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  1. Its a very cool thing james
  2. they are 3mm sterling silver and thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  3. I have been working on the idea of this for a while...patternwelded inlay(ish) ...this is patternweld with sterling silver spacers and inlay/
  4. for creative people like us who make things at the edge of necesity there is always a juggle, I have survived 25 years as a maker by taking opportunities as they arise and having a lot of strin gs to my bow. Bladesmithing has been having its best days over the last few years ...its not always been like that! hopefully good work will shine through ...but be prepared to travel diferent roads to survive. I remember having a conversation with Don Fogg about this ...the best bladesmith of his era (in my mind) and fill'd in sparse times by being a postman and other jobs. where there is a will there is a way. I am using the time I have due to cancelled classes to make some good work a couple of projects that are beyond what I normaly do. I will be spending next week (i will be guardian of my kids , schools finished till September!) finishing touches on a new website ...the doorway to the world more so now than ever...
  5. with my classes cancelled for a few weeks I am managing to get some good work done!
  6. stay positive...through gritted teeth if needed! if anything all that practice at being "poor " for years on end will come in handy!
  7. My latest sword a patternwelded single edged viking with patternwelded fittings. hope you like it. stay safe out there.
  8. Thanks all, I am very lucky to be able to do these collaborations with Petr. and Alan...come along...or at least Ashokan this year?
  9. “Far over the misty mountains cold, To dungeons deep and caverns old, We must away, Ere break of day, To claim our long forgotten Gold the latest Seax by Myself and Petr Florianek... My blade but Petr has surpassed himself with the blade carving , handle and sheath ...My fave to date. hope you like it. [
  10. Just to keep em on their toes...upcycled walking stick ferrule!
  11. This is lhe latest colaberation knife made by myself and Petr Florianek. Inspired by saxon swords the 11" blade and handle are made by me and the carving and Sterling silver handle ornamentation is by Petr. going for the bling bling! Hope you like it.
  12. I think pine tar may be the problem. I mix pine resin (authenticly sourced from ebay) and boiled for a while to evaporate the terpentine. and bees wax with finely crushed iron oxidea little finely crushed charcoal I also add a little caranuba wax which helps with the polishability. Iron oxide needs to be flour fine or its excessivly scratchy I have tried brick dust and i find it much too scratchy. exact mix will depend on batch but start with 3 to one. Ive made it with red iron oxide too and its a beautifull color. needs to stay solid enough to survice quick submertion in how water or a hot day! I love the stuff and use it on all my kitchen knives.
  13. I am looking for someone to help around the forge . Initially the job would be tidying and helping spruce up the place..lots of sweeping and painting to start with.. but eventually I want someone to help with making my standard product range so blade grinding , forging etc.sharpening…. I teach classes here so interacting with students and helping out during classes would be important. I will make sure that there is some rewarding work added into the mundane aspects of keeping a forge in order! I am looking to free up some of my time to allow me to get on with more artistic work. To start with I am looking for 2 days a week (Monday to Friday week exact days do not really matter but I would want a fixed arrangement). I am looking for someone local or at least with their own transport...being able to weld would be useful , I definitely need a hands on person. if you think you may be able to help please email owen@owenbush.co.uk cheers!
  14. Ive got my login for posting piccies from Flickr back so will update my progress..lots of picciees and vids taken so lots of stuff to post.....but not for a week or so!!!
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