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  1. Well with all the pandemic stuff going on this year has been a bit of a flop as far as teacheing classes is concerned ...However I have channeld energy into a new website , forge upgrades and work...I'm really happy with what Ive been making (with help from S imon Parsons my assistant as of FEB 2020 (two weeks pre covid!!)...the old beardy is still on fire...Its been great to concentrate on the making a bit more...
  2. I use the bader small wheel attachment its great . phone them they are great to deal with...even from the UK!
  3. Its worth remembering that the nickel in some damascus steel can cause real problems with alergic reactions or creating a naickel allergy if worn for too long. so carbon steel damascus would be ilegal to use and sell as rings or jewlery in the uk (no idea about america but the problem is real). some of the stainless steels contain nickel as well but its not free to react... Im looking for someone to make a gold / gold wedding ringe for me ...any racomandations would be good.
  4. As time goes by things change! however this place still has a large place in my heart and was part of an awakening I will always be gratefull for. It still stands as a rare example of how one should behave and interact on the internet ...with passion , understanding and a leash on the ego.
  5. well damn I have forgotten how to show pictures! all sorted what a palava!
  6. My latest Jarn Hond single edged viking sword....Hope you like it. I have been playing with replicating inlay (which i do not have the skill or patients for) with patternweld which I guess I do!
  7. this is one of the things i see written time and time again ....It does not reflect my experience. nothing wrong with normalising its a v important step (steps) in the process but I have found it has no effect on preventing warpage.....straightening is probably the most important repeated step in the knife making process. I often have to straighten a blade many times . and then re straighten in the temper before final grinding.
  8. he is one of my heroes, awesome hammer technique....looks like he was broken a long time ago but carrys on hammering none the less from the hip through the body...bloody awesome! this is one of those occasions that a flux like iron mountain would make all the difference, I saw quite a bit of forge welding on a trip to japan last year and their "special" (secret) flux looked like borax and steel or iron powder....I am really impressed with iron mountain its amazing stuff.
  9. I would only build a hydraulic press if you haver acess to a lot of cheap hydraulics or like the idea of building one. you are lucky over the pond that there are a few people making presses. If it took my time into account my home made press cost a load more than the anyang I eventually bought to replace it!
  10. Im sure that that would work, but is a little underpowered . rule of thumb for metal grinding is 1hp (750watt) per inch of belt width,
  11. yes, I am hoping to make it...but with whats going on I have no idea if that will be possible or even prudent.
  12. they are 3mm sterling silver and thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  13. I have been working on the idea of this for a while...patternwelded inlay(ish) ...this is patternweld with sterling silver spacers and inlay/
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