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  1. clint c

    One last new one

    Looks stabby and well done. clint
  2. clint c

    SanMai Bowie Blackwood

    Thanks fellas. I have no idea a knife I made could actually be in an “inspiration folder”! Clint
  3. clint c

    SanMai Bowie Blackwood

    Made this one a few months ago. Blade is 10" and forged to shape from a billet I made with a centre core of 80CRV2 and 15N20/1084 mix. Guard is stainless, handle is African blackwood, pommel is low layer damascus. Thanks for looking. Clint
  4. clint c

    Kitchen slicer

    I really dig the steel sheath retention bail on that sheath! NIce work on the knife as well. Clint
  5. clint c

    Evil Tacticool Folders

    Thanks Gents. I lost a nice Benchmade with a clip, but I blame that on my own stupidity, overall I think they are a pretty good carry alternative for most applications. Clint
  6. clint c

    Evil Tacticool Folders

    I know this is a place of forged steel and old world craftsmanship, but I started these a looong time ago and went astray many times before finally finishing them recently. Blades are ground from CPM154, acid etched and thrown in a tumbler with gravel. Handles G10, liners titanium, clips carbon fiber. I don't think I appreciated well made commercial folders like Benchmade and ZT etc. enough but do now, I know I can't make a folder as precise and as well for the money! But frustration can make us better! I think... Clint
  7. clint c

    Overtime Bowie

    Alan stole my words, that long clip is sweet! Great package in your signature style. Clint
  8. clint c

    San Mai Hunter

    Nice work Cal, beautiful as usual. Clint
  9. clint c

    Elk Tine San-Mai

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. After looking at the pics, i realized i didn’t do a very good job cleaning buffing compound off prior! I get exited when one is finally finished! Clint
  10. clint c

    Elk Tine San-Mai

    Howdy, finished this up today and figured I would show it off. 4" blade of 1084/15n20 200 layers with a core of 1084. Handle is elk tine that feels just right. Guard is stainless with red fiber spacers for a bit of contrast. Really digging all the great work I have been seeing here, has provided some inspiration. Thanks for looking, Clint
  11. clint c

    Unlimited Class Competition Chopper

    I’ve only watched one episode of that show, but I’m thinking this is exactly the type of blade that would be a winner! Fantastic creation, really admired the original Fogg version and this looks like it would be a phenomenal performer.
  12. clint c

    Blackwood Damascus Traditional Hunter

    I can understand where those not fond of the guard are coming from and see what you mean. It was a design choice that appeals to some and not others, like a lot of stuff we make! I take no offence to anyone saying it doesn’t appeal and appreciate your input and comments, gives food for thought on future designs. Clint
  13. clint c

    Forged Integral Persian Style Dagger

    Super classy, love that edge pattern.
  14. clint c

    Blackwood Damascus Traditional Hunter

    Thanks Gents, appreciate the positive feedback. Clint
  15. Have been seeing some very nice work here lately and was inspired to post a recent one of mine also. 5 1/2" blade of random pattern 1084/15n20, approx 200 layers, don't recall actual count anymore! Guard is stainless, spacer approx 75 layers, handle African Blackwood, which I really like - not near as prone to cracking as ebony and super hard/dense. Thanks for looking, Clint