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  1. Well that just amazeballs Mareko. totaly brill....really really good work. Visiting these pieces in the flesh has been on my list for a long long time as I find it very hard to visualise from a drawing (i am very untrusting of the drawings). But i think you have done a really wonderful job. I would love to see if the origional pieces had billet repetition-mirroring in the pattern or were laid out as a continuous blade length billet? the two examples above seem to show possibly both. The skill in these blades is way out there (your modern and the old ones)...but my hat is tipped to the little dude with the billet hacksaw and his mate on the hacksaw sharpening gig. AWSOME...happy new year!
  2. looks like a great little machine to me. a few things to consider when using it...you WILL most likey break it. unless you are verry carefull. try and work back through the drive train and see if there is a purposefull weak link like a bronze pin of somthing similar. you can do a modern version with a VFD set to trip at a low ampage (i have my mcdonnald set like that) .my big rolling mill is 20hp at 5 inch width. and run through a variable speed hydrolic gearbox. id get it for sure. make sure you are not greedy with bites i keep mine at 3mm max and actually it wont feed in a lot more . remember that double width is double risistance and any cold thick bits could kill it. no loose clothing or gloves and make a feed table so you can push work in rather than holding it with tongs that can be drawn in.....drawn in does not necessarily mean drawn through...they could be fired back at you with some force. almost none of these are made for hot metal so you will have to use and ajust/fix improve if needed.
  3. not able to do it this year.....next time
  4. gloves are what they are, I wear leather work gloves and gardening gloves, they are all consumable, i tried all cotton and thick cotton gloves like i saw people wearing in japan. and have settles with thinner leather or goat skin gloves. you get the feel and they last OK, but they are really a consumable.
  5. edge rolling is a combination of hardness and edge geometry, so yes a thin edge thet is correctly HT'd could roll , so could one that is too soft.
  6. Ive recently gotten into surface grinders as a tool for hogging out blades....they are amazing bits of kit if you make up a conversion to take a contact wheel and belt (2 x 72 or whatever you use). Ive ended up going down my owh wormhole with them and just had one delivered that weight 10000lb!. with out a belt conversion they are really not that usefull for removing a lot of material.
  7. It can be a very hard thing to predict, the width of the blade has a big effect as well, a wider blade is more likly to resist sori or to take a sideways warp to redistribute the material expansion. a thicker blade will also resist more. and oil temp will have a big effect...well pretty much every variable will effect it! I have had to harden long seax more than once on quite a few ocasions where my negative sori predictions have proved incorect, on some blades like single edged viking swords I Really like the effect.
  8. I darken sword fittings in a mix of tea and coffee 8 or 10 tea bacg and a jar of instant coffee to one big saucepan . and then put the fittings on bring to the boil and leave a few hours...they will go very dark.
  9. Ok ill sort it this weekend, he was an awsome smith in his 80's looking kike a little old lady and working a 200lb+ spring hammer. the really neet thing is that he has a steel insert in the poll to help shap it into a swuare.
  10. how would one go about putting a video on to here? i have quite a a few i took in Japan 2019 of a smith making his version of this axe, i also have the etched axe that shows the process quite well.
  11. Well with all the pandemic stuff going on this year has been a bit of a flop as far as teacheing classes is concerned ...However I have channeld energy into a new website , forge upgrades and work...I'm really happy with what Ive been making (with help from S imon Parsons my assistant as of FEB 2020 (two weeks pre covid!!)...the old beardy is still on fire...Its been great to concentrate on the making a bit more...
  12. I use the bader small wheel attachment its great . phone them they are great to deal with...even from the UK!
  13. Its worth remembering that the nickel in some damascus steel can cause real problems with alergic reactions or creating a naickel allergy if worn for too long. so carbon steel damascus would be ilegal to use and sell as rings or jewlery in the uk (no idea about america but the problem is real). some of the stainless steels contain nickel as well but its not free to react... Im looking for someone to make a gold / gold wedding ringe for me ...any racomandations would be good.
  14. As time goes by things change! however this place still has a large place in my heart and was part of an awakening I will always be gratefull for. It still stands as a rare example of how one should behave and interact on the internet ...with passion , understanding and a leash on the ego.
  15. well damn I have forgotten how to show pictures! all sorted what a palava!
  16. My latest Jarn Hond single edged viking sword....Hope you like it. I have been playing with replicating inlay (which i do not have the skill or patients for) with patternweld which I guess I do!
  17. this is one of the things i see written time and time again ....It does not reflect my experience. nothing wrong with normalising its a v important step (steps) in the process but I have found it has no effect on preventing warpage.....straightening is probably the most important repeated step in the knife making process. I often have to straighten a blade many times . and then re straighten in the temper before final grinding.
  18. he is one of my heroes, awesome hammer technique....looks like he was broken a long time ago but carrys on hammering none the less from the hip through the body...bloody awesome! this is one of those occasions that a flux like iron mountain would make all the difference, I saw quite a bit of forge welding on a trip to japan last year and their "special" (secret) flux looked like borax and steel or iron powder....I am really impressed with iron mountain its amazing stuff.
  19. I would only build a hydraulic press if you haver acess to a lot of cheap hydraulics or like the idea of building one. you are lucky over the pond that there are a few people making presses. If it took my time into account my home made press cost a load more than the anyang I eventually bought to replace it!
  20. Im sure that that would work, but is a little underpowered . rule of thumb for metal grinding is 1hp (750watt) per inch of belt width,
  21. yes, I am hoping to make it...but with whats going on I have no idea if that will be possible or even prudent.
  22. they are 3mm sterling silver and thanks everyone for the kind comments.
  23. I have been working on the idea of this for a while...patternwelded inlay(ish) ...this is patternweld with sterling silver spacers and inlay/
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