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  1. I know exaclty how you're feeling right now... I had a Calc 2 test handed back to me this week... I decided that a 4.0 GPA is way overrated And I get to go on with mathematics even after Diff Eqs's - YAY ME!
  2. It's been just about perfect in Minnesota this past week. Some people in the more southern parts of the state got alot of rain and flooding last week though. My pastor's parents lost their home (or at least it was very badly damaged) due to the flooding.
  3. Pizza?! Did somebody say pizza?! I'm here, where's the pizza? Actually, you can order pizza over the internet now... crazy world we live in. Anyway, that's sweetness in its sweetest form. You have made one of the most usefull tools on the face of the earth, and it looks cool too! Totally awesome!! Reminds me of the Pizza Hut near my house where they have a small "display" of how pizza cutters theoretically evolved over the passing of time. It starts with a sharp pointy rock and then there's like a simple wood and stone one, and there's a fancy jeweled one, and a couple of others. It's actually pretty amusing
  4. I can play "Oh Susana" and that's about it. My 2y.o. sister thinks it's great though But I'm mainly a drummer. Andy
  5. Are those all of the panels that you have?? 'Cause we run our house on solar power and we have about twice the square footage of panels than what it looks like you've got there. We would've had to pay alot to hook up to the grid too, so we went with solar and we're trying to get a wind generator too. But I don't know any of the technical stuff about any of this because my dad does everything with it.
  6. How big is that hole?? Like what kind of gun did it come from? .30 cal maybe? It doesn't look too small. Still, that's a sweet knife.
  7. Is it ok if I continue the stupid movies aspect of this thread? Does anybody like Rocket Man? (Tour guide) "And remember, kids, the number one rule here at N.A.S.A." (Girl scout troop in unison) "Safety-first." (Fred comes crashing through the wall) (All) "AAHHHHHHH!"
  8. I like the fence, at first I thought it was a million Mountain Dew cans stacked up
  9. Sweetness!! Great looking knife. By the way, I'm still in the gethering parts/information stage and I have yet to start forging , but I've been wondering, can you just heat up rusty steel and start shaping? Or does the rust need to be cleaned off first? Once again, good job. I like the unpolished part up by the spine.
  10. Okay sorry, let me rephrase that... I'm not supposed to drink, therefore I don't. I take pride in being a law-abiding citizen Anyway, I'm content with my root beer for a couple more years.
  11. Omigosh! From what all you guys are saying my blades are already destined for failure - I'm only 16 and I can't drink yet. Does root beer count? Or is that worse than light beer? Can you master craftsmen persuade the Ale-Gods to make exceptions for us younger peoples?
  12. It looks ok to me. I like the guard you have on there now. I wouldn't change a thing.
  13. Archie Z, you stole my line! Happy Christmas I'm really really excited 'cause for Christmas my parents gave me parts to make a propane torch for my forge! Now I can actually start contributing in a meaningful fashion around here! WOOOHOOO!
  14. Freezing rain was forecasted for yesterday here in Minnesnowta, and sure enough freezing rain AND then snow came and I got to go out driving in it. YAAAAAAY! With it being my first time ever driving in said conditions, I got to wait for an hour on a partially frozen creek about 15 feet off the road, feeling like I just went on a roller-coaster , with open water about ten feet away. Then, to top it off, the "AHEM" wonderfull snowplow/sander came 5 minutes after my little car decided to try to go four wheeling. It was actually quite exciting. Not that I want to do it again or anything.
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