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  1. I've got more Damascus in stock than I need, so it's time for an inventory reduction sale! For the next 2 days all Damascus barstock listed on my shop page is currently marked down! Hurry up before that piece you want is gone!
  2. deker

    Swedish/Japanese Swordsmith

    I can certainly understand that. It's a shame though, you have always been one of a few 'smiths I'd have been willing to actually BUY a knife from. Life just never got around to my being able to afford it...
  3. deker

    Sunray Contact Wheels

    When I needed a custom contact wheel for my surface grinder conversion, I checked first with Contact Rubber Corp. They wanted $1k for the wheel I specified. Sunray did it for less than half that, and then when I screed up and tore up the tire, they recovered it for me for about $150. Devin Carswell has been the rep I've dealt with and he's fantastic. Add another thumbs up for Sunray from me!
  4. deker

    Swedish/Japanese Swordsmith

    And here I was, figuring on seeing more of the famous "Ray Richard forging in sandals" pictures.
  5. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    Ok, so I didn't get more video. I got on a roll and the GoPro wasn't in the shop. It got drawn to 2-1/4" square, then the section to be twisted was octagoned, and into Screwcifer it went! Drawn out to ~1.75"x1.625"x23" The untwisted ends were trimmed, and onto the surface grinder to get cleaned up. Came out to 1.695"x1.365"x19". Customer spec was for 1.5"x1.25"x16", but they're fine rough machining it down. And a bit of a closeup. The 3 colors of steel in this one are going to make it look really nice. Also, once the customer's final machining is done, it will be a good bit more narrow, so there should be a good bit more of the fun bits on the inside. The other size needed for this order is a slab 1"x5"x10.5". Here's a picture of the matching slab to go with this bar. It gives a better idea of the color contrast this steel mix gives. Ignore the big funky looking smudge across this billet, that's just a remnant from where I used paracord to hang it in the etching tank. (Note: This picture was taken with a flash, but it shows the color contrast much better)
  6. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    Owen, The press is around 45ton and it seems to handle it fine. Or did you mean a twisting rig?
  7. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    Thanks folks! I'll hopefully have more more video of 2-1/2" square being twisted at a slightly increased speed soon.
  8. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    The motivation behind Screwcifer is a 2HP motor spinning a large triple reduction gear reducer. It's built to twist up to 3" square and still have a reasonable safety margin. So far I haven't worried about cooling the ends, though I may with this billet since I may take the ends to 2" square to save a little on waste and keep me from having to build another set of dies right now. It depends a bit on what bits of steel I find around the shop tomorrow that I can hack a tailstock die together from. Here's a video of the second twist I did with it. First was 1" square, this was 2".
  9. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    This size is half of the contract, I've got another that finishes to ~15lbs ea that I need to do 50 of as well. In all reality, it will be 6-12 months of work. One piece is random, the other is a twist (but I'm randoming the stock some before twisting to make it a little more interesting).
  10. deker

    A heavy day forging....

    So, I have a really large pattern welding contract coming up, and I'm working on the final prototype pieces. This set a new record for me today, so I figured sharing would be as good as excuse as any to return to one of the forums that I've neglected for way too long. I can't say what the end product is yet, but trust me, as soon as I can, I will. Today's work was a billet of 1045/1075/15n20. Just a wee tiny thing, it started at 2"x4-3/4"x10" (about 30lbs). This is to date the largest billet I've ever done, and provided that everything works out, I'll only have to do somewhere between 25 and 50 more of them! After the first weld/draw it was down to 3"x1-1/2"x~21" usable That was cut, ground, and re-stacked by 3 for 75 layers and drawn to 2-1/4"x2-3/4"x~13" usable Tomorrow I'll cut, grind, and re-stack this by 2 once more for 150 layers. Then, it will get drawn to 2-1/2" square and get the living bejeezus twisted out of it on the twisting machine I finished building not long ago, dubbed "Screwcifer". Here's a little video of the first "real" test twisting a 2" square billet. screwcifer_first_twist_2_inch.lrv I'm gonna go find some Advil....
  11. "Basket Case" Pattern Welded BIllet - .105"x1.625"x11" $140 Stock #: 20181017-BasketCase1 This is a .105"x1.625"x11" billet of 1084/15n20/Ni steel my "Basket Case" pattern. The Ni alloy sheet in this begins at .0032" thick and is only microns thick after forging, so should not affect blade edges at all.
  12. "Spots and Stripes" Pattern Welded BIllet - .125"x2.25"x12.5" $175 Stock #: 20181017-SpotsAndStripes1 This is a .125"x2.25"x12.5" billet of 1095/15n20 steel in my new "Spots & Stripes" pattern. This steel has 9 alternating layers of the random "Spots" and the bold "Stripes" and should be very interesting when ground.
  13. "Pseudorandom" Pattern Welded Billet - .170"x1.25"x10.5" $115 Stock #: 20181017-Random2 This is a .170"x1.25"x10.5" billet of 1084/15n20 steel in a "Pseudorandom" pattern.
  14. "Spots & Stripes" Pattern Welded Billet - .125"x2.25"x12.5" $175 Stock #: 20181017-SpotsAndStripes2 This is a .125"x2.25"x12.5" billet of 1095/15n20 steel in my new "Spots & Stripes" pattern. This pattern has 9 alternating layers of the "Spots" and "Stripes" and should be very interesting when ground.
  15. Bold Twist Pattern Welded Billet - .170"x1.25"x11" $115 Stock #: 20181017-BoldTwist1 This is a .170"x1.25"x11" billet of 1084/15n20 steel in a Bold twist pattern.