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  1. Hey everyone. I posted that i got my forge made and everything before, but now im figuring out that im using a bag of charcoal every time i smith, wich is expensive, so i cant smith that often. any ideas? ~joe
  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll check google out. (should have done that first, huh?)
  3. Thanks for the tips on the fence posts, I have no clue if they are galvenized so i just wont use them. thanks for all the other tips too. I dont know how to keep the forge at any one temperature, and i dont think i can check to see what temperature its at since its an open air forge. any suggestions or ideas on how i would go about doing either of these? my blower is an electric blower for circulating air threw a wood stove, if that helps any.
  4. I got a few different questions about different things: 1. How do I make charcoal?(in small amounts) Do I just stick a few logs into an airtight space, light them, and close the lid/shut the door, or wat? 2. Between Charcoal and Coal, what do you orefer as fuel? I have so much wood around its not even funny, so if someone tells me how to make chrcoal im set for. I also have some connection at a coal dock that I can scoop up 5 gallon buckets full of coal at. So what is more convenient? 3. Is there anything cheap I can make a furnace for making blooms in? I have done literaly no blacksmithin
  5. Hey everyone, I have a kinda stupid question: How do you get the curve on the blade of the knife? If you look on a lot of knives there the distance between the blade and the back of the knife decreases as you get to the end of the blade. Is that because the metal was filed like that, or hammered like that, or what?
  6. Thanks for the tips, I have another question though. When do I heat traet something? I new I would need a quench for heat treating, but I have no clue what to do heat treating. do I just get the metal as hot as I can get it then dip it? Ive done that a few times and think its pretty fun cause of how the metal makes all that popping, but I dont know when to do it. Answer if you can please. ~ Joe
  7. Its been quite a while since i posted on here about me trying to get a little shop up, but i did it I have a breakdrum forge, railroad rail anvil, and a drinking troff I had lieing around as a quench. I got some metal fence posts i found in the back yard, some big round pieces of metal that are about 1ft long each, maybe an inch in diameter (a little much, but o well), and some flat metal i found at menards. This will all be my test metal, as i figure i shouldnt need any certain grade when i first start out. I got vice grips as tongs now, but i should be getting some from ebay s
  8. Thought about making it metal? They cant complain if it cant burn, just an idea.
  9. My dad sent me a kukri from iraq, I guess some people there make them. I dont know if they did it using hammer and anvil or anything though. It's one of their traditional ones, with the kukri itself, the sharpener, and the ity bitty ... what is it, a suicide knife? i would post a picture, but last time I wiped my hardrive i guess it uninstalled the thing that lets you use USB cables. But the knife has an awesome looking dragon design on it, the sheath is leather and wood, and the handle is leather, wood, and polished brass.
  10. thanks for the answers all. very helpfull
  11. Sorry to bug everyone with this stupid question, but what is hamon? I've been looking everywhere for the definition, but all the definitions talk about is an ancient war or something of the like. I havent been able to get a bladesmithing book yet, or else I probably would have found the answer in one. So would someone please explain what hamon is for me? all i get out of it is something to do with polish.
  12. lol, thats awesome . Your lucky, you live in florida. lol. In michigan I wont be able to have an outside forge (unless I dont mind gettting a few feet of snow on it, along with enough ice to tear my forge to pieces). I'm debating whether to move to florida or my home state, kansas, when I get older. In a blacksmithing career (wich I'm more than likely not gonna get) which would be the better choice out of the two?
  13. I havent started smithing yet, but tracy told me that using a bathroom fan with a vent to blow the air through is what he did.
  14. lol, havent checked this one in a while. thanks for the replies guys. G. McCormack:my name thing may be changed to joe mogusar soon, or it may not. i found a part of the forum where people were requesting name changes, so i requested one there. last i checked it don was on vacation.
  15. sweet, still tring to figure what a break drum is though, lol. BTW, i saw on another of ure posts from the 12th or something you were gonna make a kres, whats that?
  16. Hey, tracy, thanks a lot for the info and picture. im probably gonna copy your forge as much as possible, and that bathroom vent idea seems like the best air blower idea anyones given me yet. I'm probably gonna get a piece of track like that from a friend. I got a piece, but its about the size of a pop can. thanks again, and have any more sweet idea's please post (or e-mail me at karatenewb@yahoo.com). just noticed your forge is outside, how do you keep it dry?
  17. Whoa, information. lol. thanks a lot for the info, Ian ,got it all saved on my comp for future reference. I'm getting a metalurgy book from my friend at the ore dock (he's supplying me with just about everything i need, lucky me ). And I'll get all the rest of the stuff pretty soon hopefully. I'll e-mail you with questions if i don't get them answered here, but if I just sent all my questions to you you'd have an inbox full of 'em. lol. thanks again for all the info, it actualy answered quite a few questions and will probably save me quite a bit of money. Oh, and i get a question for y
  18. Hey, can you please change my username to Joe Mogusar when you get off vacation? people been tellin me to use my name, might as well. Thanks in advanced.
  19. LOL. it just now hit me me that the round thing shown in his pic was an air pump. I just automaticly figured they pointed straight up somehow. Ty for responding to all my messages, given me lots of idea's. thanks again.
  20. THanks for the tip, I'm thinkin of using firebrick for a longer-lasting forge though. Another newbie Q: how would i get an air pump to come under charcoal and not get clogged?
  21. If you want replies to questions you should go to one of the other forums, im a newb so i post in the newbie forum. I would help you, but I probably know less about this stuff than you.
  22. Hey, thanks a lot bob. I'll make sure to do that.
  23. How long would it take someone who has about a year of experience (maybe one or two hrs a day for that year) to make a fairly good katana. this is (hopefully) gonnna be my last question for a while, other than replies in my other newbie questions things. I wont be able to check this post for a couple daysbecause of a football game+ school (I hate football, I despise football, and i want to kill the person who made football. dont ask me why i play it. :banghead: . LOL) joe
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