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  1. i just dig a hole, stick a peice of blacksteel pipe in it and ductape a hairdryer to the end of the pipe. gets the speel plenty hot, fast
  2. If anyone is wondering what im making, skateboard trucks
  3. This may be a stupid question, but how do i make a crucible, it wont be used for smelting steel but it will be used for melting aluminum for casting. The cheap and easy way is preferred. also is it possible to get the kind of temps i need from a charcoal fire w/ a hairdryer as a blower?
  4. where you from zeitman? nice veiw i dont drink (im 15) but more power to ya
  5. i agree you cant make a decent living charging that low. for a knife that quality id charge like 600. if i could make a knife of that quality. :banghead: :35: :35:
  6. whats wrong with using charcoal in the city. like how in the city are we talking like suburbs or manhatan
  7. It will do whatever you want it to. assuming its anywhere near as good as they claim. personaly i just use a hole in the ground a pipe and a hairblower works fne for me but i dont do patternwelding. I personaly think this forge is overkill for a first forge. but if oyuve got the money go for it oh and by the way. im by no means an expert :banghead:
  8. im not to that stage :banghead: i lost interest for a year just got back into it never realy started before i lost interest started longboarding general under-motivated teenager stuff
  9. chaindogforge


    Beautiful work as always tai. It has very nice lines and it looks like it could cut.
  10. time/motivation/money/credit card to order it with
  11. id like to tell you ,tai, that you are my favorite bladesmith. your work has an asthetic to it that realy apeals to me. :35:
  12. ok thanks it was an old nicholson file so too hot is the general consensus If i get the time ill do the dimmer if i dont i wont
  13. chaindogforge

    Im back

    Im back on the forum. you may remember me from about a year ago. Ive finaly started forging (or trying). Im having tons of fun. Its good to be back. :ylsuper: :ylsuper: (god i missed that smiley)
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