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  1. Nice knife Ray that sheath is love it!
  2. Perfect tool for it's intended purpose. I think this is one of the nicest file knives i have seen. Bob
  3. This one i realy like . Fantastic work! Bob
  4. Sorry for your loss been there and done it! You could always tell people it's a relic. Bob
  5. Yes there is still ice on the lakes but it is melting fast the snow is gone in the fields but there is lots in the bush. Heading out for splake on mon . Have a great St. Patricks day ! Thanks Bob
  6. Antoine Yes i did get it here I contacted Scott Mackenzie and he hooked me up with a canadian salesman after a couple of emails and a phone call or two i had a five gallon pail shipped to me. I think it was around $125 but i can't remember if that was with shipping. I will pm you with Scotts email. Thanks Bob
  7. Kevin The papers i have say to use the lower end of the range for W2 for higher carbon content and move the temp up with the lower carbon. Thanks Bob
  8. Wow $60 bucks that is crazy i had a hard time forking out $27 for mine it might be cheaper to get your salmon in a can . But we both know it's not as much fun. Tight lines Ray!
  9. Wow it is woderfull Jeff sure looks diff. than when i was holding it. Great work as usual! Bob
  10. Ray i just did not have a lot to do with any forums over the last year sorta concentrated on fishing and yet again it is almost time to get the boat out. I have been around though. Thanks again Bob
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. Justin there are two pins the lower one is not showing up well in the photo. Bob
  12. Hi folks i have not posted in a while but finaly got around to using some of Don Hanson's W2. Thanks to Jeff Helmes for drawing it down to usable size from 1 3/4" round with his power hammer. This is the first W2 hamon i have tried since building my oven and using houghton K. I gave the blade a long soak at 1425f quenched in than tempered twice at 450f. The quench k seems to work great for hamons and no dredded tink. Now to the knife the blade is 5 1/2" to the guard and 1 1/4 wide with an o.a.l. of 10 5/8" W2 with a 416 s.s. guard and stabilized redwood burl handle. Cheers Bob
  13. The shoes were realy not that bad Jeff it was great to meet you and your family! By the way i did not buy the boat so i'm still looking for a 14' aluminum deep v. Bob
  14. I am not sure of the actual process but when i had steel tested it came back with all the alloys including trace elenemts. Check with the metalurgy dept. at your u. and they should be able to tell and show you what you need to know. Bob
  15. Great looking knives Paul i'm sure you will do just fine. All the best to you and your dad. Bob
  16. Good show it turned out great. Bob
  17. That's to cool to be able to work on a project like that. 2030 now that is a bit of job security. Bob
  18. Nice little knife i'm sure your m.i.l. was pleased. Bob
  19. Welcome to the forum Jon. Bob
  20. Nice one Ray the sheath and knife compliment each other. Bob
  21. Very sleek i like the combination of materials and the carving well done. Bob
  22. I use lead free solder for my cast in place fittings. Bob
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