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  1. Thanks guys. I really like the chainsaw mix as well, turned out better than I expected and the billet was pretty big so have much more to play with. The feather also turned out nice, I just finished another billet of it but not as nice since I had to do more grinding off of the centre “split” to get rid of some crap. Touchy pattern and fair time consuming in opinion. Clint
  2. Finished these up in the last few months and thought I would share. 1 - Camp knife with a "bollo-ish" kinde of profile - ground from AEB-L with 2 tone G10 2 - Clip Point hunter 5" blade of chainsaw/1084 powder, blackwood spacers and mule deer crown 3 - Loveless style hunter in feather damascus and elk antler handle. Thanks for looking, Clint
  3. Love it. Great fusion of the two genres, excellent workmanship, lots of features to appreciate on that. Clint
  4. Just plain awesome work. Your quite obviously extremely talented, havn’t seen one of yours I didn’t love. Definitely captured the lean and mean essence of a Bagwell Bowie. Clint
  5. Really looking forward to seeing this blade with handle and fittings. Glad your back and moving forward. Clint
  6. Super neat! I also concur with the theory on the auto hamon...Clint
  7. Very sweet, love your patternweld and fantastic piece of wood!
  8. Fantastic work, as usual. Love the bone - is that plain old beef bone or do you know what critter? Clint
  9. Classy, immaculate execution! Clint
  10. I like the idea, nicely executed. Clint
  11. Looks very nice. I am betting if you thinned out the clay a bit that the pattern would more closely follow your lines. Either way it turned out nicely! Clint
  12. Great looking Bowie there. The lines are not as elegant as some I have seen you crank out but I’m guessing it is likely more “authentic” in that respect than many, and is made up in materials choices and workmanship. Clint
  13. I’ll echo the above sentiments, phenomenal package and workmanship all around. The style and workmanship are obviously first rate, as is the piece of stag you used for the handle, which is something seems to be impossible to source here in North America anymore. Clint
  14. Great self portrait and it does look like that was a great day for forging! Clint
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