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  1. I guess I must like Full Tang cuz I keep maken them

    Bubinga Skinner


    Over All 9 in.

    Forged from 5160

    Edge Quenched

    Blade 1 in. at widest X 4 9/16

    Full Tappered Tang

    Bubinga Slab Handle

    NS Pins & Guard

    Black Fiber Spacer Materail

    600 grt. Finish on Blade

    Took Photo Outdoors

    The blade is a little scuffed from sharpening

    need to touch it up a little.

    Let me know What You All Think




  2. Guys

    Hope you all dont mind that I post a couple more photos.

    Im just about to go nuts :wacko: not being able to work on knives, I crushed the tip of my thumb at work a while back.


    Spear Point Bowie

    Over All 11 3/4

    Steel was Forged from a Model A Leaf Spring

    Blade 1 9/16 X 7 3/8

    Full Tappered Tang

    Buffler Slab Handle

    NS Pins

    Gaurd is Coin Mokume

    Red Spacer Materail

    600grt. Finish on Blade

    I took the photo outside

    Let me know what You All Think


    Guys I took another photo may not be much better.

    I used some Simichrome Polish on it, looks like I left some on it in the photo.

    I use Red Fiber Spacer Materail, it hard to see it was thin stuff. Thats whats under the polish I did not get off.




  3. Hi All

    This is the first time I have posted a knife I made hear &

    Im way out classed by you guys in knife making & photos

    thought I would let you all look at my last knife.


    Forged 5160

    Full Tappered Tang

    13 in over all

    Edge Quenched

    Osage Orange Handle

    NS Pins & Guard

    The pics not to good - 600grt. finish on blade

    Let me know what you think


    Guys I took a new photo outside and uploaded to Dons server - Hope I have it sized right.


  4. Whats ya got in that whastub for a linner ?


    Might be hard on your blower motor turning it off and on all the time might wear out your starting capacitor.

    Might want to fix some kind of blast gate.

    Im not 100% sure but I think with the blast gate choking off the air the blower would run with less strain on the motor.

    I wish I had your Blower


    I bet it will cook up some steaks pretty quick


  5. No, didn't check out every link, worried the video the supposedly had would be virus laden.  In my opinion Windows Media files are ripe for exploits.  Didn't want to risk them being able to spread this crap by my system.





    I looked at 2 they were just pictures - so I may be virus laden now :banghead:

  6. J. Keeton

    Thats a BIGN

    I try to buy old hammers when I find them . I have a few 6-8 pound sledges Cross Pene , Straight Peen, 1 Double .


    Thats a good thing, using something that belonged to your Grandfather :35:




    I have been told that hammer size depends on how # of your anvil . To big a hammer for the anvil will do bad things to the anvil???


  7. After a hard day of Neo-Tribaling nothing should stand between a  Tribsman and his Grape Smirnoff except the cap. It's actually my wife's.

    The handle on this bottle opener can easily double as a knife.

    The 9" blade is 1/4" 5160. Or something close to it. In it's previous life it was a meer boring lawnmower blade from the City Yard of San Bernardino Co. Ca.


    Plowshares back into swords I say!


    Handle is curing as I type. Edge goes on tomorrow.


    Nice Burn eh....I F*&^%$G caught on fire like a branded steer!


    It's all for the craft. Repeat like a Mantra.


    Good lookin knife opener-

    Your Hand doesnt look to good , looks Med-Well Done Ouch! you touched somethin really really hot looks like it seared the flesh, did it stick to your hand? dnag it I bet that one hurts :(


  8. Can someone tell me how to etch a blade ?


    I have it sanded to 600grt. 5160 edged quenched . I tried Naval Jelly for about 5 min.


    I plan on useing J.B. Weld on my guard instead of solder will wipe the blade with actone.


    Any tips on assembly after etching?


    Can I hand polish with Simichrome Polish ?


    Thanks Ron

  9. Hi all I am new here

    I love the old black & white Gunsmoke.

    One of the episodes Fustus gril freind seen a fur trader murdered by one of his employees with a knife.

    The knife looked like it had a braided leather handle. I thought it looked pretty good and would like to make one.

    Has anyone seen such a thing or maybe a picture?

    Thanks Ron

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