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  1. Glad to hear you are recovering. Michael
  2. Thanks Kenon. Don't know quite what you mean by a "show and tell" thread. Michael
  3. A recent one from me. Oil quenched W-2, wrought iron guard and walnut grip. Michael
  4. Thank you all for your comments - they really mean a lot. godzilka - There is a link on my website to the meteorite guy. link Thanks, Michael
  5. Haven't posted here for a while. Wanted to show my latest finished project. This is the largest blade i've made to date. Blade: meteorite and 1084 damascus, "san-mai" over 1084 core Guard: meteorite damascus (same as blade). spacer: polished Chinga meteorite. blade length: 12 inches Overall: 17 inches Grip: Sambar stag. Thanks for looking, Michael
  6. Don, The W-2 arrived here in good shape. Thanks again. Michael
  7. Hi Don, Just sent you a Paypal for a box of 2 1/8 W-2. Hope you still have some. Thanks, Michael
  8. Hi Jim - The 4800 KC is 4% Nickel and will contrast well with 1095. Michael
  9. I've heard of these at sometime in the past. Guess I'll have to check 'em out. Michael
  10. So, ...... What is the name of the company and where does one get some of these? Michael Oops ... guess I should have read the whole post
  11. I've worked quite a bit with meteorite in damascus. I really like the high contrast you can get with it and high carbon steels. Here is a Meteorite blade I recently finished. It contains materials from the Henbury, Gibeon and Chinga meteorites. The guard is etched Brenham meteorite, handle is desert ironwood. More of my meteorite knives can be seen here: Visit My Website Michael
  12. Thanks! That was one of my"nightmare" projects of last year. This one was try number six - it all worked so I finished it. Here is a picture of the whole package. Michael
  13. A friend sent me pics of this "dagger" that was given to him by his uncle when he was a child. His uncle said it was very old and had been in the family a long time, and that it had been used in battle. All of his family are of Scottish decent. The knife is 19 inches overall length, appears to have leather covered handle and an inlay of sorts on the blade (looks like maybe brass or gold?). I would love to find out more details on how old it is, where it may have been made, etc....? Anyone have any information that might tell us more about it? Michael
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