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  1. Oh I will and Nice name if your reading this Ieyasu.
  2. ok now theres this web that has rice paste.Is this good for a saya. http://www.danielsmith.com/catalog/product...sp?T1=266300001
  3. Thanks for the websites.The first one makes sense.Now wat r the tools to make them and where can I buy them at.
  4. I wont buy one because I want to be a blade smith.This wont be my cheap way out and buy one.I'm puting my mind to it and I will do it.
  5. I need to know how to make a saya please.
  6. well i wont spend that much but I dont think one is close to me because I live in Andover Ohio.
  7. Ok now I'm new to this and want to know how much will it cost me to do the charcoal forge.I want to make a tanto and how much money will I spend in supplies and material.Also whtas the best metal to make a tanto.
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