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    bladesmithing, forgewelding & knifemaking ( cutting test too :)
  1. Hi guys This is my last knife, overall is 285 mm for 140 mm on sharp. Blade is sanmai with old iron from horsecar wheel and the sharp is pattern welded steel with 52100 & O2 (1.3505 & 1.2842) boxwood handle, bolster & pins are in brass. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy it
  2. Hi folks awesome Uli... i don't find the words... please don't stop to show you'r work
  3. Hi folks Great Job Uli, that look wonderfull ! the pattern look nice, hope all will be ok for the finish, i can't wait to see it mounted ( Wootz powah ! ) Congrats Uli
  4. Hi Ulrich Yeah, i like the pattern too and the given style is light... but the pattern is very strange... very nice knife, i like it !
  5. I Brice Sorry for the answer delay man... Boxwood is a Buxus, i give you the wikipedia link, i think it will be better than my bad english and the 'local' mean i cut it, dry it and work this all by my self from the forest proximate where i live (gresigne forest, 3600 Ha, west southern france), this one have 5 years of drying. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buxus_sempervirens Hope it will be an answer for you Thank you very much for you congrats for my knife, it was an order, this knife will be in Halifax - Canada before Christmas, Yeah i'm happy
  6. And... another one maybe ?? XC130 water quench, 180 mm of cutting edge, more details in Show and Tell forum
  7. Hi folks This is my last, 330 mm OA, 180 mm of cutting edge, steel is XC130 water quenched & differentially hardened with clay. Guard/bolster is in brass, with some leather spacers & exotic wood ( in french 'amourette', maybe 'lovely wood ' ? ) the handle is Phylaria. Thickness on the table is 4 mm, with distal taper on 3mm to 1.5cm of the edge. I hope you like it, Thanks for looking and sharing...
  8. Yeah This is my first knife in W1 steel, oil hardened & clay coating Handle in wrapped paracord, almost 18 cm overall i like W1 and his hamons
  9. Hi Folks 340 mm overall, 210 of cutting edge. thickness is 4mm on the table, with distal taper to 2 mm at 2 cm of the edge. high on the table is 45mm. Full tang mounted by local boxwood ans brass pins (not perfect pins on the pics because not mounted yet to take it..) The blade is an O2, oil & differentialy hardening with clay. It's an order, the line was given. Enjoy, hope you like it
  10. Hi Wouah.. crazy hamon festival !! All this works looks well, i'm juste received a piece of W1 (110Cr2) not easy to buy that in france... i have some nice example with W1 now (Thx Don ) , i let you know how it will with me.. Very thanks for the share & congrats for you greats works guys
  11. Hi folks This is my last work. The first is the mounted blade i have show in the 'want to see your hamon' post. blade is 52100 waterquenched, handle is box-tree. OA is 240mm, sharp on 110 mm. The second is mine, forged for me, nice for the forest walking . It's an old iron from horsecar wheel with O2 (90MnCrV8) in Sanmai. OA is 280 mm, sharp is 150 mm, wrapped handle with paracorde. Thanks & regards
  12. Dude ! really impressive Tracy :You_Rock_Emoticon: i like the style & the pattern welded... i've loose my eyes.... :notworthy:
  13. Don.... :You_Rock_Emoticon: i love this little knife ! Welcome back Dan, holidays was nice ? :notworthy:
  14. Dude ! This post will be an hamon festival :notworthy: i put it now in my bookmarks, and i have write my hamon/clay tempering technic : (soon on my website, Mickael thank you very much my friend... :35: ) This quick tutorial is to outline my quenching technique. It may not be an ideal method, but it works for me and produces satisfying results. This tutorial does not detail the quenching technique but rather focuses on the clay preparation and application. Quenching is another large subject. Not all steels give good quench lines (hamons), I noticed that the less alloyed the s
  15. Hi Umbo Great artistic knife, the carving is really impressive, how is the sharp ?
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