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  1. You can always make a mandrel to fit the inside of the ring and then spin it in a drill as you sand to size....The good old "knifemaker's lathe"
  2. I didn't make it down today since I pulled the truck and trailer (~22500 GCVW, whee!) in from South Florida at about 4AM and had work to do today. I will be there tomorrow, though not first thing in the AM most likely since I have to unload some stuff from the truck and a little bit of stuff from the trailer in the morning. I just couldn't muster the energy today after more than 24 hours in the truck (traveling with the dog so I was stopping all the time and had to catch a cat nap or two). I had also intended to have Damascus for sale, but it got left in a box in FL that's coming back up with my wife in a few days, so I guess I'll just bring myself, some W1 rounds, and a smile!
  3. Dangit! Now I have to waste money on UPS! I was going to call Aldo tomorrow to put in an order for delivery at the hammer-in...
  4. Wes, I sure do. I'm out of town until the end of the month though so I couldn't ship you any until I get back to the shop. Drop me a PM and let me know what you're looking for and I'll get it packed up for you when I get home.
  5. Oh, so good! I can't wait to see it etched!
  6. If you're using a ribbon burner, CFM isn't what matters, positive manifold pressure is. How much pressure (in inches of water) does that fan put out? From what I've read, pressure, not maximum flow rating is the problem 9 out of 10 times with a ribbon burner.
  7. Those look great! I love the beveled look. I may have to try that on some of my next bracelets!
  8. I've been wanting to get some RR track to play with for a while. Any chance you're planning on coming to F&B or Ashokan and I could talk you out of some?
  9. I was just about to say this! So very jealous of that wrought!
  10. Nice. Waiting to see this one come together
  11. This project isn't stalled, I've just been a little busy. In our latest installment, I forge out some steel for Robert to work into a blade... A shot of what will be the core bar for this blade. It's 1084/15n20 twist with a little something different in the layup. For the outside of the billet, some of the previous wrought/nickel Forge out the wrought/nickel into a bar Stack it up! The order here (from the inside out) is 1084/15n20 twist bar core, 15n20 for fun, wrought/nickel outside. Tacked together and ready to weld Getting hot... All welded up. I added a little bit of a point so Robert will know which end is grabby and which end is stabby... Add some laddering to mix things up a bit and add some more fun to the steel I ended up in a rush from this point as I was getting ready to head out of town, so I forgot to get pictures of grinding the ladders clean, forging out the final bar, and what it looked like with a quick etch. Sorry! This bar is with Robert now, so maybe he'll post a picture of an etched window.
  12. It has been a LONG while, but I'm pretty sure I've posted some here before...maybe not. I forget. We'll just call it old age creeping up on both of us!
  13. No worries, I didn't take it as critique, but anybody can feel free to! I'm always open to honest critique. That's how one gets better at this.
  14. Tang is just about 1/8" thick and the overall width at the widest portion of the scales is ~1/2". I wanted to keep it thin, but still have enough enough meat to grab onto. It's a little hard to see in that pic, but all of the edges are rounded over and the scale edges are just barely broken over with 400 grit paper to avoid hotspots and sharp edges. It feels pretty good in the hand (well, mine anyways). I just noticed that the picture makes the handle look kind of out of proportion to the blade. That's just the perspective of the shot. I'll get some straight on from the side when I get it back from Brett.
  15. Thanks guys! I'll definitely post up the finished package when I get the knife and sheath back from Brett.
  16. It's been too long in coming, but here's the latest knife I've finished up. This is gent's knife in 1084/15n20 Turkish Twist Damascus with Mammoth Ivory scales. 3-3/4" of blade and 8-5/8" OAL. While it is assembled with screws for appearance, it is not a take-down. It's headed off to Brett Smith at T STAR LEATHER to get something nice to wear and then I'll actually have a knife available for sale!
  17. Thanks Alan. That makes a bit of sense. I'll cut off another small piece to forge a bit and etch. It's 3/4"x2", so if it was buggy spring it was made from a few of them. Given the explanation I'm thinking maybe rushed muck bar may make more sense. Either way, it sure feels like something special.
  18. Oh, I will, this was just a first quick query. -d
  19. Here's one for my fellow metalminds... I think I found some shear steel. This is from a bar that was a fireplace lintel and was given to me as wrought (the forged down ends were cracked and looked grainy....not a bad assumption). When I went to cut it, it sparked like pretty high carbon, so I took a slice and quenched it. Definitely hardens, but look at the fracture in this (bad) pic. What's the opinion? Is this shear steel?
  20. Fabulous as always Jim! Dave, Where in FL do you haunt? I'll be down in the West Palm area for most of March. Don't know if I'll have any free time, but if I do and you're nearby, it would be a welcome distraction to buy you a beer and jaw about blades a bit.
  21. 40-50lbs?!? How big is this piece planned to be? I'm gonna go make some popcorn.....
  22. I've got some damascus barstock up for sale, with more to follow in a bit. Here's the current stock, and you can always see what the up-to-date stock is on my website. PM or respond in this thread what stock # you'd like if you're interested. All steel comes annealed and ready to grind/drill/cut/whatever. "Redwood Burl" pattern bars made from 1095/15n20/W1 (note, these are not precision ground): Stock #: RDWD-001 Size: 5/32"x1-1/4"x6" (actual length 6-7/8", but there's a small flaw at the 6" mark, so it's priced as 6") Price: $100 Stock #: RDWD-002 Size: 5/32"x1-1/4"x6-7/8" Price: $125 Stock #: RDWD-003 Size: 5/32"x1-1/4"x6" (actual length 6-7/8", but there's a small flaw at the 6" mark, so it's priced as 6") Price: $100 Stock #: RDWD-004 Size: 5/32"x1-1/4"x6" (actual length 6-7/8", but there's a small flaw at the 6" mark, so it's priced as 6". Also, the smudge is just a little surface rust from sitting in stock.) Price: $100 Pattern: "BBStretch" Made from 1084 & Ball bearings stretched WAY out. Precision ground. Stock #: BBST-001 Size: 1/8"x1-"x15" Price: $160 Bold, low-layer, Ladder pattern from 1095/15n20. Precision ground. Stock #: BLDLDR-001 Size: 1/4"x1-1/4"x13" Price: $200 "H-Twist" Pattern from 1084/15n20/a smidge of Wrough for color. Precision ground. Note that the thick band in this is 500+layer, so it will really have nice detail when finished) Stock #: HTWST-001 Size: 3/16"x1-1/4"x9" Price: $160 200 layer "Maiden's Hair" twist from 1084/15n20. Precision ground. Stock #: MDHR-001 Size: 1/8"x1-1/4"x10" Price: $125
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