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  1. Those are pretty cool! Good Job
  2. I have a client that is a senior materials research analyst and that has been the subject for several appointments. This method of treating materials is still in it’s infancy. We are not sure exactly what changes. Yes, cold treating carbon steel helps it for the characteristics of a knife. I think that we will find that the cold treatments are going to be as varied as heat treating methods. As to when and how, that is proprietary. What is really cool is cold application of polymers and abrasives. I know that it is not much of an answer but that is the best of my knowledge.
  3. Ariel: I really like your san mai stuff. It looks like the steel has oozed like wet paint. How are you etching your maker mark? Thanks, Chuck
  4. I hope things go well for ya!
  5. Man thats purty... Congrats man.
  6. Trimmed in silver.... That is awesome Jake
  7. Sinister Looking.... I likes it!
  8. Super nice Jesus! Just the other day I was wondering what you were doing.
  9. That turned out real cool! That stag is nice. All the colors come together well! Good Job....
  10. I'll match your elegant and raise you a classy... Good Job....
  11. Look out Ray, Your knife is growing horns... (Couldn't resist) That looks cool. The flow is all natural and looks great!
  12. Nice clean and simple. Good Job! Looks like a great user...
  13. Thanks for everyone that went through the trouble to share these. They are pretty cool.
  14. Slick Ray! THose are good'uns. Shin bone is my fav too>
  15. Ahhh, Nicotine... I have never looked that up. Britannaca says: It has a unique biphasic effect: Inhaled in short puffs it is a stimulant, but when inhaled slowly and deeply it can be a tranquilizer. Or Columbia University Press says: A person who smokes inhales approximately 3 mg from one cigarette. This amount increases the heart rate, constricts the blood vessels, and acts on the central nervous system, imparting a feeling of alertness and well-being. Well it explains why I use it. I just need some of Chuck's to make those whoop ass blades!
  16. Way cool Alan... I will stand back and watch. Ray might have a "huge fear of warping", I just have fear..... I would have to take Ritalin to get through a piece like that!
  17. Geez Karl..... Sweet! The stacked ferrule assembly has always caught my eye. Real nice knife. You are one productive _____________. (Fill in the blank with what ever is most flattering)
  18. How about posting the movies to photobucket and putting links. I would love to see them...
  19. Nice simple knife although it wasn't simple to make. I like the choice of materials too. It is really hard to do basic really well but you made basic look really good. Kudos....
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