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  1. Hi Russel, what part of the world are you from?
  2. A cutler would often use the hammer for a few weeks before hardening it. This would allow the face to deform such that it matched the anvil height and hammer technique of the user.
  3. What colour was the steel when you hit it? Had you allowed enough time for the steel to heat through properly?
  4. As per the thread title: what types of wood may have been used on the original Bowie knife?
  5. What is it about the metric system that causes so many Americans so much trouble? I use both the imperial and metric system often at the same time e.g. I buy 6mm x 50mm steel in 20 foot lengths or 1/4" x 2" steel in 6 metre lengths. My micrometers are imperial but I usually turn to metric diameters. Apart from needing to use a calculator occassionally it doesn't make life any more difficult. Perhaps this American mensuration system of which you speak is more complex than imperial, hence the difficulties.
  6. Has anyone devised a quick release system that allows for different profile rollers to be used?
  7. Dennis, thanks for the replies. Is the 1045 hardened in any way? Would there be any advantage in using Hardened H13?
  8. Nice knife, love the floral pattern.
  9. Are the rolls made from mild steel?
  10. Hi Dennis, How well are the pillow bearing coping with the loads imposed upon them?
  11. Do not cut the tanks with oxy-fuel as you may inject enough unburnt gas to cause an explosion. I filled my tanks with water, emptied the water then cut with an angle grinder.
  12. Don't overlook the humble flycutter!
  13. Looks like someone's thrown his toys out of the pram!
  14. I shall continue to wear a full leather welder's jacket whilst forging, regardless of the weather! Thanks for reminding us of the dangers of powerhammer use. In the photo below you can just see where some borax hit me below the eye. I was, thankfully, wearing glasses.
  15. Interesting, do they do international postage?
  16. I use a demagnetizer. Many for sale on eBay.
  17. Here's my machine shop, the seperate forge gets built next month.
  18. See http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showth...ghlight=bradley
  19. My father died last month so I know how you feel. I found that the day after the funeral was, in many ways, the hardest to cope with. The funeral itself was a great celebration of his life, I don't begrudge a penny we spent on the catering etc.
  20. I made a simple tool for forging pipe:
  21. Good luck with the operation. Bob
  22. Arrived safely today. The sales tax calculator (for those of us outside the USA) can safely be ignored.
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