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  1. I got to agree with you about "They can be almost any big knife ( and some that are not quite so big). I've seen them with extreem clips to almost a spear point, guards and no guards, false edges and no false edges. It's almost to the place that if the knifemaker says it's a bowie then it's a bowie."

    And takin a knife to a gun fight isnt a good idea but "problably the largest collection of useless blades that has ever been produced." NO WAY !

    A Big Ol Bowie is a very handy knife IMO.

    Back in the day when you had one shot and you did not drop that Griz dead - I belive that Big Ol Bowie might be pretty handy to have on you hip.

    Im Proud they are part of our History .

    I just Love Big Ol Bowies :P


  2. Good Lookin stuff Jim


    I allways wonder when you guys make a sword and harden them do you have any problems with warping ? or is warping just part of making swords ?


    About 10 in blade is my longest so far but the few I have made in the 8 - 10 in range I have some slight warping but straighten after tempering.


    10 is my limit with the forge I have now I want to make one like Dons to do longer stuff - hopefuly a sword someday.


    Keep postin nice work


  3. I am haveing trouble hand finshing this Bowie Knife.


    5160 , tripple hardened it last night - new file bit a worn file skated


    Tripple temper -2 times 1 hour 375 last time at 1 hour at 400.

    10 in. blade

    I guess I did not get all my 150 marks out with the 220 before harding.


    Ive worked on one side I bet 5 hours today and still few deep scratches.

    tried 150 grt wet dry

    tried my corse Norton it worked the best but it might take a week .


    Any Ideas


  4. Lin

    I thought I would make one from wood first kind of work out that blade shape. I have a Hickory Board my Blade 3 1/4 X 21 X 1/4 in. thick - Osage Gaurd + Walnut Handle


    Ill send off for the drawings

    Thanks Ron

  5. Here is a simple, basic little "Southwest" style Bowie. I guess its a Southwest style, having an arched back and spine... at least thats what I guess they call this style. 


    7.5" Forged W2 blade, SS gaurd, Koa handle , clay hardened, real nice hamon.  Photos dont show but there are "ghost" lines above and below the primary temperline, real neat in person.






    Lookin at the clip on your bowie. how wide & thick is the blade?


  6. Hey, wanted to see if ya'll take a look at my first damascus bowie....The blade is 10 in. and the overall is 15 in.  Forged using 1080 and 15N20.  Thanks for looking....Don



    great bowie

  7. Ron, I cut out the brass sheet a little oversized and pressed it around the spine against a peice of soft wood. I did this in a large vise. This got the bends started. I then (while still in the vise and under pressure) lightly hammer that wrinkles out of the brass. I had to repeat the process several times and still had slight waves in the brass. I had the blade finished before I started this , so after the soldering, I had more finishing to do and I filed the waves and finished the blade again. Finally I used a scotchbrite pad to follow the contours of the blade flat and the brass to blend the scratches. Then for the guard and handle.  I hope that helps. Lin :)


    just lookin again

  8. I have 2 of the old Buzzsaw blades about 30 in. across.

    I plan on using for knives, cutting into strips forging the points bevels & doing all the heat treating.

    I really do not want to weld up in billets - I guess Im going for Frontier-Mountian Man style .

    Any ideas on what the steel is in the old blades ?


    Any advise ?

    Thanks :)


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