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  1. It drips with class! Very nice. Clint
  2. Great looking blade and nice forge work. And the grinder! Now you can go broke buying belts like every other knifemaker! But a necessary evil, your going to love it. Clint
  3. As usual, phenomenal work. Fantastic! Clint
  4. Super unique and really look forward to seeing it progress. Clint
  5. Fantastic pattern control, breathtaking. Clint
  6. HI Gary, it is a typical San-mai blade, one layer of damascus, a layer of core material (80crv2 in this case) and another layer of damascus - I usually make the core slightly thinner, if they are all the same thickness the demarcation line rises on the bevel. I think I went about 3/16 thick for the damascus layers and 1/8 thick for the core on this one. Forge weld the sandwich together, forge your blade with attention to keeping the core centered. Clint
  7. Had a fella request a couple hunters and this was the result. Radial pattern 1084/15N20 last piece from a billet I made many years ago, African blackwood and stainless guard. Random pattern sanmai with 80CRV2 core, elk antler handle. More of a skinner design. Happy isolation, Clint
  8. Made these from an antique ice saw a friend gave me years ago. All hardened to RC60, flat ground and give an mustard patina. 1 - African blackwood, G10 guard, 2 - elk antler and red liners, 3 - crosscut cocobollo and micarta guard. Thanks for looking. Clint
  9. That looks like a heck of an amount of work! I have never tried using a sen and feel spoiled now with 60 grit 2x72 belts...but the obvious “evenness” of your bevels speaks to great skill. Clint
  10. Wow, quite a varied selection of edged goodness there! I really like the hawk on the right side of the photo. Clint
  11. Thanks fellas. Have made a few rasp knives in the past but was never particularly enamoured by them. These did seem to turn out well but certainly wouldn’t have made any had this competition not come up. Clint
  12. Going to enter a local farrier knife making competition and with one of these. Rules are that blade specs between 6-8" and is forged from a horseshoe rasp with some teeth still visible. There is a drop test, chopping tests, shaving test and pretty test. The antler handle bowie isn't eligible as there are no visible teeth.........it is made from rasp on either side of 2 pieces of 15N20 and a centre core of icesaw blade. The ironwood handle bowie is a singe rasp forged to shape. m The chopper is two rasps forged together to gain some weight and thickness. Handle is G10 with burlap micarta and Shadetree micarta bolsters. All were clay hardened and exhibit some interesting alloy banding in the clayed part. Clint
  13. James, I think you did a phenomenal job on those, excellent attention to detail and you show great skills! Clint
  14. Nice work Ross, lots of details and many pieces involved there! And who doesn’t like a giant blade.... Clint
  15. clint c


    Thanks gents, big ones certainly take a lot of time to make but I sure enjoy how they feel when they are done! Clint
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