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  1. Great work Richard - I really love these pieces, some of my favorites of your recent work.
  2. Nicely done Richard! I'm normally not a fan of brass guards, but that one is pretty cool - I like the texturing & shape. Nice job on the blade as well - nice classic shape for a hunter.
  3. Nicely done as always Don. Love that long clip on the blade, and the great guard!
  4. Very nicely done! That's going to make a beautiful set!
  5. Wow - that is some beautiful activity you've got going on with that blade. Very nice, and I even love the shape - though I'm not normally a big fan of hira-zukuri kats. Nicely done!
  6. Nice looking piece, sleek shape. Very cool
  7. Great taste in books as well as knives. Though it sucks being in love with a literary character.
  8. Beautiful, just beautiful - nice dramatic shape to the blade, beautifully finished. The habaki has just the right ammount of texture to it. Heck of a package - this is something that deserves a nice, simple mount that doesn't try to take the anything away from the blade.
  9. i really like this one, great handle, great blade profile - really dig the guard too. probably my favorite of the work of yours i've seen - good stuff.
  10. jmuir


    just when i think i've seen the piece that will forever be my favorite of yours, you come up with something even more stunning. the blade profile itself is stunning enough to really grab your eye, then the great details of the carved habake, tsuba and the amazing color on the furniture make it complete. can you share details on what it's made out of?
  11. very cool dan! i'm looking forward to seeing it first hand. looks like a really impressive hamon on it, and a nice overall shape to the blade. what's the length? haven't actually seen anything brandon's polished in person, though photos of his work always look great. i have a small tanto in with him right now for polishing - so it'll be good to see his work in person also.
  12. this is a great looking hunter, very nicely done. that said, the news that you're bringing a kat to the show has me giddy. that wakizashi from backa is such an amazing piece of work, i can't wait to see how the kat turned out. did you do all the fittings on the kat also? edit: nevermind, just saw your katana post i'll be at the show saturday, dragging my girlfriend along as well - looking to be a good show!
  13. this is very cool! i recently had a chance to see richard & uli's work at the munich knife show - and they were two of the best there. i picked up an integral-guard seax from richard, that he'd posted here a while back. looks even better in person. he had a ton of great pieces with him, and it took me quite a while to figure out which i wanted. if i'd been able to afford it i would have picked up the great little hawkbill piece also. it's done up to look like a bird - very subtle though - with the eye in the blade and the handle carved to represent wings. uli also had a ton of
  14. dan - unfortunately i'll just be there saturday. we're in napa for the weekend, but we'll be using sunday to hit a couple of wineries. i'll be sure to track you down though - any hints as to what you're cooking up for the show?
  15. hey dan - glad to hear you were able to get a table for this show. line-up keeps getting better. i'm going to be making the trip out there myself and look forward to getting to meet you and see what new pieces you've worked up for the show. cheers! jeremy
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