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  1. Final price adjustment....now $1,750.00. Marcel
  2. I hate to do this but I really need the cash. Up for sale is my beautiful short sword build for me by David DelaGardelle in 2013. Forged by David DelaGardelle of Cedarlore Forge, Huandagnir (Elvish meaning “Bane of the Hound") is a short-sword dagger, an Elven blade of the darkwoods. Cold, keen, light and swift, a lively long-lived weapon, used by a young elf soldier who hunts the hounds that seek the blood of his people. A blade born in bravery, brought forth to bite and cleave the hide of any hellish Northern Hound that would dare show claw or tooth against the mighty Elven tribe that forged
  3. Being born (in 1954 ) and raised in Rotterdam (and now living only 20 km from the city) I can tell you that there is indeed nothing to find in regard to armoury in the vecinity. However if you are prepared to hire a car and take a 300 km (times two) trip the Deutsches Klingenmuseum http://www.klingenmuseum.de/_english/dkm/homepage.html in Solingen (Germany) is really worthwhile. Or maybe make appointments with a few really talented knifemakers like Gudy van Poppel or Sam Lurquin?? Or come by for a drink and a bite and we can talk knives for a while. Marcel
  4. What a talent...........amazing piece. Marcel
  5. Jasper, you are really talented. Very exciting swords, I hope you will go further on this path. Marcel
  6. Great, where can I get the download? Marcel
  7. Richard, graag gedaan. Here is the link to the blademag: http://www.blademag.com/profiles/blogs/everybody-wing-chung-tonight-with-knives-2013-wing-chung-swords Marcel
  8. Gerhard, what a beautiful set of knives, IMHO the best knives you made to date. I know of only one German scrimshander with the talent to match yours and that's dr. Peter Jensen. For those who want to see his work check out Knives 2011 with an article about him from Don Guild. Marcel
  9. Maybe a bit of a blast from the past but Knives 2013 and Blademag (www.blademag.com) pay attention to this set. Good job Richard. Marcel
  10. Cory, thanks. I was asking because the last one reminded me of the work of Rick Fields, one of the greatest scrimshanders that ever lived. He signed his work with R.B.F and it looks like that I see that signature in the last photo. Marcel
  11. Good looking photos of some cool knives. Do you by chance know the name of the scrimshander who did the last two knives (wolf and lynx/bobcat??) Marcel
  12. Richard, that's a great looking ring. Your background as a jeweler really shines through. Marcel
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