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  1. That is what I hope he is doing Beau and not a San Mai where the cutting edge is just mild steel, was curious is why I asked. Would be nice to see some pictures too.
  2. Any particular reason why you would put a steel that will not harden as the core? And Like Alan said never ever do that unless you like dealing with welds tore apart and cracked steel.
  3. Mick that is just astonishing nice work . So when you doing a tutorial on this ?
  4. Cory I am interested in the swage block in the second photo, I will send a PM
  5. Andy that is tough to say as it has to do with what a person is willing to let an anvil go for and how much a person is willing to pay. The one I just bought basically I paid $2 a pound. Some guys don't mind a sway back anvil me on the other hand want my anvil face straight since I use it to straighten pieces on hard to get something straight on a sway back anvil . Post a pic of your anvil would like to see it. Well we lost a huge oak tree some months back so today I cut a anvil stump out of one of the logs and set the anvil in place all I need to do is strap it down and get a pic .
  6. Well I would have preferred a Hay Budden or a PW with a wrought body but I have been looking for about 10 years for one and all I have found is crap and small anvils under 150 pounds and they wanted collector prices for them. Bob you can come over anytime and use it I may even let you play with the LG .
  7. Just want to show some new toys I just acquired for the shop cost me $700 for it all plus a few items I could not use and donated to a fellow smith. 300# Vulcan anvil, had a stand that was to tall and a piece of I beam both donated to my friend, Buffalo coal forge and blower, various tongs, a stake anvil, couple hardie tools and a hot cut minus a handle.
  8. Just don't get caught they can arrest you just for trespassing not to mention anything you pick up is stealing.
  9. Well I motion you all come to my house we can shoot right off the back porch . I am sure you guys would like fondling my 50 AE then we can go play with the LG and the press when we run out of ammo .
  10. Hey Bob happy birthday and for the record I am not having anymore .
  11. I use my metal cutting bandsaw with 6-8 tpi bi-metal blade it only takes a few minutes.
  12. Congrats Jim, sorry I did not make it down to your row. I only made it down to row G by time the show was over .
  13. James I will tell her , I love that Claro Walnut. We have a high end gunstock maker here and he gives me scraps now and then this was some of the scrap .
  14. WOW thanks for all the replies guys made my day. Well I think for my first show all went well made more money than I spent on the show . Shortdog, the this she was having trouble with in the first shot is showing the blade shape in the second she was having trouble with showing the butt of the handle shape. Now she will have plenty of time to play with this one since we are back home. I love that Greg made me laugh and chances are a knife like this would be used at night
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