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  1. I have found it tricky to keep things perfectly even with SanMai blades as well, yours looks pretty spot on to me, nice work! Thank goodness your knifemaker pal will be able to eat again! Clint
  2. Thanks gents. Climt
  3. Finished a small batch today. 7" long bowie of chainsaw chain and 1084 powder, african blackwood handle. 6" long hunter of forged 80CRV2, black G10 handle. I have made several of these now, folks seem to like the size. 4" long drop point W's pattern of 1084/15N20, G10 handle at client request - I believe he has lost knives befor. I know the feeling as lost one last week field dressing an elk, set it down and it disappeared in the grass and bush......lucky found after an extensive search! Lesson: don't set down green and tan paracord wrapped knife in the g
  4. Smoking nice! Fantastic workmanship and nice pattern. Clint
  5. That is stunning! Going to be phenomenal! Clint
  6. I like it, looks handy! Personally prefer a small guard or finger groove as I can see slipping up on the edge, but appreciate the style. Clint
  7. Phenomenal! Superior workmanship and detail. Love it! Clint
  8. Thank you gents! It is a big feather...broke two cheap axe heads beating them down the centre! Way back when I built my press i didn't consider making it with long enough strok/enough room to do that process with dies, and now I regret it!
  9. Finished this commissioned piece the other day. Blade 11" long feather pattern of 1084/15N20. Guard made of railroad spike, 15N20 and couple end pieces of damascus. Handle stabilized redwood with centre core of mahogany that had some personal meaning for the customer. Was a challenge in may ways for me! Clint
  10. Those are some extremely impressive knives, fantastic design and execution! Retirement will be great! Clint
  11. Looks awesome, and I’m certain it is worth every cent! Happy squishing! Clint
  12. Looks to be a perfect knife for it’s intended use, your son in law will be pleased! Nice work! Clint
  13. Thanks guys. I really like the chainsaw mix as well, turned out better than I expected and the billet was pretty big so have much more to play with. The feather also turned out nice, I just finished another billet of it but not as nice since I had to do more grinding off of the centre “split” to get rid of some crap. Touchy pattern and fair time consuming in opinion. Clint
  14. Finished these up in the last few months and thought I would share. 1 - Camp knife with a "bollo-ish" kinde of profile - ground from AEB-L with 2 tone G10 2 - Clip Point hunter 5" blade of chainsaw/1084 powder, blackwood spacers and mule deer crown 3 - Loveless style hunter in feather damascus and elk antler handle. Thanks for looking, Clint
  15. Love it. Great fusion of the two genres, excellent workmanship, lots of features to appreciate on that. Clint
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