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  1. I'm in, I've dearly missed Ron and would love to see all my other friends
  2. I've used Turco to good effect on CPM 154, Elmax, XHP, and a few others dont ever use it on S30v or S90v, there is some chemical in there that will DESTROY those steels at heat.
  3. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/fJ41-_ElCgk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. So i was chosen to make the 2016 Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year. The Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year will be part of the Annual ABS Knife Auction in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Knife Show in June 2016.Show. Here I will kind of keep everyone up to date on how that is progressing. I spent a week making the damascus for the blade and fittings. https://www.youtube.com/embed/fJ41-_ElCgk Here I Forge, Rough Grind and HT the blade https://www.youtube.com/embed/mKcBqyF3gYs
  5. this is relevant to my interests ;-) Im planning to spend the next year or two focusing HEAVILY on making damascus. I have a vertical forge that I've used for the past 8 years that does the job, but could be better.
  6. very very sad to hear this, I will dearly miss Phyllis and I will be praying for Ron and his family
  7. Well basically, I have a sixth that still need the handle polished up. Some of you may know that I was permanently layed off from my day job on May 22nd. Unfortunately I had planned on that happening much earlier so I would have time to finish my JS knives. Silly me. but after SEVERAL late late nites I have finished up 5 knives that I feel will pass muster. I hope to show them to some M.S. at the CKCA banquet tomorrow night. My brother is taking pictures for me in the morning so I'll beg you to wait till then for the goods. Thanks and cross your fingers for me. Step
  8. unfortunately (or fortunately for me) he'd have to get in line. this was sold immediately
  9. Thanks guys, the chef's knives have certainly been a challenge but I'm really enjoying them.
  10. 1084 and 15n20 Damascus (was a ladder pattern but I didn't press it in deep enough and lost most of the pattern by the time I got to my final thickness Stats: 240mm (9 1/2") Edge 370mm (14 1/2") overall 49mm tall at the heel 1.85mm (.073") spine at the heel 1.73mm (.068") spine at center 0.51mm (.020") spine at 1" from tip balances 8mm in front of the heel (in line with the F in my maker's mark) the edge before sharpening measures .005 at the heel, .003 at the middle, and .003 at the tip (at lease as close as I can tell with my calipers.) Box Elder and cocobolo Octagon
  11. Not to bad really, I saw Tim Hancock do a grinding demo at Batson's a few years ago and it REALLY works well for these.
  12. Just finished these up last night. Matched Set, Gyuto and Petty in Canary wood (genetically similar to purpleheart, it's a tulipwood) http://www.wood-database.com/lumber-identification/hardwoods/canarywood/ Both are 52100 Steel with Multiple HT cycles because I wanted to try it and I've been VERY pleased with the results Gyuto, 255mm blade balances at the R in my mark, just in front of the heel. Canarywood handle with Black Paper micarta bolster .085" 2.15mm thick spine at the heel .065" 1.65mm thick at mid point 54mm tall at heel Petty, this turned out a little
  13. it balances at the "er" of my makers mark, so about 1/2 in in front of the bolster.
  14. yep, if the blade is to thin when you go to cut hard vegetables the blade will twist and bend as you cut in, it's a very fine balance to strike as a knifemaker to get the knife thin enough to slice easily but still thick enough to be stable when cutting hard root veggies.
  15. great questions. I've not had any problems with deflection yet working such things as carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and boning chicken. I'm sending this blade to a bunch of serious chef knife users to get feedback and see how it does. I personally would rather have a thicker spine, around 3.5mm but all of the buyers I've talked to want the thinnest possible. This knife is designed and intended to be a general purpose chef's knife, it needs to be thin enough to do fine cuts on hard vegetables, flexy enough to occasionally fillet fish, tough enough to bone out a chicken or break
  16. All finished up W2 Tool steel .085 at the spine's thickest 240+mm edge length Cocobolo handle
  17. Yep, I catch up with Ethan every so often, I am hoping to put one in his hands at Blade this year. if all my other scheduling commitments don't kill me first.
  18. Actually this knife is for Dave to do a passaround and start introducing me to the kitchen market
  19. Yep, I worked at a fish place in Buckhead Atl for a couple years. the spine is .09 at the thickest and tapers down to .008 at the edge before sharpening. it's THIN I really like blackwood but I don't have any on hand, and I do have cocobolo so that is likely what it will get.
  20. This one is destined for a passaround on another forum. but it's turning out so freakin sweet I had to share with my friends up in here. Sorry for the crappy cell phone piccys 250mm French'ish pattern Made from Don's W2 haven't picked out a wood for the handle yet, most likely cocobolo. yep, I really cut a 1 1/2" hemp rope with it (kinda sucked w/out a handle, oops) also chopped into a 2x4 a bunch but it would just bite really deep and stick, which I expected and hacked at a very very dry piece of bamboo which did manage to roll the edge a little.
  21. Thank you so much, that really means a lot. very soon I will be starting a tamahagane Wakazashi project for my JSA Shihan. I can't wait to see how it goes.
  22. The incra jig my brother has on his shop table saw will do all kinds of amazing joinery. it's really a neat setup
  23. This is the only other good shot we got, Damascus Tsuba
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