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  1. I am not sure what i am seeing. the picture is small  :unsure:  B)  need glasses :P

    Is that rust? Are you going to restore the blade? the curves are nice


    No thats not rust! Its an old knife . Ill get a bigger Pic

  2. Hope its OK to ask???

    I bought a new knife today could not pass her up.

    On the blade is (Old File)

    I would like some info. about it

    not sure how old

    the blade is 12 in. long

    5 in. handle

    Shes very sharp

    for $ 15.00 I could not pass it up.



    Ita has no pitting or rust- it has dark spots Patina.


  3. Here is a little grappling hook i forged last week. Just wanted to share.... now to scale some walls!!!


    Thats really neat :35: .

    If I were to use it I would need to tie it to a winch thats chained to my back to get my big rear off the ground :wacko: .


  4. Here is a picture of a spike hawk I finished this weekend. Forge welded from 5160, curly maple handle with a poured pewter band and a leather wrap. I aged the head to look authentic. Aged look is my thing, fits in well for Rev War period. I hope you all like it.




    Form what I can see I Like! photo is really dark - any more pics?


  5. <font color='#000000'>Thanks guys.


    I really appreciate getting good feedback here.  This place rocks...


    Take Care




    P.S. I'm glad I finally got something worthwhile out of that longbow, I made it for a friend and it snapped on the third arrow.  Gotta get me some yew...</font>


    Like your knives.

    You need some good Osage Orange for a bow .


  6. Wayne Goddards 50$ Knife Shop I think a must for the beginer.



    Wayne Goddards The Wonder of Knifemaking

    I wished I would have had Waynes books when I started


    I like Ed Fowlers 2 books Knife Talk

    good stories and some good tips .


    How to make knives by Richard W. Barney & Robert W. Loveless

    nothing on heat treating but some good stuff.


    Oh Yea

    Blades Guide to Making Knives

    Some more good stuff.


  7. Thanks Guys

    I wish you could see it in person.

    Can you see how the blade curves down ? It was dead straight before I harden it. I did it a little different - I read in a old book that the hotter the steel when quenched the harder it hardens. I heated to 1600 instead of 1550 and only heated my oil to 100.

    The hardening pulled the tip down a good 1/4 in.


  8. Very well done.  How did you like that bubinga?  I loved it ever since I began using it when my got a piece from my brother.  Hard a rock though.


    I love Bubinga that was the first time I used it . I tried it on a belt grinder If you want to load up belts it works about Great like sanding Glue. I rough it with a rasp and hand sanded.

    I for sure will use it again its one of my favorites


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