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  1. So I started hammering on my first piece of steel and my handle bar that I have welded to the sheet fell off after the second time putting in the forge for shaping. Man did I laugh at myself. Oh well back to the drawing board. At least it was fun.
  2. Holy crap it is! where do these guys come up with this stuff.
  3. not that im attempting this but i was watching Forged in fire and saw the episode of them making canister damascus. They had some kind of white grease on the inside of the canistor and all over themselves. Logic tells me this is to make it easier to seperate the billet from the canister? Kind of like crisco on a cooky sheet. (crap now i want cookies). What is it? Thanks!
  4. nice clean lines. I like it!
  5. Thanks for the info. Got to give it a shot. I didn't realize Kabars were made out of 1095 steel. Do you think its core is milder steel like 1084?
  6. What do you guys use to make the blade all black minus the cutting edge. Im not sure how to even search for this topic. I want to make my Dad a Kabar that he used when he was in the USMC. I bought him a hand forged one but someone stole it. Now that im getting into bladesmithing id like to make him one to replace it. Just dont know how to get the color on it. Thanks! P.S. Special thanks for having this forum. Without it, i would have never started....
  7. Sounds like fun but im just starting out. I haven't even put hammer to steel yet. Hoping to tomorrow. Really like to see how that would turn out!
  8. Thank you! Ill use your recomendations when i order some steel. Thinking about joining BAM for Missouri and maybe taking some classes for vacation.
  9. Thank you for the help! I went out of town for a few weeks and saved up my per diem and was able to afford the forge. Ate like a peasant and chowed down on the free hotel food. Not recommended for long periods of time....My wife was happy since my first one wont be made by me and wont blow up me or the house lol. Checking into The steel Baron but not sure which thickness to get. Was thinking about getting the 3 x 48 by 0.25 thickness 1095 to play with.
  10. Hello, I am a brand new knifemaker as of today. Ive been lurking around for a long time but finally decided its time to try my hand. Today i got my forge in the mail. I bought a Majestic Deluxe dual burner. Looks snazzy and i can't wait to try it out. I have a question about using a peice of rebar. I have an old broken lawn mower blade that ive been keeping around for a while that just has a big dent in it from when i hit a rock.... Was going to use that for my first try. Should i mig weld a piece of rebar to the blade or cut the blade in half and then mig the rebar on. I want to take it slow
  11. Congrats man! im looking to get an acre of land given to me and im going to build a forge on it. Have absolutely no idea how to build one, but im going to give it a shot =)
  12. hrmm, ill check. Yup sure is Mac OS X Client 3.0.0-beta20
  13. Its basically a small program you download that connects your PC microphone and speakers to a main server, its called Teamspeak 3. Most gamers use it for like world of warcraft and the like. Its not that expensive for me to run the server and the experience ill learn from just listening to you guys talk would more than pay for it. Nice thing is, anyone in the world can use it. though right now it will be limited to 25 people on at any given time. I can increase it though if need be.
  14. Matthew Orr

    Voice Chat

    I was wondering if you guys would like to have a voice chat server that allows you to talk to each other over the internet in a conference type setting. Its free, just need a microphone, speakers/headphones and anything faster than dialup. If you guys are interested ill set it up. I spoke to Don a few years ago via a message, about doing this for you guys but real life happened and i had to fall of the grid for a while. Let me know thanks! Newbies can learn a whole lot just by listening to the experienced guys talk =) \ Also note, there will be rules involved with it.Which are pretty mu
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