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  1. The last one is 1095 and 15N20. Then hot-blued. The one above it is 1095 with 416 San Mai. Pretty much the same etchant everybody else uses - FeCl.
  2. Had a difficult time getting the forge back up and running after moving to northern Minnesota:
  3. Yep - this is the Fall I woke up to yesterday:
  4. Cool, Sam. I wanna see some naked women.....
  5. A little hot-blued 1095 Damascus, hot-blued steel guard and some Desert Ironwood.
  6. Thanks, Cory. I'm a big fan of your work. Are you going full time as a photographer?
  7. Cory, not only a great subject, but thanks for showcasing some of your photography. I think you've got it surrounded.
  8. I use West System epoxy and until it goes almost dead hard it cleans off easily with denatured alcohol. No rubbing and scrubbing required. And the D.A. hurts nothing. Use Q-tips and such.
  9. Just leave glue up until the last thing before it goes out the door. Slow down - don't get in a hurry.
  10. Yep - when you do San Mai, you just have to put on a different "hat" that day. And it's not the same for everybody. Sort of depends on what your tooling is. I use press and power hammer both.
  11. Drawing dies while the billet is still thick.
  12. Thanks, Kevin. I just had a tiny bit of tip deflection that I clamped straight on the second temper. Came out fine. I've never found normalizing to have any dramatic effect on warpage, at all. Rather, even, symmetrical grinding, I think, is the single most important cause of warping. When creating martensite, your knife is going through huge amounts of changes and stress buildup on a micro level. If there's more mass on one side of the knife than the other, then one side is going to "win", and push the other side. That and over heating and thickness. I don't see normalizing as a variable. Normalizing is a constant for me.
  13. That would give me nightmares, Howard!!
  14. One headed across the ocean. 1095/416 San Mai blade with stainless take-down fittings and Desert Ironwood handle.
  15. Here's one I just did the other day with no clay. I can see a little more practice resulting in endless fun!
  16. You mean I'm supposed to take out what I left in there?
  17. I was just offered a short of list of things in possible trade for these springs, so I wanted to point out: I don't need or want any new "stuff"! I'm moving and am doing everything I can to lighten my load. So, I'm trying to eliminate things, not acquire things. I've reduced the price on those springs to $1.50/lb. A couple guys could get together and split them and make it affordable. I'll even deliver within a few hundred miles of central Illinois.
  18. Each. And I'm thinking about $1.50/lb. That's a friggin' bargain!
  19. I've thought about cutting one in half and using it for a coffee table base.
  20. I've got two springs of 5160 with 1 and 3/4" coils. They are brand new. They're BIG. Imagine what you could get out of 1 3/4" round when forged to the dimension of your choosing. Calculator says these weigh 300 pounds each. Lots of steel these days goes for 3-4-5 dollars a pound. I'll sell these BOTH for 2 bucks a pound. I know where they came from. I know who made them. They were off spec for their designed application and were scrapped. (They were actually designed for the springs in the bottom of hydraulic cylinders!) I will only list these for a few weeks. Then, I'm going to do something else with them. (That picture was taken about 8 years ago. The springs are a little rusty now. I'm heavier - the springs are not.)
  21. I'm back, and still don't have everything unpacked. I like those thoughts, Scott. Port-a-potty should already be checked on the list. Definitely more involved and in-depth seminars. With a little shop organization, you could have two things going on at one time - one each in both sides of the shop. Food is always an issue. A refrigerator in the shop would be nice for people to put some goods in. We could come up with a check list of things for EACH!! person attending the event to bring - not a separate list for each person, but a minimum list that each person should bring - that would help the event to run smoothly. (Can't believe more people did not take advantage of the Cabela's shower!) Even as it was, I would call it a 100% success.
  22. Be sure to bring you camera along guys and take lots of pictures and movies for you tube.
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