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    History, Sword´s and how to make them. japanese culture and too much other stuff
  1. Wow ...............a Dream. I don´t know why but this backside give me a thrill to my bones . Don´t get me wrong .......maybe someone understand The front side of this Tsuba is very impressive but the back side..... is really a dream. So simple ,so perfect........the last time i had nearly the same Feeling was as i handle a Tsuba from Hirata Hikozo. It was this Mizutama Tsuba . Also so simple but perfect.
  2. Nicely done and like Peter explain : Inspiring and informative.
  3. Again .....a great looking work. When you came to Solingen you will see a surviving scabbard of a Malchus "Sword" in the Museum. Then you can see how it was done in the past. The scabbard is on display in the regular exibition.
  4. Wow......... it will be great to see this fine piece of Art in Reality. But , sorry Peter ....the Opening of the Exihibition is on the 25. September ! Not the 24. (Hope that the Invitation from the Museum is correct) Greetings from Germany Dieter
  5. Also to you ; Thank you for your friendly comments.
  6. Thank you very much for your kindly comments. D.Kraft
  7. Now it is done.......the Koshirae. Black polish lacquer saya made out of honoki wood. Handle wrapped with Same. Mekugi and the other parts made out of Horn . The Tsunagi(wooden blade) and the Habaki also made out of Wood. The new Owner can put the wooden Habaki also on the Steel blade for store the blade in the Shira-saya. This fit in both ways. And the last one. Thanks for watching.
  8. .......that is not funny....very sad to read this. Maybe it was helpful to know where the Location of your customer is. Not the complete adress but the Country and the City will be helpful.
  9. Well done, Sir. I really enjoy the flow in the lines and shapes in this piece.
  10. Nice Koshirae with a good feeling for the lines and shape.....elegant and quiet. Together with the blade a really nice one.
  11. Fire flames rolling in waves..........nice work .
  12. That looks very nice....well done. What steel have you use?
  13. I get the bloom from a friend, Achim Wirtz. He told me that he use iron ore from south america for this one.
  14. The short one will have a simple koshirae with a white same grip and black horn fuchi kashira and black lacquer saya. ...so, nothing special. With the larger one ...well there are some ideas but in moment iam not sure what exactly i will do. I will post the result here.
  15. Thank you very much for all the friendly comments. Glad to see that you understand what i try to bring out with this work. Sometimes is less more........ You are right that i try to copy the work of the old masters ........but i just scratch the artistic level of the old originals. In 1998, and again in 2006 i had the possibility to study some of the masterpieces made with masame hada in Japan. A tanto from Hosho Sadakiyo and two other tanto from Sadaoki are very impressive with the brilliance nie in the hada and in the hamon. It looks really like there where thousands
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