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  1. Well hello Justin ! Looks like you have a lot of interests...I like that ! Are you on FB ?
  2. Awesome ! I will be moving to Colonial Heights...how far is that from you ?
  3. Hello. I will be moving to Richmond, Virginia in the next month or two, and was wondering if there were any bladesmiths there ? I have been smithing for 30 years and would love to meet other Bladesmiths in this new City ! Email me at Banninghammer@gmail.com , thanks !
  4. We posted videos on Blacksmith Enthusiasts on facebook, plans aren't ready yet sorry
  5. Well we brought the machine, now called "Woody", to the spring conference of the Appalachian Blacksmith Association. It worked great ! Lots of people got to use it and it hits HARD! The thing that pushed it over the top was olive oil....other lubes just weren't giving it the smooth action required, but good old fashioned extra virgin did the job. Hell, if it worked for the Romans, right ?
  6. Ouch ! Very sore and tired today....too old for this @#$&
  7. Forged steel with it today ! It hits just fine....harder and more accurately than forging by hand. We did add about ten pounds to the head with a one inch thick plate sandwiched in between the bottom of the head and the die.
  8. Well the hammer is finished and the dies are mounted. It hits pretty well, and the chain allows a snappy, bouncy motion I wasn't expecting. Now we're clearing space by the forge for it to sit while testing..wish us luck!
  9. Btw, it's been a while since I did any woodworking...it's really fast and fun compared to tedious steel fab.!
  10. I was going up and down the aisles of Lowes trying to find a better material for the head. How about laminating flooring into a stack ? Or, Home Depot sells steel fence post drivers.....I'm open to any solution...
  11. Its an experiment to make something to speed up hand hammering. It's no little giant, certainly. We'll see in testing, and I'll give an honest appraisal of it's effectiveness. Could go either way, it's fun to push the envelope, though. It already crushes cans !
  12. I knew a jeweler who used to wrap spools of solder around his chasing hammers to give them more weight....
  13. I looked at helve configurations but the inline arrangement is so convenient for both forging and using top tools I need to give it a try. To use a sledge head we were talking about using a wheelbarrow or posthole digger handle because of the square end.
  14. Here's a model of a project we're working on : A mostly wood treadle hammer made entirely from stuff sold at Home Depot and Lowes , except the dies.
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