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  1. note pad, something reliable to write with, personal protective gear (gloves, glasses, etc... if you have favorites to work in), camera and as well as the before mentioned gratuity.


    All of the above, for sure. This isn't specifically related to smithing, but at hammer-ins I have found that I always want my Nalgene bottle full of water and my own coffee cup. A drinking container of some kind regardless, to fill with plenty of water... or coffee... or whatever else is being dolled out. ;)

  2. Awesome pictures, man. I am jealous! No water like that near me, but it is finally thawing enough that I am going to toss my kayak in what little open water there is and get out to enjoy it.


    Cool corals. :) Very neat.

  3. Does anyone know a relatively cheap means to get from london to wales? Should I go by bus or train? Should I call ahead of time or just buy the tickets when I get there?


    I'd go by train, but that is primarily because I think it is simply a more pleasent way to travel, and the price and time of transit are comparable. When I lived in Surrey, we took the train almost exclusively. But purchase ahead of time, if you can, to make things run smoother once you're there. It will just be once less thing to worry about.


    Eat bangers. They're delicious, and can be found anywhere. Go sit in your local pub, drink a pint and listen to the locals while chomping on bangers (often served to be dipped in mustard, among other things, or with mashed potato). I missed them dearly (they're a comfort food to me) and was ecstatic when an Irish family opened up a pub near me that serves Excellent bangers and mash (I live in Wisconsin).


    Congratulations! Enjoy yourself!



  4. I saw this little beauty at the Badger Knife Show in Janesville last weekend and was really taken by it. It is a gorgeous knife! The pearl and the blade go perfectly with each other, and the knife felt surprisingly comfortable when held.


    Great job, Ric! I wish I had the money to take it off your hands... well, it, and a few other things that I saw on other tables at the show! *grin*


    Beauty, man, pure and simple.



  5. Well I figure that having you guys as big brothers would be intimidating to any guy... :D


    I don't know if I can get out of work to come down Friday, but I'll definitely be there on Saturday. Aric probably will be as well, so we'll see. He doesn't scare easy, so he ought to be fine. *grin* I promise he isn't a figment of my imagination!


    See you then!



  6. Guys... I almost can't believe it... but finally after many a year of waiting... I could afford to get my first Digital SLR...


    So how much did the new digital set-up run you?



  7. He's adorable. Get 'em started young, get 'em addicted... that's why I am so addicted to sailing tall ships, I got it in my mother's arms. I can only imagine if she'd been a blacksmith...


    Looks like he's a good assistant.



  8. Mariah,  some women like sharp knives more than a pretty bauble.



    Trust me, I'm one of those. So is my valkyrie of a mother. But that doesn't mean we can't love jewelry too... especially when it is carefully crafted and hand-made.


    I was just hoping it had gone well for him; proposals are stressful. That's all.

  9. Wow, those are lovely! Good luck to you. You'll be fine, as emotionally scary as proposals can be. And congratulations!


    I was thinking of making the wedding bands for my fiancee and myself, but luckily we're not planning on getting married for a couple of years yet. So I have some time to practice. Also, since I've only hatched this plot in recent months and haven't told Aric about it, it won't matter if I discover I can't make the rings to my satisfaction.


    You did a wonderful job! Now you will have to make her more jewelry...



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