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  1. Lots going on there, fantastic! Clint
  2. Nice looking Katana! I recently listened to a Josh Smith Show podcast and an interview with Mr. Fogg, I think it was one of the first one’s Josh did. Her has also done podcasts with Steve Scharzer and Rick Dunkerly, Interesting hearing about the inception of modern bladesmithing in North America from some of the originals. Clint
  3. Fantastic work, love that sheath as well! Clint
  4. I’m not much of sword lover but that is fantastic and your fuller grinding method is genius as mentioned, thanks for sharing! Clint
  5. I really like the simplicity, the materials blend nicely! Clint
  6. Thanks gents. I know they arn’t swords or awesome tomahawks but working towards it1 Clint
  7. Finished these in the past couple months, skinner with elk slabs is in CPM3V, a bowie forged from two farrier rasps and another bowie from W-2 with wrapped blackwood handle. Clint
  8. Looks like a veggie assassin! Well done, we are generally our worst critics, I don't see much to complain about. CLIMT
  9. Really like these, great looking knives. The stock looks pretty thick for the size of them but I’m sure they will perform great for your customers grand sons! Clint
  10. That's a great outline of the process, very impressive work by you and your students! Clint
  11. clint c

    Rancher edc

    Classy blade! Really like everything about it. CLINT
  12. Truly clean finish work, love the geometry of it. Superb. Clint
  13. That is one smooth well crafted just plain sexy Chef’s knife! Beautiful. Clint
  14. Really like that! Chainsaw chain can definitely be tricky even doing canister welds, I commend you for doing it with a hammer, I do it with a press and it feels like work….Clint
  15. Really like the material combination and workmanship, not a fan of the skinny point but that is a personal opinion! Clint
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