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  1. A followup in the soldger storage tank,,,,,I traded it to a fellow on the KNF for some damascus billets. Cheers.
  2. For these porposes I would get a good quality lathe first. One can get a milling attachment for a lathe and upgrade to a mill in the future. I biult my own milling machine out of a good quality drill press and xy table. There are a few bugs still to work out but it does everything I neeed up to date. I have a small unimat lathe attached to the stem of my mill drill for small turning projects but someday do want to get a nice 7x12 lathe.
  3. I dont think I am going to use this. My Dad bought this 20 some years ago when we had purebread cattle and I dont think He used it. It is an MVE model AL20. it is 22 inchs high and 14 inchs accross with a 2 inch throat and has six baskets. I am asking $225 plus shipping OBO. PM me with any questions and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. Cheers Dallas the NuViking
  4. Now that you are sold out is anybody else interested in any????? I am thinking of cutting some wheels up that I have arround the farm and see if they are as stunning as the pics shown. Now I dont know if they will be as old considering Canada is a newer country but the west out here was settled not to much later than in the USA.
  5. Wow look at all tehm knife scales standing beside the bald fellow.
  6. I am redeveloping the acreage that I grew up on. I have a 30 by 50 foot garden with beets beans peas which are all done now and Tobacco. Yea still smokin and chewwin. We live in town 2 miles from the acreage and there we planted our tomatoes cucumbers spagetti squash and more tobacco. The reason for the bedding style plants in town is it is easyer to water them on a regular basis. Next year we wnat to plant some norland apple trees along wiht somechokecherries and a bunch of saskatoon bushs. Many of you may be unfamiliur with saskatoons but they are a hardy prairy grown fruit that tastes simular to blueberries but preserve and frezze better. Many Canucks prefer the taste of saskatoons to blueberries and in this area they have many centureis history. The indians that roamed tis area mixed the berries into pemican to add more vitemans. Many wars were fought to protect the bushs from opposing tribes.
  7. You know you are hardcore when your boggers are magnitic and can be forged to make a nice bolster. when your dog starts rolling some newspaper every time you walk towards the shop. when your wife is nervouse that you may qiut your other job and become a full time knife maker
  8. After re reading this same article you are talking about, I think I am goint to try to forge this style of blade then sand it out with a drum sanding wheel on my lathe or a bench grinder. I dont have a long belt grinder.
  9. For the past month I am working on my first Neo Trbal blade. The first thing I started was the handle. I found a nice staight peice of stag with the crown attached.I first rasped off the roughness of the crown and sanded the end smooth. the next thing I wanted to do was give the handle the apperance as if it had a leather strap criss crossing it leaving a smooth handle below it. I was carving the outline and the smooth inlay with a cheap set of wood carving knives but this is way to slow even for Neo tribalism. So today while I was buffing some other knives it dawned on me,,,I burned arround the outline with a propane torch {I think in the future I am going to use a pencil torch} and scratched off the ashes and sanded it smooth. Much easyer and less time consuming. I wish I had a better camera and maybe I well make a lightbox to take better photos I hope this may help someone who has been thinking of doing the same. Rock on
  10. Speaking from experience check farmyards that have an old style barn or in poor farm areas. The newe developed farmyards owners have usualy thrown good stuff like this out where your old farmyard owners offen store them away because that thing might come in handy someday. Auction sales in these old farmyards may get you one at a reasonable price. As far as the bike part, exersize bikes sell dirt cheap and offen you can remove the tire off the wheel and have an instant pully. Remove the handlebars and build a base for whatever you may need. Myself I am currently working on a 1950s wood lathe onto an old treadle sewing machine base. The lathe has a threaded end for a grinding wheel and I am also making a drive pully onto the headstock chuck to run a 72 inch belt with another pully mounted. Oh yea I should be able to turn down a nice handle Neo Tribal style. This well be a little bigger project to make my unimat 3 jaw chuck fit on this instead of the wood chuck. I well keep yall posted.
  11. greetings to all. I have been using 5 minute epoxies of numerous brands the last couple of years that I have been making knives but now am leaning toward neotribal tools. I may be able to locate black pitch from a shoe repaire supplier I used to deal with but am looking for alternative methods of attachment. Im betting 5 minute epoxie isnt exactly neo tribal and if Im going to do it, Its going to be done right.
  12. Greetings again Gottyfunk. I was in contact with a fellow in BC from the neo tribal newsletters. He had suggested that we get a tribe started in Sask. I figure why the heck not. I am trying to convince a buddy of mine in the knife guild to get into it with me and also an old friend in Weyburn who took the blacksmithing course in Toon town a few years ago that we sould get something like this going. waddaya say? can I intrest you in this too?
  13. Hi gottyfunk... Where abouts in SK are you. If you want to make a forge, check out blacksmith tutorial on the web. They have a reaaly cook desighn for a charcoal forge out of a brke drum and even patterns for a propane forge.
  14. Greetings again to all. Hey Dean, Im from the open plains of southern Saskatchwan in a little town called Yellowgrass. I found a bunch of infromation on the knife networks forum about neo tribal metalsmithing. Awsome stuff, highly recomend checking it out. I have an old forge at my acreage and no elictrycity, just the style of toolmaking Im looking for. Be talking with you folks soon as I am reading other posts. Rock on
  15. Helo to all. I am fairly new to knifemaking and am going to be working with blacksmithing in the near future. I have been inspired by Tia Goo neo tribalisim and would like to know, What he heck does neo tribalism mean? How would I describe it to another individual? and doesnt this look like fun. I only I could make a living at this.
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