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  1. I really like “pointy shabby” blades, so two thumbs up from me! Interesting handle material. May just be the pic, but not a lot of contrast in the guard, although the shape looks just right! Clint
  2. I made a few I am proud of, these two most recently - one from canister damascus of scrap pieces and 1084 powder, the other of a billet of feather I made this year. Elk antler on both, the drop point having stabilized spalted maple spacer and the clip point african blackwood spacer. There is some awesome work in this thread....Clint
  3. Those look too nice to put “in a case of stuff I don’t use”.....! I’m betting if you don’t decide to use or sell them that they would make fantastic gifts. Clint
  4. Good looking paring knife although I don’t think I personally would want a thong on it. Nice work, Clint
  5. Looks like an excellent fillet knife, well done. Clint
  6. Looks like the perfect Buffalo roast slicer!
  7. Absolutely beautiful, great choice in materials for your boys knife and really dig the hamon. Clint
  8. Those, as usual, look great! Very impressive forge as well! Interesting design and obviously it works perfectly. Clint
  9. Great work. Recently did up a billet of feather myself so appreciate it can be somewhat a challenge.....I like the boldness in your pattern and the overall profile is great. Clint
  10. Your work is phenomenal! Very impressive. Really makes me appreciate these swords more than I ever have in the past. Clint
  11. Fantastic project, also following with much interest! Clint
  12. Beautiful work! True works of art, the sheath and sword. Not sure if it’s my imagination but the light reflection makes those grinds look like they are hollow/concave.....to me anyway. Is it hollow ground and were the originals? Thanks, Clint
  13. Love them both, really like the carbon fibre and blue contrast. Clint
  14. Thanks Tom. The handle is cocobolo. Sometimes you get lucky and find a highly figured piece. This one also has awesome colors. Clint
  15. Love them both but REALLY like the Bowie, awesome lines, very attractive and nice blend of materials. Clint
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