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  1. American Iron 1607-1900 by robert a. gordon,a good book dealing with smelting,puddling,pig iron blast furnaces,blister and shear steel,crucible steel (and the problems american steel makers had trying to reproduce the steels from sheffield) and on to bessemer.
  2. I really enjoyed the 2 part video,especially the commentary,"what are you making bob?"like you woke up and found some guy in your shop.Ill be purchasing the blister/shear steel video for sure,thanks ric.
  3. Heres a large shillelagh made from local ash.Dried in denatured alcohol and coated with minwax wood finish and kiwi wax boot polish.
  4. Thank you all for your opinions,i appreciate your time.
  5. I honestly dont see anything wrong with the billet.I forged two smaller blades out of the other half of this billet and they were solid and clean.The only other time ive had a customer complain about my billets was a guy cold forging one of them on edge under a power hammer.Mabey im missing somthing.
  6. I forged this billet a few months ago for a customer who recently started working on it.He said it has inclusions at the edges.I see one tiny spot that can be ground .I think hes seeing the laminations and like the blades ive made from my billets,the bar becomes solid after you get past the very top edges.Ive posted the pics and opinions are welcome to those that do pattern welding.Id like to add that this customer is a stock removal maker and i think this is his first billet of pattern welded steel.
  7. Heres a large meat cleaver i forged from 3/8th inch thick 5160 steel.Blade tapers from tip(3/8)to the butt of the handle(1/4)Cutting edge is 8 1/4 and overall is 13 1/4.Blade has been forged,ground,clay quenched and given a final grind with a fine scotch-bright belt for easy clean up.Handle is wrapped in blood red para-cord soaked in epoxy for a secure grip.No sheath with this one,$140.00 shipped.SOLD.
  8. Heres another meat cleaver i forged from 3/8th inch 5160,tapering from tip(3/8)to the butt of the handle(a little under 1/4)
  9. Heres a medium fighter with 275 layers of 1095/15n20 laminated to a 52100 core.Scales are stabilized amboyna burl.
  10. Heres a pattern welded billet for sale.2 50 layer twist billets were forge welded together and ground free of scale.Billet measures 11 inches X 1 3/4 at its widest and 1/4 inch thick.$75.00 shipped U.P.S.I take paypal
  11. This one has been sold.Thank you.
  12. Heres a belt ax forged with the small viking axes in mind.Made form a single 1 1/2 inch round bar of 4140,the head was hot slit and drifted to take standard tomahawk handles.Also has small forged ears on the sides of the head.Comes with a stained 19 inch straight grain hickory handle.$125.00 shipped u.p.s.I take paypal.
  13. Heres a spike tomahawk i forged from a 24 oz. ball pein hammer.Cutting edge measures 4 inchesComes with a stained 19 inch ash handle.$140.00 shipped U.P.S.I take paypal.
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