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  1. he is one of my heroes, awesome hammer technique....looks like he was broken a long time ago but carrys on hammering none the less from the hip through the body...bloody awesome! this is one of those occasions that a flux like iron mountain would make all the difference, I saw quite a bit of forge welding on a trip to japan last year and their "special" (secret) flux looked like borax and steel or iron powder....I am really impressed with iron mountain its amazing stuff.
  2. I would only build a hydraulic press if you haver acess to a lot of cheap hydraulics or like the idea of building one. you are lucky over the pond that there are a few people making presses. If it took my time into account my home made press cost a load more than the anyang I eventually bought to replace it!
  3. Im sure that that would work, but is a little underpowered . rule of thumb for metal grinding is 1hp (750watt) per inch of belt width,
  4. yes, I am hoping to make it...but with whats going on I have no idea if that will be possible or even prudent.
  5. Its a very cool thing james
  6. they are 3mm sterling silver and thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  7. I have been working on the idea of this for a while...patternwelded inlay(ish) ...this is patternweld with sterling silver spacers and inlay/
  8. for creative people like us who make things at the edge of necesity there is always a juggle, I have survived 25 years as a maker by taking opportunities as they arise and having a lot of strin gs to my bow. Bladesmithing has been having its best days over the last few years ...its not always been like that! hopefully good work will shine through ...but be prepared to travel diferent roads to survive. I remember having a conversation with Don Fogg about this ...the best bladesmith of his era (in my mind) and fill'd in sparse times by being a postman and other jobs. where there i
  9. with my classes cancelled for a few weeks I am managing to get some good work done!
  10. stay positive...through gritted teeth if needed! if anything all that practice at being "poor " for years on end will come in handy!
  11. My latest sword a patternwelded single edged viking with patternwelded fittings. hope you like it. stay safe out there.
  12. Thanks all, I am very lucky to be able to do these collaborations with Petr. and Alan...come along...or at least Ashokan this year?
  13. “Far over the misty mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old, We must away, Ere break of day, To claim our long forgotten Gold the latest Seax by Myself and Petr Florianek... My blade but Petr has surpassed himself with the blade carving , handle and sheath ...My fave to date. hope you like it. [
  14. Just to keep em on their toes...upcycled walking stick ferrule!
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