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  1. Have a pretty large order for stick tang knives with Antler. Know of someone with stash?
  2. Been Making for about 25 Years and teaching about 3 years. Teach One on One so I can spend quality time with my Student. Located in California half way between Sacramento and Reno, Nv. Ken Wolfe
  3. I have a NWG Grinder for sale. Where are you as it cannot be shipped?
  4. I'm in Alta, Ca. just up the road from Applegate.
  5. I'm in Alta, Ca. Just up the road from Applegate. Ken
  6. Caleb, Where in Calif. are you? I have a piece of anvil i'll give you. I'm near Sacramento. Ken
  7. The griz has two holes under the right side of the motor. They say that crap gets in there. You might try blowing air in there. Most guys put some filter material in the holes. I just vacumn them occasionally.
  8. Haven't seen this thread for awhile. Finally found a local place about 35 miles from me that grows and sells bamboo poles. Got a couple that are 1 1/2" in diameter. Should be able to fit a nice sized blade in there. Not going to bend the first one, but sounds like a heat gun would work the best to bend one. Thanks guys for all the input. Got to finish some knives before I start the sword cane.
  9. Kip,Very kind offer.I may take you up on that. At first Client wanted a slight curve on the blade for a cane, but now says straight is OK. Matt, He would rather not have seam down the sides so cutting a large piece to slab won't work. Wants it to look like a stick and not a sword cane. Trying to use the bamboo as is and getting the blade to fit tight inside is my challenge now. I can make the throat tight, but holding the tip secure??? Wonder if it would be possible to epoxy a wooden rod at the bottom that has a slot for the tip or something similar. Ken
  10. has not set their status

  11. Thnks Matt, I give steaming a try. All it can do is break. How did you clean out the inside and make the blade fit tightly. Would burning the blade in work?
  12. Well I guess I'm not using what I have. I gathered a few poles the were down and dried off our California coast last year. Have a client that wants a curved one,but don't think he'll wait for it to grow. Not familiar with what a rhizome is.
  13. Anyone have success forming bamboo to a curved blade? I imagine it would entail some kind of wet heat/STEAM PROCESS.
  14. Ken Wolfe

    Plunge cut

    Anyone know a source for some flat pieces of carbide? I'd like to face some steel with carbide myself. Can't afford the one from Riverside.
  15. Lots of good stuff on utube. I'm wrapping now after a video refresher. Ken
  16. Thanks a bunch Mark for those great Photo's. Makes it clear even for me.
  17. Like Bigfoot asked, Are both edges sharp? Anyway I love it. You are very creative. Still don't know if it folds. Other thread says folder. Hey where are you in Sacramento? I'm about an hour up the hill towards Donner., Ken
  18. I'm at 4000 ft in the Sierras and I had to add a small blower to my forge. I can choke the air down quite a bit and it will still forge and a little more air it will weld Damascus.
  19. Thanks to you both, David D3 & McAhron. Those pics were just what I needed to get started. Off to the scrap yard I go.
  20. Just purchased a new 24 Ton log splitter and want it to do double duty as a press. I know the guys at Mad Dwarf Forge have converted one, so just need some ideas for making some dies that will perhaps just drop over the existing splitter die. The stock pointy one will unbolt so one could be made to bolt on there. Anyone have a link or pic to one that has been converted. Appreciate any ideas.
  21. Ken Wolfe

    old files

    Damn, that hurts. That blade was looking so good. Lets see a new one done in oil.
  22. Right, two at once is better. Looks like I'll be using it for mostly Heat Treating and annealing. Would like it to be for tempering also, but there's the cooling problem.
  23. I understand the problem. Seems I've heard that before. Duh. Humm, maybe a second oven? I'd build another long propane forge if I thought I could get it to run low enough for tempering. The one I have now won't run cool enough.By the way, nice website and great work. Ken
  24. Marius, it's good to know someone else is trying this. 46" would cover any sword I'd make, but I'd rather keep it around 32". 42" would be hard to find a space for. I'll be using it to Harden and temper. My thought was using the wool to seal also, but wanted to know if there was another way. Anxious to hear how it goes for you.
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