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  1. Pas de doute on est bien sur un forum US
  2. Thks J.Arthur , you too !! your wooden sheath are really superb too. you could almost make me loving damascus ( just joking ) and the worse is that i will certainly never get a fast connection where i live
  3. Why not? i should wait for the end of winter time because i cant work in my workshop in winter. Long time i didnt make a rough finish blade ususally i forge more "classic" blade with hamon. Hi redwulf nice to see you )) no hope to see me on hyperlobby, with a 56k modem i am booted of all games and room & no chance to get dsl connection in my forrest So y play Pacific fighter & Fs only in LAN with my kid.
  4. can you please tell me how do you say in english for this kind of finish on a forged blade? if you have a word for it.
  5. I understand it; i like to mix something rare materials like mammoth ivory or exotic skins with a old fashionned blade. i do it by purpose to "break" the idea of an art knife with rare materials. damn, hard to explain in a non native language!
  6. Sorry but I hate damascus ( on my own knives). it was possible to make a forged with hamon but i love this kind of blades and i use to make them often, particulary in winter because temperature is the same inside and outside so i cant work on a grinding belt more than some minutes lol. ( forge makes heat in the workshop) . . There is the same amount of work on a blade with this kind of finish. less with machine, more with hammer. we call this kind of texture blade " brut de forge", dunno the word in english for it.
  7. My last one. Python skin on a walnut handle. ivory pommel and garde. Same skin on the cowhide sheath. Convexe double edge forged with only one sharped. Differential tempering , Blade is 11.5cm , o/a 22 cm . Hope u "ll like it. It will be for sale soon.
  8. i had to buy it with the correct import/export authorisations according with my local laws.
  9. Nice to meet u, this is my first post but not my first knife, lol. I hope you'll appreciate it: more & enlarged pics here: http://knifemaker.free.fr/_Couteaux/new207.jpg http://knifemaker.free.fr/_Couteaux/new207-1.jpg http://knifemaker.free.fr/_Couteaux/new207-2.jpg http://knifemaker.free.fr/_Couteaux/new207-3.jpg
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