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  1. Really love the lines and flow on this one, combined with the material contrasts it is awesome. Clint
  2. Hello, I forged this 7 3/4 inch long blade from a San mai billet I made with 200 layer 1084/15N20 sandwiching a piece of 80CRV2. It is 1/4 thick at the ricasso, flat ground with a convex edge. Makers mark etched on the blade spine. The guard and spacer are mild steel and gun blued. Handle is ironwood with a stainless pin. Sheath is 8oz leather with a beavertail hide overlay and hand stitched by yours truly. Price is $350 shipped. I am in Alberta, Canada. Please PM me and can send additional photos. Thanks, Clint
  3. Liking the practical designs and clean execution, nicely done! Clint
  4. Very nice work on those folders and the steel looks fantastic! I envy your patience and skills! Clint
  5. Handy looking little blade, and i like your sheath design.
  6. Looks awesome Gary, loved the WIP and the final product is fantastic in every way. Clint
  7. clint c


    Thanks gents, I like the stainless one as well, a bit nervous that it’s not as tough as straight carbon steel but I let the customer know of those potential shortcomings. I should have been more careful forging the san mai blade as it ended up not having a centered core on the edge as you can see.....that’s from me hammering too much on one side I believe as the core is centred. And I am lucky to have a friend who traps beavers! Clint
  8. Hammons look nice, really like the lines of the 1st hunter size one with G10 or micarta handle. Clint
  9. clint c

    File Knives

    After forging I normalized three times, ground, normalized again, used satinite to clay the area I didn’t want hardened, heated to non-magnetic and quenched in Parks 50, tempered at 375 x 2hours x 2, did the brass rod test and chopped some whitetail antler after sharpening to ensure no edge rolling or chipping. Clint
  10. clint c


    So, the pattern welded one is a sanmai with 80CRV2 centre core, blued mild steel fittings and ironwood. 7 3/4" long blade with a beavertail hide sheath. A fella saw it but wanted one made from stainless, so it's 8" blade is ground from S35V with stainless fittings and ironwood, also with a beavertail hide sheath. Clint
  11. Thought I would do some kinda primitive thing that would be quick and easy.......... they look kinda rough and that was my initial intention, but really I should have gone a bit more rough or a bit more finished. Anyway, both forged from old Black Diamond files and clay hardend with wrapped wendge handles sealed with marine epoxy. Clint
  12. Looks stabby and well done. clint
  13. Thanks fellas. I have no idea a knife I made could actually be in an “inspiration folder”! Clint
  14. Made this one a few months ago. Blade is 10" and forged to shape from a billet I made with a centre core of 80CRV2 and 15N20/1084 mix. Guard is stainless, handle is African blackwood, pommel is low layer damascus. Thanks for looking. Clint
  15. I really dig the steel sheath retention bail on that sheath! NIce work on the knife as well. Clint
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