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  1. Jason Hemp

    Ultimate anvil alloy?

    I know I'm a little late for the thread but thought I'd put in my two cents on the subject. The best scrap anvil I've acquired was by going to a tooling business that specializes in demolitions hardware like jackhammer bits, hydraulic breakers, rock drills etc. These places work on large excavator breaker/jack hammers that have bits 6-8" wide and 6ft long. These tooling houses frequently have end cuts or old bits too worn/short to re-sharpen. Not only are the bits made of great steel like 4140 or S7 that's hardened but due to it's cylindrical shape all the mass is directly below your work area resulting in a rebound that you wouldn't believe. Of all my traditional and scrap anvils this one has the best feel for continuous hammering. cheers
  2. I've been looking for a hand cranked blower for some time with no luck. Ebay remains really pricy or too risky. Just need something that works or needs minor repairs, small to medium. If anyone has any leads I'd really appreciate it. Thank you jason
  3. Jason Hemp


    I havn't received any word on exactly what started the fire. All I saw was the main tank's outlet ignited releasing a jet of flame about 8ft diameter and 25 feet long. 30 seconds later tanks 20ft away started exploding. As for the release valves, I don't know, it's possible the tanks heated up too quickly and the mounting pressure didn’t give the valve time to react. Hemp
  4. Jason Hemp


    I wanted to share what happened to me today. I work at a Hertz equipment rental in San Francisco. One of our many services is refilling propane tanks. Today a fire broke out at the main filling tank. Literally with out words the facility evacuated like minors escaping a collapsing tunnel. 60 seconds later the surrounding area got hot enough that near by tanks started exploding, triggering car alarms a block away and blowing out windows from a neighboring four story building. Six tanks exploded in about 10 minutes, most were five gallon tanks some were 10 glns. I was half a block down from the facility diverting traffic and could still feel the explosions in my gut and under my feet. Each explosion sent dinner plate size pieces of metal in the air followed by a big bubble of flame that was taller than the building. Some people panicked including some drivers but most people were just captivated with their hands over their mouths. I was afraid the main filling tank would blow and take out the whole block, fortunately it didn't. It was strange walking home through mobs of people all stunned and confused, while I had just been feet from where it started and knew exactly what was going on. Even though I wasn't working the propane I was a bit ashamed to be wearing a Heartz uniform today. I want to remind everyone what a 5 gallon tank of propane can do. The thought of one of those explosions I heard and felt today occurring in my shop knots my stomach. Most of us use our imaginations to conceive the possible destruction, now I don’t have to. It’s going to be a couple of days before I go play with my forge. Test your fittings Regards, J. Hemp
  5. Jason Hemp

    Mytery Part

    Sorry I didn't mention the size and scale, The ones I've seen run around 1.25-2" in diameter; A bit smaller than rear differential gears I'll definitely look for the "nordlock" mentioned @ McMaster Thanks a lot guys these are some good leads, if you think of any more please don't hesitate. Cheers J. Hemp
  6. Jason Hemp


    Hey Guys, I live in Daly City, Six blocks from SFSU. I've been making knives for friends and the occasional client as a hobby for about 4 years now. It's amazing, In an area as industrial, populated and creative as the Bay Area, bladesmiths are far and few between. But there is no shortage of blacksmiths, custom metal fabricators, welders and hot metal work artists. I'm real busy but drop me a line some time. Cheers J. Hemp
  7. Jason Hemp

    Stock size

    I agree with Son of Bluegrass; but if your anxious to buy some good steel and don't want to order the wrong thing, I'd recommend starting with some 1/2" round stock or rod for small blades and 3/4" rounds for larger blades(knives). Also flat stock (bar stock) is fun to forge a tip and beveled edge to. Flattening round stock is a lot of work with out a power hammer. You can also anticipate your blade size better if you're starting with flat stock. Start with something 1"-1.25" wide X thickness X length. What every you go with pick softer spring steel like 1050-1080 or 5160. Good luck Hemp
  8. Jason Hemp

    Mytery Part

    Hey Guys, I'm in search of a piece of hardware that continues to elude me. Its hard to describe so I drew a 3D model. It resembles a washer/spacer and is made of steel. I've seen it twice over the years and had no idea what its used for, but now that I need it I can't find it anywhere! I think it comes in pairs and works like a washer that can be taken out and pulled apart.....I think. Thanks for you input Cheers J. Hemp