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  1. Looks very nice. Good job :notworthy: Dave
  2. Looking good Macabee Dave
  3. Nice one, like it :notworthy: Dave
  4. Truly Beautiful :notworthy: Dave
  5. WOW! I have to know what you paid for it. Dave
  6. Sad day: I met him at a knife show in Maryland. He tuly was a nice man. Dave
  7. S! Very very nice :ylsuper: Dave
  8. Very good first one S! :notworthy: Dave
  9. Yes I did twist but not to tight. For me if I twist to tight I sometimes twist the darn thing in two :banghead: Dave
  10. My first time with Camel bone also. I think it should make a good handle. Dave
  11. It's made from spring plys, plow shares and nickel. Handle is Camel bone, guard is nickel silver. Over all is 9''with 4 1/2'' blade. Hope you like it. Dave
  12. I have an Ipod and its the first machine I turn on. Don't have time to name all the songs on it but there are country,rock,blues and more. You won't find any rap> hate it. Dave
  13. Redwulf


    First Knife for a new year. Its about 15" over all with 9 1/4" blade. Maple handle. Dave
  14. Me to> Thanks Don :notworthy: Dave
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