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  1. deker

    Little Damascus Neck Knife

    It's just about 2" of blade, and about 4.5" OAL. Just about 2oz without the sheath.
  2. One Twist Damascus "Deker Necker" just waiting for sharpening to be ready to head to it's new home.
  3. deker

    A big upcoming project

    Well, if it's any consolation, I think these look a lot nicer than his
  4. deker

    A big upcoming project

    If you know an outfit that would make them, I can make the steel! :)
  5. deker

    A big upcoming project

    There will be at some point, but it will be a ways out. I can't give out any details just yet.
  6. deker

    A big upcoming project

    The current plan is for a single production run set up like this one, so they will all be random for the frame, etched deeply and blued, and twist for the slide etched not quite as deep and left "au naturale"
  7. deker

    A big upcoming project

    Thanks! As far as I know it's the standard design M1911, so it's got the thumb safety, the grip safety, and an internal disconnector.
  8. deker

    A big upcoming project

    Thanks everybody! Alan is right, it's Desert Ironwood on the grip panels. Unfortunately, I can't say who's producing them or anything yet. This picture is the first completed prototype, so we've gotten past that major hurdle. There's still a lot of steps to go to get to production (not least of which is me buying a ton and a half of steel and burning a LOT of propane ). It will likely be some number of months until more info is available, but as soon as I got the OK to say "Look! We're making 1911s!", I did. :-D It's been about a year and a half of shop upgrades, work, machine building, testing different steel mixes, getting the HT right, etc. and it's been REALLY hard to keep my damned mouth shut about it!
  9. deker

    A big upcoming project

    Call who? About what?
  10. deker

    A big upcoming project

    For well over a year now, I've been working on a "Secret Project" I will be making steel for. It's been the cause of a lot of new stuff in the shop, and a lot of learning and hard work as well. Well, I'm finally at a point where I'm allowed to let the cat peek out of the proverbial bag. There's still a long way to go, and I won't be able to divulge much in the way of specific details for a while, but I'm proud to say that the steel in the attached picture is from my shop and that there will be a LOT more of it coming over the next year or so that will be made into more gorgeous 1911 pistols like the one shown here. I'll post more details over the next several months as things progress, but it feels great to finally be able to tell you all what I've been working on! This is something that I've wanted to see made from my steel for YEARS, and I'm honored and overwhelmed that instead of just a few, we'll be doing a whole production run.
  11. I've got more Damascus in stock than I need, so it's time for an inventory reduction sale! For the next 2 days all Damascus barstock listed on my shop page is currently marked down! Hurry up before that piece you want is gone!
  12. deker

    Swedish/Japanese Swordsmith

    I can certainly understand that. It's a shame though, you have always been one of a few 'smiths I'd have been willing to actually BUY a knife from. Life just never got around to my being able to afford it...
  13. deker

    Sunray Contact Wheels

    When I needed a custom contact wheel for my surface grinder conversion, I checked first with Contact Rubber Corp. They wanted $1k for the wheel I specified. Sunray did it for less than half that, and then when I screed up and tore up the tire, they recovered it for me for about $150. Devin Carswell has been the rep I've dealt with and he's fantastic. Add another thumbs up for Sunray from me!
  14. deker

    Swedish/Japanese Swordsmith

    And here I was, figuring on seeing more of the famous "Ray Richard forging in sandals" pictures.
  15. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    Ok, so I didn't get more video. I got on a roll and the GoPro wasn't in the shop. It got drawn to 2-1/4" square, then the section to be twisted was octagoned, and into Screwcifer it went! Drawn out to ~1.75"x1.625"x23" The untwisted ends were trimmed, and onto the surface grinder to get cleaned up. Came out to 1.695"x1.365"x19". Customer spec was for 1.5"x1.25"x16", but they're fine rough machining it down. And a bit of a closeup. The 3 colors of steel in this one are going to make it look really nice. Also, once the customer's final machining is done, it will be a good bit more narrow, so there should be a good bit more of the fun bits on the inside. The other size needed for this order is a slab 1"x5"x10.5". Here's a picture of the matching slab to go with this bar. It gives a better idea of the color contrast this steel mix gives. Ignore the big funky looking smudge across this billet, that's just a remnant from where I used paracord to hang it in the etching tank. (Note: This picture was taken with a flash, but it shows the color contrast much better)