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  1. Hope to enjoy it, thanks for all the suggestions. Nothing really in stone yet so I'll definitely write these down and try to see some of them, a few were things I was already wanting to see but others I'd not considered or knew about.
  2. Hey guys, I've got a trip to the UK coming up here pretty soon and I thought I'd drop by and ask for suggestions on things that are a must see. I'll be in the Dundee area and heading to London towards the end of the trip. Any recommendations?
  3. Very cool Alan, and yes they are fun little buggers =D
  4. Happy birthday Don, been doing a bit of grumbling myself.
  5. That's pretty darn spiffy. Quite the width on it as well =]
  6. I'll put this here as well =P Thanks quite nice, all that watching Alan really paid off huh
  7. Thanks quite nice, all that watching Alan really paid off huh
  8. Well I've been without internet for a while, recently was able to get it again. Area I live in blows for pretty much any kind of service. Previous company just decided to drop it's wifi users. Anyway, thought I'd post something I whipped up recently. I've been wanting a disc sander with variable speed for a while now, it was on the list of tools to purchase. I attended one of the recent KGA shop tours at Mike Miller's place and he was showing off his disc set up. Well it struck me how easy it would be to just build an attachment for my grinder as I already have the motor and the VFD.
  9. I'd come on here to ask if he was gonna eat it, I remember a thread on British Blades a long while back discussing various types of meat and there were a few posters who mentioned mountain lion/cougar as being the best meat they'd ever had.
  10. If you're using dies, then make a pair that only allow you to cut to a certain depth =D
  11. I'll have to watch that, any one catch How Booze Built America? It was pretty neat too, I guess it was a mini series as I only caught a few episodes.
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