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  1. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the kind words.
  2. Yes, there is a chance. Not any time really soon, however. My old wooden computer - XP - just can't handle my movie editing programs any more. After I get upgraded I'll be able to use my new Go Pro and I promise I will get some action shots.
  3. JD - you are correct. That said - I just don't trust my welds. By the time the twisting arrives, we've got so much invested in the billet, I just don't want to risk unwanted problems. So, I only consider one end wasted. The other end is used for the tang. I should then take the cut off and squish it down end-ways for fittings. Or, make a bigger billet!!
  4. I apologize, humbly, for posting after such a long absence. I just scheduled myself in one of Ric Furrer's Wootz classes and realized I had not been here in quite some time. It's not often I get some really nice photography done and hoped you wouldn't mind if I shared one here. This is a recent Bowie I made for the Blade Show and had Caleb Royer do some of his magic for me. The blade is a 324 layer single twist of 1095 and 15N20. The Bowie is a take-down with stainless fittings and Desert Ironwood. I will also show the steel bar as-twisted. It's pretty tight and i didn't even work up a sweat. (I used my pipe threader twister. Made it so easy I felt like I was cheating.
  5. Piece of wrought? Piece of cake.
  6. And just so ya'll know, Darryl Meier was welding with every possible method - fluxless, kerosene, etc., etc. - in the early 80s. I was told this directly about a month ago by Jerry Rados, who learned from Darryl 30 years ago. There are few things we do today in the forge that haven't already been done.
  7. Got any extra? Like, a piece of really high calibre, exhibition museum grade? Your old buddy, and dear, dear friend, Karl
  8. Thanks, Matt. That is a possibility. My experiments continue.
  9. I tried calling you Ric, but no answer. I'd love to know your findings on that.
  10. Nickel would probably liquify at wrought welding temps, eh?
  11. But you did give me an idea. I might just use some 15N20 and leave it at that. Or some 203E.
  12. The use is for fine shiny lines in wrought for fittings.
  13. If I can readily weld stainless to tool steel, and readily weld wrought iron to tool steel, both with full integrity for San Mai blades, why can I not weld stainless to wrought using the same procedure? And if you know why I can't - do you also know how I can?
  14. Then we should continue to see it in every facet of our lives. Awesome job, Cody, on both accounts. You have nothing to appologize for. Think I'll go get one and start using it as well.
  15. At $500.00, one might consider this should be relgated to some "showcase". But what's the use of having a hand made knife if it's not put to use? I just have to use it. I can't have a knife and not use it.
  16. Being a knife maker, you'd think I would EDC my own blade. But, I don't. I carry a liner lock by my friend Chuck Gedraitus of Gedraitus Knives. It's a D2 blade with Ringed Gidgee scales. Shown with my harvest from today.
  17. Ed, ol' buddy, I certainly hope you keep this thread going. it would be a very cool progression I'd love to follow. Thanks for not only taking the time to make the steel, but also letting us follow along.
  18. Might look cool with a little Damascus laminated to the sides and etched - since the 15N20 won't etch.
  19. Really nice, Scott. And 15N20 is some VERY!! tough stuff. Imagine how much it has to survive going miles and miles through lumber at a saw mill, over rollers and guides, etc., and still remain sharp! (Makes nice fillet knives!) At the risk of intruding upon your too cool thread, I wanted to respond to Matthew's comment about the thicker 15N20. Do a kerosene weld on a stack of thinner stuff and make one single piece of thicker!! This knife is a full 1/4" thick 15N20.
  20. I think you're right, Ric. I'll post up the results.
  21. Don't ever ask me to get something done in a hurry - OK? It was either 4 years ago or 5 - I'm just not sure. Brian Thie and I were watching Bill Wiggins and Daniel Warren do a San Mai demo at the Mid-America ABS hammer-in. I looked at Brian and he looked at me and we simultaneously said, "Wonder what that would look like with Damascus?" So - all this time later, I finally get around to doing one. It's a really over-cast and cloudy day here, today, but normally a bit of sun would showcase the really nice chatoyance this Damascus has. I am going to hot-blue it, like I do with all my Damascus, and it will show up even better then. But, I just got this etched and thought I'd toss it out here for folks to see.
  22. Peter, that is very, very, very nice - in a lot of ways. I love the elk.
  23. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen. I love doing what I do and am glad you appreciate the effort.
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