ and I ship. 19 pieces, 12" long, of 1984 5160 1 inch square. 19 feet gets me in just under the PO limit of 70 pounds for Flat Rate shipping. I know of no other existence of 1" square 5160. It makes great small hatchets and axes.
  6. 1095/410. I start with 3/8" 1095 core and 1/4" 410 jacket.
  7. I got a little tangled up in making a couple Cowboy Bowies - one for a customer and one for the Arkansaw Knife Show coming in a few weeks to Little Rock. Both of the Bowies have Transition Damascus blades. The first one with some highly figured Walnut and the second one with Koa. Both have hot-blued fittings and are built take down. The last one is a San-mai hunter.
  8. There is a solution. Switch to West System epoxy. Before hardening West System epoxy cleans off with denatured alcohol. The alcohol will not effect any finishes on the steel or handle materials. You can completely finish all your parts and assemble. Any squeeze-out can be 100% cleanly wiped off with a paper towel and denatured alcohol. However, West System isn't cheap. But the supply lasts a lllllllloooooooooooooooong time.
  9. I wish I had a bushel basket of that curly oak. I've never seen another like it.
  10. There were some large sheets of this bolted to a wall in a basement building in Wisconsin. It's 1 1/8" thick. The fuse boxes - dated 1918 I think - were bolted to the sheets of Bakelite. The building was under re-hab and some of the workers were cutting this up and tossing it in the dumpster when a friend of mine, who was part f the re-hab, noticed this and had them throw the pieces into his truck instead!! I was lucky enough to get some.
  11. W2 and Curly Oak: Single Twist, Gidgee, Wrought Iron and Ivory inlay: San-mai and Bakelite: Laddered Ws and Koa:
  12. A laddered Ws and Ironwood Cowboy Bowie: A Bubinga, San-mai and Wrought iron "Short Bowie:
  13. I figured I'd toss in a few knives I've been working on lately. Here's a San-mai with Ringed Gidgee and Mammoth tooth: A Transition Damascus Bowie with Koa and wrought iron: A San-mai hunter with sentimental Walnut provided by the customer: Cru-Forge-V and African Blackwood:
  14. They were never leaf springs. This is brand new flat stock material raw from the mill.
  15. I have a minimal supply of 100+ year old golden Bakelite which I've used many times. I've never really liked it when I attempted a polished finish. I just take it to a 800 or 1200 grit finish and then rub out with 0000 steel wool. Rather pleasing.
  16. Some nice LARGE! flat 5160 for big blades! $225.00.
  17. These are all gone at this time. I will list more in a week or so.
  18. I've decided to sell some of my 5160 stash. Here's a write-up I gave it on Facebook: 1" square 5160 - $220.00 Please read carefully: I acquired a large supply of this 1" square 5160 10 years ago. Not only myself, but others have used it and found it to be excellent as far as 5160 goes. I have the specs and will post them at the end. Now this information is important - I know of no other 5160 in this dimension. In 1984, a company who manufactures agricultural accessories were developing a piece that required them to have a dimension of 5160 that they could not find. So, they went to a
  19. They were actually making that thing when I got mine in '96. It's better than having nothing, in my opinion, yet I know of a couple guys who have made quite a reputation using one. After i got my first Bader BIII in 2000 I always referred to my Grizzly as a $400.00 pencil sharpener.
  20. I can't think of anything I would NOT have if money was not an object.
  21. Check out this picture from my phone. Not high quality, but confirms your statement:
  22. Thought I might toss up a few I'm taking to Atlanta on Thursday. (It would be great if some of you could stop by 8-Q and say hi.) First one is a Spalted Pecan Bowie with a San-Mai blade: A five bar Turkish Twist with Ringed Gidgee: A San-Mai hunter with Bakelite: A single twist hunter with 3720 year old Bog Oak: A Ladderd Ws hunter with stabilized black ash burl: And a W1 hunter with stabilized Tasmanian blackwood:
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